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Witch Trial

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The War on the Moon Arc

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While Franken Stein and Death Scythes stay on the Moon to continue their fight against Asura's Clown Army, Death the Kid joins Kim Diehl and other witches to attempt the impossible: negotiate an alliance with the Witch Council to defeat Asura.

Witch Trial is the ninety-eighth serialized chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It was reprinted in tankōbon form in Volume 23.

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The Moon's Surface

Chapter 98 - Jinn tackles a Giant Clown

Jinn tackles a Clown.

Death the Kid still demands that he stay on the Moon to continue fighting with his DWMA teammates. Despite his protests, the Demon Airship takes off with him, Liz Thompson, and Patty Thompson. Kaguya orders the Airship be taken down. As Moonlight begins shooting at the airship, Alexandre wields the Rainbow Axe Dengu Dinga, refracting the lasers away from the Demon Airship. Kid continues to demand that they go back. Marie puts a hand to his shoulder and reminds him that their peers are giving them cover to escape so he may go to the Witches' Realm. She says he must not waste the sacrifice made by the other Death Scythes and their meisters. As the Colossus Clown leaps towards the Demon Airship, Jinn Galland, in his Tower form, tackles the Clown. The Airship Pilot confirms to Kid and others that they have left enemy airspace. Meanwhile, Franken Stein uses Spirit Albarn to slice through Moonlight and Kaguya, before he looks to the Airship's escape, as well as the Moon's nose.

The Moon's Nose

Inside the left nostril, Sid Barrett senses a familiar wavelength in the right nostril. Likewise, inside the right nostril, Noah senses Sid. Clay Sizemore in weapon form worries how upset Sid will be that he and Akane☆Hoshi are working with Noah and Gopher. At the convergence point, Sid is surprised to find Noah and Gopher with Akane and Clay. As Sid expresses confusion, the nervous Clay still cannot come up with an excuse.

The Sky

Meanwhile, on the Demon Airship, Kid looks back on the Moon as the Airship flies away.

Chapter 98 - Blackstar and Maka as they make their way to the moon

Maka and Black☆Star make their way towards the Moon

Elsewhere, Maka Albarn, flying on Soul Eater's winged form, and Black☆Star, using Tsubaki Nakatsukasa's Shadow☆Star: Zeroth Form - Masamune, make their way towards the Moon. Black☆Star complains about having to jump, concerned that Tsubaki's form punches holes onto houses. However, Maka tells him to keep up the best he can, as riding double on Soul will sap her stamina.

Death Room, Death Weapon Meister Academy

Having arrived in the DWMA, Kid lets his father know. His father lets him know he's happy he's back and that Kim Diehl and her weapon Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré returned from Italy and were going to take a quick shower. Kid grows irritated, finding the timing inappropriate. He makes his way towards the Girls' Shower Room.

Girls' Shower Room, Death Weapon Meister Academy

Chapter 98 - Kid barges into the Girls Shower Room with Jaqueline and Kim

Kid barges in on Jacqueline and Kim as they shower. much to their surprise.

Kim complains about having just return and having to leave so soon, though Jacky reassures that they can relax until Kid arrives. However, Kid then appears in the shower room. Embarrassed that Kid has found them naked, they ask why he has barged in. Kid dismisses their questions and says they have to leave quickly; he picks up a cloth and asks to wash Kim wherever she hasn't, to expedite her departure f9or the Witches' Realm. Kid is then knocked unconscious by Liz Thompson, in a towel, who with Patty Thompson, also in a towel, apologizes about her meister's behavior and takes him away. Jacqueline tends to Kim, who is mortified and remarks that not even Ox Ford has seen her naked yet.

Death Room

Chapter 98 - Kim performs her butt-writing

Kim performing the butt writing.

