Template:Chapter (Soul Eater Not!) Invitation! is the eighth chapter of Soul Eater Not! It is part of Volume 2. It was compiled in July 2012 with the release of Volume 2 and adapted as part of Episode 5, "Invitation Fighting!" in the anime version of Soul Eater Not!.

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Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

Chapter 8 (NOT) - Sid speaks with the Police Investigator

Sid speaks to one of the Death City Investigators.

Sid Barrett meets with a Death City police investigator regarding one of the Traitors captured earlier. The Investigator informs them that the Traitors never sleep and explains that he's done a background check on some of the Traitors in custody and finds that none of them have any sort of military or combat training to spark interest in that justify the Traitors' want to test their skill, being only ordinary and harmless citizens. Sid surmises the Investigator is informing him of the fact that these people suddenly change and it's followed by an symptom of insomnia. Sid also informs him that a Witch may be involved and follows up that the DWMA will investigate and he will bring some DWMA CIA agents with him in the Holding Area to investigate. As Sid leaves, he informs a guard to retrieve Akane and Clay.

DWMA Holding AreaEdit

Chapter 8 (NOT!) - Sid reads an ominious message

Sid reads an ominous message.

Akane and Clay accompany Sid to the prison where the Traitor is held. Along the way, Sid asks the duo to speed up the DWMA's investigation of the Traitors's strange traits. But Sid is interrupted by a guard yells that the suspect has been killed while the murderer himself is escaping. As Sid orders Akane and Clay to chase down the running murderer, Sid enters the jail cell to find the Traitor, dead on the floor in a pool of his own blood. Sid also finds a message on the cell wall, written in the victim's blood: "While you are sleeping, we stay away and keep moving.

Girls' DormitoriesEdit

Tsugumi Harudori and Meme Tatane are playing Jan Ken Pon, causing Anya Hepburn to feel jealous. After inviting Anya to play, Tsugumi messes up her turn and loses.

Their game is then interrupted by Kim Diehl, who enters their room with a job opportunity to clean the local pool.

Death City PoolEdit

Kim plans to scam the three out of their paychecks but is surprised to see Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré at the pool as well, with her reasoning being that she is more efficient than Kim. Tsugumi, Kim, and Jacqueline head to the unlit supply shed for necessary cleaning tools, where Jacqueline displays her weapon ability as a Demon Lamp. She gets no compliments from Kim, as Tsugumi notices how sad Jacqueline looks at this response.

Now with their cleaning tools, the NOT trio enjoy their time in the sun along with Kim, but Jacqueline comes down and tells everyone that you have to get the work done first because if she is thinking about playing around.

This catches Kim's attention as she defends their actions which ultimately result in her bashing Jacqueline, saying something along the lies of she feels sorry from Jacqueline's non-existed meister-partner, or her again, non-existed partner is the worst guy, either way it hurts Jacqueline.

Tsugumi, Anya and Meme have finished their job as the pool is sparkling clean. While the three marvel at their accomplishment, Kim receives their payment—and doles out just a few dollars to each of them. The trio respond differently to being short-changed: Meme does not notice a problem because she does not remember working, Tsugumi is too afraid to confront Kim, and Anya sees the pay as suitable for "commoners."

Before Kim can leave with her profit, however, Jacqueline asks her whether she would want to go to a place that serves delicious ice cream. Kim refuses, calling Jacqueline a "stubborn woman."

Later, in the locker room, as the trio enter to change clothes, they find Jacqueline upset at Kim's behavior. Realizing Jacqueline is interested in Kim as a partner, Tsugumi begs Jacqueline to let her help play matchmaker.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • At the beginning of Episode 5, Jacqueline dreams of fighting Kim in water before the dream changes into one in which she imagines Kim admitting her attraction to her and kissing her. This dream does not appear in the beginning of this chapter.


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