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The War on the Moon (Part 6)

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Volume 22

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The War on the Moon Arc

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Maka Albarn's attempt to persuade Crona back to the DWMA fails upon facing her friend's refusal of Order and revelation of having killed Medusa. As Crona escapes to the Moon to possess Asura, Spartoi struggles to determine their next steps. Meanwhile, the battle on the Moon continues, Asura's Clown Army overwhelming DWMA forces even though Death the Kid has now connected the second Line of Sanzu. While Franken Stein and Marie Mjolnir face Justin Law for their final battle, Death worries that his war against the Kishin may turn into a war against Crona and Noah as well, forcing him to seek power from the Fifth Power.

The War on the Moon (Part 6) is the ninety-sixth serialized chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It was reprinted in tankōbon form in Volume 22.

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Standing in Santa Mario Novella Basilica, Maka Albarn feels waves of memories that terrify her regarding this location where she first met Crona, a person with two souls in one body, both weapon and meister. Maka stares at Crona, her Soul Perception recognizing Ragnarok's soul within Crona, yet also sensing something is different.

Maka is pleased that Crona recognizes her by name, as she asks her friend to return to the DWMA, as Maka will defend Crona to her peers and Death. But Crona is confused: while having lost memories, Crona still remembers meeting Maka here at Santa Mario. Crona claims to have been waiting her for Maka to tell her something, a "final act," after clarifying that "this is the last bit of order i can uphold." But before Crona can reveal that information to Maka, she interrupts, assuming Crona's "final act" is the execution awaiting them. Maka urges Crona to trust her, saying that Marie Mjolnir and their friends at the DWMA will accept Crona.

Crona then reveals why no one at the DWMA will defend them: Crona killed Medusa. If Crona was willing to kill someone like Medusa, whom Crona refers to as "precious and irreplaceable...the only person I am linked to in this world" without any regret but actually feeling liberated, then how could Death ever forgive such an action? Crona therefore assumes they are out of synch with the rest of the world, alone forever.

As Crona speaks, vines whip past Maka, knocking up dust and sensed by Soul Eater and Black☆Star, who wait outside the church.

Soul Eater Chapter 96 - Crona's vines block Maka

Crona's Thorn Vectors block Maka

The vines disappear. Crona simply walks past Maka, saying, "Good-bye." Maka grabs for Crona's arm, but a thorn on their arm pricks her finger. From Crona's feet, thorned vines have emerged, shielding Crona from Maka's touch.

Crona explains, "Order is absolute," from animals up to humans. Feeling "allergic to order," Crona announces that they are going to The Moon to obtain the Kishin's power. Crona will use this Madness to twist the world to become as "broken and misaligned" as they feel. Crona is already at the door when Maka begs her friend not to proceed. Crona puts a hand to the entrance and turns back to Maka. "This was my decision, not anyone else's," Crona announces. Then Crona repeats the line they said when first meeting Maka: "This door...only opens to the inside, right?"

With one hand placed onto the door, Crona's power breaks it horizontally, smashing along the walkway outside where Soul, Black☆Star, and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa are waiting. Black☆Star shouts to Crona, but as the vines emerge from their feet, even seeming to form on their hair, Crona says this decision is the first they have made for themselves, and that decision is to not uphold any order.

Black☆Star orders Tsubaki to transform, but his weapon refuses, claiming Maka is still in the church. Maka emerges from the entryway, asking Crona to stop. But Crona shouts, "Stay away!!" as more vines emerge from their body, knocking into Maka. Soul calls out to his meister.

Elsewhere, Ox Ford can sense Crona's wavelength.

Maka clutches her injured arm, as Crona says they do not want to hurt anyone anymore. Dragonesque wings emerge from Crona's back to fly away. But Black☆Star has leapt above Crona, about to knock them down with a punch. But both his punch and his kick are blocked by Crona's vines, as Crona reiterates having no desire to hurt anyone. As the vines push Crona into flight, they knock Black☆Star back, but the ninja lands on his feet.

Ox arrives at Santa Mario to see Crona leave. He asks Maka where Crona is going, Maka answering, "The Moon." Maka calls to Soul to transform into his flight form, but Harvar D. Éclair orders them to stop: on the Moon, now their peers in the DWMA will be fighting not only Asura but also Crona, "the most dangerous person of all." Ox agrees, pointing out that even when their fastest member of Spartoi, Black☆Star, cannot catch up with Crona (which causes the ninja to stammer and claim he is too fast for the times to keep up with him). Harvar advises reporting to Death first. Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré also notices that Kilik Rung has not returned with Fire and Thunder, as his Soul Perception abilities are too limited to realize what has happened.

