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As Justin Law plans to attack Medusa Gorgon in order to protect Asura, he is confronted by the return of a Death Scythe who should be dead, Tezca Tlipoca.

Pursuit is the eighty-fifth chapter of the Soul Eatermanga. It is collected as part of Volume 20.

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The Black Blood hemisphere that encompasses a town can be seen from afar. In a forest, it is visible to the defected Death Scythe, Justin Law. He realizes that it was this large hemisphere that caused a reaction in the Kishin Asura.

While Justin is impressed, the Clown emerges to remind his colleague how it is that the Black Blood resurrected the Kishin: as Death had drained all blood from Asura before sealing him, Medusa needed to inject new blood into him to break the seal. Justin remarks about two other individuals who have the Black Blood in their bodies, leading the Clown to assume it must be Crona, not the other one.

Justin adds that the DWMA Internal Reports he read before his defection documented how Medusa melted the Demon Sword Ragnarok to mix with the Black Blood, before injecting this mixture into Crona, resulting in the integration of both weapon and meister. Gazing upon this Black Blood hemisphere, Justin realizes how much more powerful Crona has grown—and for that reason, Justin's urge to execute Crona only increases. The Clown adds that Medusa also must be execution, lest she serve as a threat to the Kishin.

Soul Eater Chapter 35 - Mysterious Panther Tezca arrives

A mysterious panther arrives.

" 'Shall we pursue them'?" a voice calls from the forest, mocking Justin. "I think maybe you forgot, pal--you're still being pursued yourself." The Clown turns first, as Justin's earphones block the sound. When Justin does turn around, he sees a man in a dark suit wearing a mask. But even with that panther mask, only someone as eccentric as Tezca Tlipoca could be the person. While annoyed that his disguise failed, Tezca is adamant that he will stop Justin's actions.

Justin is not listening because he cannot hear with his earphones blasting such loud music: he has the Clown transmit through their resonance all that Tezca has said aloud. Justin is not impressed, claiming his faith in the Kishin is unstoppable.

Tezca pities the defected Death Scythe, yet he is surprised at how Justin has changed. Tezca remembers how Justin not only fought alone but was alone in class. If Justin is such a loner, as he presented himself to be, why now is he hanging out with "a first-class creep like this clown"?

Justin still refuses to remove his earphones, and as he cannot read Tezca's lips behind his panther mask, he is less interested in Tezca's remarks than how this man survived. Justin also realizes he was followed by Tezca's ability to track anyone he has reflected in his mirror. And if able to track Justin, then Tezca knows where Justin has been: where the Kishin has been hiding. Although Tezca "lost [Justin's] trail in the strangest place," that odd location does indicate where the Kishin is, "if it's even possible" to get to that location.

Realizing that Tezca can inform the DWMA of Asura's location, Justin has had enough: he removes his earphones, not to listen to Tezca's words, but because he wants to hear Tezca's dying screams. Intent on killing Tezca, Justin initiates Madness Fusion with the Clown. Tezca desperately calls to Justin: "It's not too late! You don't have to go on piling one crime onto another!!" But the fused Justin does not see his actions as crimes.

Reflection Clones

Tezca produces numerous duplicates of himself

Justin attacks with Guilty or Not Guilty, launching a guillotine blade at Tezca that easily separates the Death Scythe at his waist—and leaving copies of Tezca's mirror reflection. Therefore, Justin realizes, he will have to slice each illusion until only the tangible Tezca remains. After a few slices, Justin instead launches a wave of energy, crackling with energy in the forms of eyes, that wipes away all but one iteration of Tezca, the real one. With one more blast of energy, Justin fires upon Tezca, destroying the last one.

Justin uses the chains of his fused guillotine form to rise above the dust kicked up in his fatal assault upon Tezca, gazing at the severed remains of the Death Scythe. Then he hears crawling. He looks to see the severed arm of Tezca gripping the ground, tugging at it to pull itself towards the other parts of Tezca's body, all of them combining to reassemble Tezca and to allow the Death Scythe to stand again and fight.

Tezca Deformed

The duplicates of Tezca reform in a single deformed body

But rather than reform Tezca as he originally appeared, his manifestation before Justin has three arms (one emerging near his pelvis), four legs (one emerging where his head should be), and two heads (one on his back, and one atop his pelvis). A shocked Justin clenches his teeth and asks, "What the...?"

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