Death reveals the individuals gathered in the Death Room to represent the DWMA in the Witches' Realm: Kid (bloodied from Liz's attack), Kim (annoyed with Kid), Eruka Frog, Free, Risa, and Arisa. Death also asks the gathered demon weapons, Liz, Patty, and Jacqueline, to stay behind so not to provoke the Witches. In the Death Room, Free notices Enrique present hanging from the Death Mirror. He complains to Eruka how he is in the presence of a shinigami and monkey at the same time. Eruka simply tells him to shut up.

Eruka then explains the Witch Realm is held in a sealed space contained by Maba's Spatial Magic and that though they can open the witch gate, there's a rule that states that non-witches must not see the process. As Free and the non-witches turn away, Kim as the youngest witch is pressured by the older witches to to perform the opening of the gate—by lifting her skirt and writing letters with her backside. Kim complains that this technique is part of Maba's olf-fashion sense of humor.

As the gate opens, Risa jokes: "It's a butthole to another world!" Arise comments that the joke was not funny the first time she said it. Death then questions whether he travel into the realm, though Kim denies it and explains it's just a portal and not as if the Realm went to that spot. Kid then questions why the witches couldn't open a portal at the Moon, in which Eruka reveals she doubt that was a possibility due to the Madness jamming Maba's Spatial Magic. Death, Liz, and Patty wave goodbye to Kid as he enters the portal along with the designated group.

Witches' Realm

As they arrive, he is marveled at the realm with Eruka remarking how life is full of surprise in the fact a shinigami has set foot into their realm. Kid questions why the DWMA hasn't been able to find the Realm if it's on Earth, in which Eruka replies that it's because Maba's Spatial Magic twist space and makes it unable to be found from the outside.

Eruka further remarks that the large scale soul protect they're wanting to do to defeat the clown cannot be pulled off without her assistance. Kid then questions who exactly is "Maba", though he then says that there's no use in speculating and to lead them to the negotiations. But as he said that, they're all captured by the Witch Judge and the taken to the Witch Courtroom.

Courtroom, Witches' Realm

Soul Eater Chapter 98 - Witch Courtroom

Kid and witches held for trial

Following an incantation of witches, the Witch Judge calls the court to order, as Maba sits beside her. Already the witches in the gallery demand the death of Kid and the other witches, suggesting burning them at the stake. Kid pleads with the Judge and Maba that they arrived to discuss their alliance against Asura because they are operating within a tight schedule to return to the Moon to conclude this war against the Kishin. Kid even suggests that he brought Free with him to offer to Maba so she may avenger herself for his theft of her Demon Eye—frustrated Free, who assumes the DWMA has tricked him. Taruho and Tabasa even blame Kid to escape any punishment.

The Judge refuses to listen to Kid and his peers, asking her assistant, a witch with a lizard theme, to read the charges. But the Judge has already assumed the guilt of these defendants, so really her assistant is reading their sentences. This assistant begins with Eruka, who has been accused of assisting both Medusa Gorgon and the DWMA, as well as helping Free escape from the Witch Prison, hence will be sentenced to five death sentences. Eruka lowers her head, having expected such punishment. Free tries to cheer her up, reminding her that she did save his life, and this remark, unsurprisingly, does not calm Eruka down.

The assistant then accuses Tabatha Butterfly, alias Risa, and Taruho Firefly, alias Arisa, of aiding the DWMA and befriending the Death Scythe Spirit Albarn. Therefore, they will receive one death sentence. Arisa responds coarsely that this sentence is "bullwitch" and that she can't "witching believe this." She is silenced by one of the prison guards, as the Judge adds three more executions to her sentence.

The assistant then accuses Free of stealing Maba's Demon Eye and escaping prison, but as he is immortal, the witches sentence him to 1,000 execution, 500 for each of these two crimes.

The assistant then accuses Kim of leaving the witches' coven to join their enemies in the DWMA, therefore she is sentenced to death. Kim raises an objection, but as Kim cannot approach the Judge with the heavy stones put onto her legs, the Judge overrules her.

