Soul Eater Chapter 92 - Cover (2)
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War on the Moon (Part 2)

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Volume 9

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War on the Moon

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Death the Kid continues his fight against the Clown Army, while Akane☆Hoshi and Clay Sizemore try to protect the Demon Airship's power source, the Eternal Spring.

War on the Moon (Part 2) is the ninety-second serialized chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It was reprinted in tankōbon form in Volume 21.

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Plot Edit

Demon Airship Edit

Akane☆Hoshi and Clay Sizemore are shocked to see White Rabbit hovering above them. As both warriors dodge the clown’s tendril attacks, Clay transforms into a sizemore to be wielded by Akane. Although pleased to finally face a worthy opponent, White Rabbit realizes the fire in the Airship is spreading, hence he can leave Akane to contend with that distraction while the clown escapes. Akane then realizes that the clowns seek to take down the ship at its power source.

A DWMA member notifies Spirit Albarn that the airborne division is having difficulty reaching the Moon’s surface. As the ship takes more damage from Moonlight’s laser attacks, Franken Stein orders Jinn Galland and his meister Zubaidah to begin battle.

The Moon’s Surface Edit

Liz Thompson calls out her meister’s name as an injured Death the Kid is seized by Kaguya. But Auntie intervenes, freeing Kid and knocking back Kaguya. Kid proceeds to battle Kaguya, who mocks Kid for attempting to flip her Angel’s Raiment to peek under her dress. As Patty Thompson defends her meister against accusations of perversion (although by claiming Kid is a fully mature pervert, not a “brat” of a pervert), Kid continues to fire shots but fails to break through the Angel’s Raiment. Auntie again intervenes, her punch managing to knock the win out of Kaguya despite her supposedly impervious body. Auntie explains she is victorious because she is too powerful a meister to handle a weapon. After knocking back the clown, Auntie instructs Kid to stop holding back and unleash his strength, which Kid agrees, recognizing that while someone like Black Star does not hold back, he has.

Elsewhere, Moonlight sees airborne troops have reached the Moon’s surface. Justin Law orders Moonlight to down the ship, while he orders the other clowns to kill those DWMA soldiers.

Demon Airship Engine Room Edit

Gen confronts White Rabbit, ordering the clown to stop his attack on the engine room. Akane strikes, but White Rabbit chides Akane that a sword is not a sufficient weapon in a cramp space when Akane is cutting more of the engine room than him. Akane determines he will fight until his death if necessary.

The Sky Edit

Chapter 92 - Jinn transforms

Upon conducting Soul Resonance with Zubaidah, Jinn releases his Jinn Form.

Djinn and Zubaidah begin Soul Resonance, allowing the Death Scythe to form into the shape of a giant genie, but even Djinn’s flames fail to stop Moonlight’s attacks. Djinn resigns himself that it is inevitable that their ship will crash.

The Moon’s Surface Edit

Soul Eater Chapter 92 - Auntie rushes at the Raiment

Auntie rushes at the Heavenly Raiment Wall.

Kid struggles to fight the clowns with Death Cannon before more of his colleagues die. Kaguya blocks the shot with Heavenly Raiment Wall, protecting Moonlight so he may continue to fire upon the Airship. Auntie encourages Kid to keep blasting at the seemingly impervious wall. Auntie then makes her move: as Kid lets out another Death Cannon blast, she follows the shot, jumping through the wall before Kaguya can reform her raiment. Strapped to a parachute case full of bombs, Auntie detonates the explosives. Kaguya remains standing, but Moonlight is seemingly destroyed. No sign of Auntie is apparent.

Demon Airship Engine Room Edit

Soul Eater Chapter 92 - Stein destroys White Rabbit

Stein defeats White Rabbit.

Gen encourages Akane to continue his fight against White Rabbit, as it is his job to repair any damage anyway so the meister should not hold back. Akane reminds Gen that the Eternal Spring is not so easily repairable. As White Rabbit is distracted by the Airship crew announcing thirty seconds until landing, the clown fails to notice Franken Stein approach, unleashing a Soul Menace powerful enough to evaporate the clown.

Even as Stein compliments Akane, the younger meister notices how much more mad the scientist seems to have become.

Moon’s Surface Edit

Sensing Stein, Justin anticipates determining which of them has the more powerful form of madness.

Trivia Edit

  • Beelzebub, Kid's skateboard, is not seen with him upon his recovery by Kaguya. The device, as supposedly one of Kid's abilities, may have dissipated when he was knocked down, only to reform later when he desires its use again.

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