Soul Eater Chapter 87 - Cover
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Just a Simple Story about Killing a Person

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Tada Hito o Korosu Tanjun na Monogatari

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Just a Simple Story About Killing People

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Japan: June 10, 2011

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Mad Blood Arc

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With madness leading Crona towards a transformation into a Kishin, Medusa Gorgon meets her end.
Just a Simple Story About Killing A Person is the eighty-seventh serialized chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It is collected as part of Volume 20.

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Medusa's Lair

Crona tells a story that Medusa Gorgon made them read as a child. It follows a stick figure that cannot understand others and sees them as things to be killed. The story goes through every way to kill someone.

Picture book of DEATH

Crona's childhood picture book

Crona arrives at a house, presumably the latest of Medusa's lairs. Crona informs Medusa that they are home, and Medusa compliments them on the battle with Tsar Pushka. Crona remains silent, but thinks that killing through Mad Blood is a simple way to kill. They then go through how it works: when you get swallowed by madness, you swallow it, melt into it, then harden with it. Medusa comments on the swallowing of the entire town in Ukraine, as images appear of the town, now looking like a battleground, with buildings in pieces and people drowning in the Black Blood's madness. Pleased with Crona's progress, Medusa reveals that she has made her child dinner.

Lost Island

Eibon summons

Kid discovers the actual Eibon

Liz Thompson and Patty Thompson are waiting outside of the magnetic field for Death the Kid, who is checking to see if the Eibon he saw the last time he was there is the real Eibon or just an afterimage from 800 years ago.

As occurred before, Kid sees an afterimage of Arachne Gorgon, then sees Eibon. He realizes it's the real one, and tells him there's something he wants to know. Eibon then comments on on Kid's misgivings, and Kid asks if he can see through anything. Eibon list some of his doubts, about Kishin, Brew, and whether Shinigami is the cause of madness. Eibon then turns away and tells Kid to follow him.

Medusa's Lair

Medusa and Crona sit at a dining room table, eating pasta. Medusa says that she put all her skill into making this meal for Crona.

Medusa's Lair (The Past)

Crona then remembers how Medusa made them kill three baby rabbits. Crona thinks that they didn't know how to deal with babies, which caused Medusa to lock them in a dark room with no food. Five days later, Medusa returned and again told Crona to kill the rabbits three different ways. She asked if Crona has been reading and studying the picture book, and said that if Crona will not kill the rabbits, they will be locked up without food for five more days. Crona killed them, using three different methods from the picture book. Medusa then allowed them to eat.

Medusa's Lair (The Present)


Crona is shocked by Medusa's show of affection

Medusa tells Crona to eat as much as they want, and that when they are done, they should take a shower and rest. Crona remains silent and doesn't respond in any way. Medusa apologizes for everything. She knew it was painful, but Crona endured it and became a wonderful child. She continues that, because of Crona, her research is almost over and that the only thing they still have to do is make the Kishin theirs. She thanks Crona, hugs them, and says that she is proud of her child.

Crona tells her that she can't be nice to them, and that they just did everything they were told because Medusa was their mother. They then stab Medusa through the stomach. Crona says that they can't stand her kind words, then screams that they threw away everything because of her.

Crona removes their sword out of Medusa's abdomen and stabs her two more times. Crona then says that it is unfair that they had to throw away love, but Medusa could keep it, and that they had even abandoned Maka. Crona then nearly cuts Medusa in half and demands their real mother back. They then stab Medusa and we see the stick figure from the picture book kill someone by stabbing.

Medusa almost death

Crona kills Medusa

Crona then says that Medusa was probably important to them, but they don't care anymore. Medusa then screams from the floor that the black blood is now complete because Crona threw away their last support. She says that she loves Crona, but they deal the finishing blow to her. We see the stabbing stick figure again, and the words "this is just a simple story about killing people."

Manga and Anime Differences

  • This chapter states that Crona killed Medusa, because Medusa shows compassion towards them for the first time in Medusa's life. While in Episode 45, it is Maka Albarn who kills Medusa by successfully mastering the Majin Hunt and freeing Rachel Boyd from Medusa's control.
    • Crona on the other hand was in a death like state after they were impaled by Medusa's Vector Arrow when she tried to kill Maka, thus doesn't take part in Medusa's demise.
    • According to the anime, Eibon was inside the key.



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