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War on the Moon (Part 1)

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Volume 9

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War on the Moon

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Franken Stein and the Death Scythes are approaching the Moon to fight Asura. As Death the Kid joins an airborne unit, their Demon Airship is attacked by a new batch of clowns, threatening to crash the ship before its landing.

War on the Moon (Part 1) is the ninety-first serialized chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It was reprinted in tankōbon form in Volume 21.

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DWMA Moon Unit

Asura's Clown Army





Demon Airship Engine Room

An H-beam crashes into the head of a DWMA engineer. He complains to his chief, the head carpenter Gen, asking why he carries that steel beam everywhere. Gen's responds with a painful pun about the H-beam: "Makes you kinda 'H'orny, don't it?"

Demon Airship Bridge

Soul Eater Chapter 92 - Eternal Key

The Eternal Spring is installed in the Demon Airship's Engine Room.

Gen calls Franken Stein to confirm that the Eternal Spring is operating well. As an excited Spirit Albarn orders for the ship to move "full speed ahead," Stein confirms that they already are, just waiting to pass through the last clouds to reach the Moon. Stein therefore orders all units to their battle positions.

Death the Kid approaches Stein to confirm that he with Liz Thompson and Patty Thompson will join the airborne troops.

Soul Eater Chapter 92 - The Moon approaches

The Demon Airship approaches the Moon.

When a soldier confirms that the ship will reach the Moon in ten minutes, Spirit orders Stein to put out his cigarette, as there is no smoking allowed on this ship. Stein replies, "Don't begrudge me my final smoke."

The Moon's Surface

The Clown confirms to Justin Law--his face and shoulder still burnt from his encounter with Tezca Tlipoca—that "they" are approaching. They are interrupted by a trio of clowns--Moonlight, Kaguya, and White Rabbit—who promise to handle this situation.

Soul Eater Chapter 92 - A new batch of clowns

The Clowns promise Justin Law that they will take down the DWMA forces.

Above in the airship, Spirit looks down at the Moon as the vehicle, with Stein and the Death Scythes aboard, begins its descent.

On the Moon's surface, opening his cloak, Moonlight reveals his arms and body to look like a set of suspended bones, with stars and moons lining the interior of his coat. Those moons and stars then transform into lasers.

Azusa Yumi sees the lasers coming from the surface towards their ship. The lasers blast into the airship followed by more port side. Marie Mjolnir announces that the ship cannot get closer to the Moon's surface with these attacks. Death Scythe Dengu Dinga transforms into his Rainbow Axe form to be wielded by his meister, Alexandre. The duo perform Soul Resonance then Light Refraction, reflecting the lasers away from the ship.

Back on the Moon's surface, Moonlight announces that he can target his lasers from behind, hitting the back of the ship. Dengu announces he cannot reflect so many lasers, just at the moment as the Airborne Division announces it is opening the docking hatch.

Kid leads the Airborne Division—and is surprised to see that Auntie has joined them. Riding Beelzebub, Kid leaps from the Air Ship, only to see his colleagues in jumpsuits impaled by the lasers. As Kid dodges lasers, Justin is impressed at the shinigami's maturation. The next clown, Kaguya, announces that she will fight Kid before she flies upward at him.

Kid orders the Airborne Squad to hurry to the Moon's surface so their ship may land. He is knocked back by Kaguya, who blocks Kid's gunfire with her Angel's Raiment. Kid leaps above to attack from on high, yet Kaguya uses the flame atop her head to form a leash that wraps around Kid's leg, twirling him. Kid's neck is then caught by a crescent launched by Moonlight. As Liz and Patty call out to their meister, Kid is caught in the explosion.

The last clown, White Rabbit, informs Justin that he will take down the ship from the inside. He materializes from within the ship, his tendril impaling one crewmember before turning to face more.

Soul Eater Chapter 92 - White Rabbit waits

The White Rabbit stalks its prey.

Elsewhere, Akane☆Hoshi and Clay Sizemore notice that the soul signals of crewmembers are disappearing. They rush through the halls to find colleagues dead, failing to notice that White Rabbit hangs from the ceiling above, ready to attack the duo.


  • Gen evidently receives sexual satisfaction from an H-beam. His remark is also a pun: "H" in Japanese is pronounced "ecchi," which translates as "naughty," a less intense version of the word it abbreviates, "hentai," which means "pervert."[1]
  • In the Yen Press translation, Spirit shouts, "Full speed ahead!" as he and Stein stand on the airship's bridge, with Death the Kid on board. This remark is one commonly associated with the science fiction series Star Trek. Coincidentally, the English voice actors for Spirit, Stein, and Kid--Vic Mignogna, Chuck Huber, and Todd Haberkorn—star in an online continuation of Star Trek.
  • As in previous occasions, especially in the anime, Stein's second-hand smoke assumes the form of a skull reminiscent of Death's mask.


  1. Soul Eater Volume 21, page 178.

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