But Maka is adamant about pursuing Crona as soon as preparations are made, intending to "sock him a good one" for "this business about punishment and order." Soul and Black☆Star agree, intending to unite with Death the Kid on the Moon to assist in this battle.

Death Room, Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

Tezca Tlipoca reports to Death that Azusa Yumi is reporting from the Moon that the DWMA's regiments are dwindling against Asura's limitless number of Clowns. Tezca then says that Kid has now connected two Lines of Sanzu. He also gives Death a report about Spartoi's failure to capture Crona, who is now on their way to the Moon to acquire the Kishin.

Death's mind is on other concerns, those related to Eibon. Death considers how having Eibon's demon tool Brew would greatly assist his forces in defeating Asura, but so long as Gopher has that tool within the Book of Eibon, Noah's team could be a threat, leading to a four-way battle: the DWMA versus Asura versus Noah versus Crona.

Tezca then confirms that he passed along Death's order to Kim to return to the DWMA "to negotiate with the fifth power.

The MoonEdit

As Jinn Galland continues to fight the Spider Clown with his Tower form, Kid struggles to hold his own against the rest of Kaguya's clowns. Kaguya asks the exhausted Kid to admire how drained, defeated, or dead his the DWMA colleagues are.

Elsewhere, even as Justin Law is dying from Franken Stein and Marie Mjolnir's internal attack, he brags how Madness will inevitably consume them. But Justin is confused: why do Stein and Marie still persist? Marie responds that Justin's traps are useless against someone as fast and crafty as Stein. But Justin responds that the Moon is technically one of his traps: the satellite is already shaped like a guillotine's blade hanging above the Earth. And the Moon, as this metaphorical guillotine, contains within it so much of Asura's madness that it will soon kill Earth's inhabitants like the guillotine slicing off someone's head.

As Stein witnesses how many of his the DWMA peers are falling to the Clowns, he realizes he cannot waste more time fighting Justin. Justin replies that Stein's defeat of him will not change this war that the DWMA has already lost.

Justin then screams with all patience lost: why is Stein, someone who seems to be so much a nonconformist, siding with the DWMA, the very representation of Order itself? Justin accuses Death of sending his followers to kill anyone who does not share his view, and Justin cannot understand why Death's order is so precious. As Stein renews his Soul Resonance with Marie, he answers that Death actually does not demand absolute conformity to his whims.

Soul Eater Chapter 96 - Stein kills Justin

Stein kills Justin

As Stein dashes to make the fatal blow against Justin, the defected Death Scythe asks how the scientist can follow Death when he himself has the condition of Madness, which Death has forbidden. Stein answers that Justin is wrong: Death does not forbid Madness, so long as Stein has something against which to direct that madness—and Justin is that target. Justin does not move as Stein approaches him, and he is still not convinced by Stein's explanation: once Death eliminates all such targeted heretics, where will Stein direct that Madness then?

Stein does not answer. Instead, Marie shouts that her attack is for Joe Buttataki, which slams into the shoulders of Justin, knocking him to the Moon's surface and beheading him.

As Justin's severed head evaporates, he still speaks, with a warning to Stein and Marie: "Have no fear...Your time will come. Order will crumble to dust."

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit


  • As in the previous chapter, Yen Press refers to Santa Maria Novella Basilica as Santa Mario Novella Basilica.
  • Black☆Star repeats his remark from his battle with Masamune Nakatsukasa, in which he says he is too fast for the times to catch up with him.
  • In the Death Room, Enrique appears to be dancing.
  • Tezca reports to Death events that have occurred not yet seen, such as Kid connecting two Lines of Sanzu. In the previous chapter, Kid had connected only one line.
  • In the Yen Press English translation, Tezca Tlipoca refers to a "Fifth Power," later revealed to be the witches.[1] A fifth power, or "quintessence," may refer to the Fifth Element or the Aether, an element beyond the conventional four: air, fire, earth, and water. The quintessence also may refer to a hypothetical form of dark energy.[2] Based on witches' closeness to dark magic and their operation outside of a normal world, Tezca's potentially unintentional comparison of witches to the Aether and Dark Energy is apt.
  • Marie's fatal attack against Justin produces a symbol that looks like the triquetra, a three-cornered shape used in Germanic paganism, Celtic art, and, as the "trinity knot," a symbol for the Trinity in Christianity. Like Marie, the triquetra is associated with Norse mythology: it is the symbol associated with Odin, the god who is the father of the thunder god Thor, whose weapon, Mjolnir, serves as Marie's last name.[3]
  • Justin Law's death is appropriate based on his weapon form: much as a guillotine beheads its victim, so does Stein and Marie's attack behead Justin.

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