The Judge then smirks, preparing to read Kid's charges and sentence herself: his crime is being a shinigami, so his sentence is one million deaths. Kid sweats in shock as the witches cheer, demanding he be skewered, seared, and his organs taken for experimentation. Even Kim mocks Kid for receiving a more severe punishment than she. But as Kid hears more of these taunts, he grits his teeth until he loudly demands everyone's silence. Kim tears up and blushes, apologizing but saying it is still Kid's own fault.

Kid then explains that the weight on his legs and the bonds on his wrists are far too weak to contain a reaper such as him. He brags that he could even eliminate everyone in this courtroom if he desired to do so. Yet he chooses not to, because the threat of Asura's madness disrupting order is more important than the animosity shinigamis and witches hold for each other. When witches in the gallery criticize the DWMA for killing their fellow witches, Kid responds that many of the meisters and weapons of the DWMA have been killed by witches.

Kid proceeds to address the argument that witches have an instinct to destroy, which has been the assumption for why witches cannot coexist with humans and shinigamis. Yet Kid points out that humans as well have destructive urges and have learned to channel those urges in productive ways. And like humans and shinigamis, witches desire order, too, or else they would not have a court of laws, and that fact shows witches are not of pure destruction or else they would have no order at all. Hence, Kid reasons, shinigamis, humans, and witches actually are not different: this battle is simply one of hatred, not logic.

The Judge shouts at Kid, claiming that witches have been "shunned and trapped in this isolated world," so of course all they have is hatred to motivate them to keep living. Kid responds that younger witches such as the ones with him facing sentence are not motivated by this same hatred. Kim grows silent, listening intently to her classmate. Kid then identifies how these witches have channeled destruction for productive uses: Eruka's explosives can be useful (although Eruka is annoyed that Kid reduces her to just explosives), while Risa and Arisa realize they have value in their ability to break men's hearts.

Kid then says that although Kim is wicked, manipulative, and deceptive, which insults his classmate, he has had "steamy skinship" with her—embarrassing Kim that the witches will misinterpret his point. Sure enough, the witches in the gallery misinterpret, shocked that someone as young as 16-year-old Kim has had sex when the average age for a witch to lose her virginity is 50 years old. The Judge in particular is disgusted that of all people Kim would sleep with a shinigami.

Kid then stands, lifting the rock off his legs and snapping lose the binds on his wrists. The witches are shocked, as they see their enemy, a shinigami, with the power to kill them, now free. But Kid does not attack. He falls to his knees, places his hands in front of him on the floor, and leans his head down until his forehead touches the floor. He begs for the witches to lend their strength to the DWMA. The Judge is silent as she hears Kid explain that Order has the opportunity to transform into something new, but the Kishin is a threat to this evolution. For Kid to foster this new Order, he depends on the help of the witches. As long as his peers in the DWMA fight alone on the Moon to protect this world for the survival of both humans and witches, they depend on the help of witches with their strength, wisdom, pride, and beauty. Kid asks the witches to aid this "humble cause" despite his and his peers' "amateurish fumbling."

Despite listening to Kid, the Judge continues to respond with fury, claiming such displays of humility cannot undo the hatred witches have had for so long. But she is silenced by Maba, who throws her arm forward in front of the Judge so that she may speak: "Nyamu!!"


  • It seems Sorcerers like Noah (Wrath) are able to possess Soul Perception or an ability similar to it.
  • Sid was able to recognize Noah's wavelength (having met Noah in an earlier chapter), despite him being a different incarnation. This confirms that the Icons all possess very similar wavelengths.
  • Despite being in his weapon form, it seems that Clay wasn't naked and even sports the attire he wore on the mission.
  • It's revealed that the youngest witch must open a gate to the Witch Realm should multiple witches be around each other.
  • The Witch Realm is revealed to be somewhere on Earth, though Maba's Spatial Magic twists and prevents outside intrusion.


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