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War on the Moon

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Spartoi, Death Scythes, and DWMA staff prepare for their missions to the Moon and to execute Crona. Maka Albarn races against time to locate Crona, and she finds that assistance indirectly from her father.

Moon is the ninetieth serialized chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It was reprinted in tankōbon form in Volume 21.

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At the Second Campus, Maka Albarn is exhausted from her attempts to use Soul Perception to locate Crona. Soul Eater urges her to decrease her radius, rather than attempt a worldwide search, as he drops a towel—onto her head—to cool her down. Soul also admonishes Maka that her discovery of Asura was only coincidence, so they might as well focus on a specific spot to locate Crona tomorrow, narrowing down one location at a time.

In an evidence room, Harvar D. Éclair and Ox Ford try to help Maka narrow the location to find Crona and Medusa, yet they have not been able to follow their locations since Crona’s attack on Russia.

Gallows Mansion

As they will be accompanying Death the Kid to the Moon to fight the Kishin, Liz and Patty Thompson are assigned by the DWMA the task to complete their wills. Liz realizes they do not know anyone to whom to leave what they own.

Death City

As Tsubaki Nakatsukasa walks with her friends, Kilik Rung asks whether Black☆Star wants to join the attack on the Kishin. Black☆Star reminds Kilik that “muscle-brains” should not bother worrying and focus on the mission assigned to them.

Death Room

Death the Kid asks his father whether they have a chance to win against the Kishin. Franken Stein says they cannot afford to let “them” remain on the Moon: as the lunar locations allows them to isolate themselves with no fear of being attacked, they will continue to spread madness globally.

Spirit Albarn looks upon Kid, realizing that “Kid’s awakening” to become a Shinigami is crucial to victory.

Deng and Djinn

Djinn and the fellow Death Scythe, Dengu Dinga

Marie Mjolnir and Azusa Yumi interrupt to welcome Jinn Galland, the Death Scythe of West Asia, and Dengu Dinga, the Death Scythe of Africa. Tezca Tlipoca comments to Enrique that now all living (or mostly living) Death Scythes are in one location.

Facing Stein, his son, and his Death Scythes, Death instructs all to see their loved ones before they leave for their mission.

DWMA Holding Cells

Eruka, wearing an imprisoning device around her neck, hears noise, but she also no longer feels the snakes inside her body. Eruka smiles, realizing that Medusa is dead.

DWMA Balcony

Maka Albarn walks towards a waiting Spirit Albarn, criticizing him for using the Death City public announcement system to call this meeting. Spirit is surprised Maka came, assuming she would still be searching for Crona.

After Spirit apologizes, Maka says she learned from Liz and Patty writing their wills that Spirit is joining the battle on the Moon, his first mission away from Death City in so long. She asks why her father wanted to meet—then silently chastises herself, as a parent should not need a reason to see a daughter. Spirit explains he has something to give to her. Assuming it will be a will, Maka sees it is actually a ring.

Spirit explains the ring belongs to Maka's mother, returned to him upon her divorce. Upon marriage, Spirit was young and penniless, and Maka's mother was pregnant with their daughter. Spirit purchased this “cheap trinket” of a ring because the “lady on the street” who sold it to him claimed it contained a magic spell written inside to protect against madness and evil, important to Spirit to protect his new wife and new daughter.

Spirit hands the ring to his daughter. Her mother would not need this ring because her strength saves her from madness, and he wonders whether “she had an inkling of the situation we’re in, all the madness going around,” hence the return.

Maka blushes and thanks her father. She puts the ring onto her finger.

Soul Eater Chapter 90 - Spirit hugs his daughter

Spirit hugs his daughter.

Spirit says upon learning his then wife was pregnant that he had hoped for a son—because he worried a daughter would one day run into a womanizer like Spirit. While annoyed, Maka is then surprised to hear Spirit compliment her maturation. He hugs his daughter, reminding her that Crona deserves to be saved by Maka. “I know I’m a terrible father myself, but [Crona] deserved better than to be raised by Medusa.” Spirit remarks that he and Stein could have saved Crona upon their first encounter with Crona in Santa Mario Novella Basilica.

Spirit’s remark inspires Maka: she thanks her father, realizing that she knows where Crona is located. As she runs away, Spirit smiles, seeing that, just like her mother, when Maka has an idea, she responds immediately.

Santa Mario Novella Basilica

Soul Eater Chapter 90 - Crona hallucinates Medusa

Crona hallucinates Medusa's presence.

Bystanders are concerned by the person who is muttering every day in their church. Crona chants of the goal to acquire the Kishin, asking for a confirmation from the figure of Medusa that Crona imagines nearby.

DWMA Second Campus

Maka and Soul again use Soul Resonance and Soul Perception to locate Crona’s soul. It is as Maka anticipate: Crona has returned to where it all began. “And I know why [Crona]’s there,” Maka thinks. “It’s Crona’s final cry for help.”

In a cluttered room, Stein is giddy, smoking so much and cheerful at the opportunity to lead the entire operation to the Moon. As he determines how each Death Scythe will lead a team, Marie worries: “He’s as giddy as if he just learned the place of his death.”

Elsewhere, Sid Barrett approaches two boys to join the operation: Intelligence Agency meister and weapon Akane☆Hoshi and Clay Sizemore.

Death Room

Soul Eater Chapter 90 - Demon Airship

DWMA Engineer Carpenter Gen informs Death that the Demon Airship had a successful engine test and, with the addition of the Eternal Spring and other Demon Tools, is ready to begin the flight to the Moon.


  • The splash page features a Kishin-inspired revision of the Soul Eater logo, as well as the caption "The Dark Side of the Moon," an allusion not only to the Pink Floyd song but foreshadowing the title to later chapters of the manga.
  • Spirit’s thoughts reveal that he and Death were aware from the beginning that Kid must ascend to full Shinigami—hence that Death was going to die in this battle against the Kishin.
  • Marie’s worry for Stein’s potential approaching death may take on a darker tone, depending on when Marie first learned that she was pregnant with Stein’s child.
  • Another reference to 42 appears on the Demon Airship.


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