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Full Speed Ahead!

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Volume 23

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War on the Moon Arc

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Kid concludes his request to the witches to ally against Asura, leaving Kim Diehl to conclude negotiations while he and members of Spartoi travel on the damaged Demon Airship to The Moon. There, Sid Barrett, Noah, and Crona all prepare to face Asura.

Full Speed Ahead! is the ninety-ninth serialized chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It was reprinted in tankōbon form in Volume 23.

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Witches' RealmEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 99 - Kid begs the witches

Kid begs for the witches' help

Death the Kid is on his hands and knees before Maba, the Witch Judge, and the assembled witches, begging for their strength in Shibusen's battle against the Kishin. As Maba stares at Kid, the Judge demands his silence, claiming his manipulative words and fawning gestures cannot undo the violence Shibusen has committed against witches. But Kid adds that his request is not for help for just this battle against Asura: it is asking for an alliance between Shibusen and witches to "reconsider the current notions of order." Kim Diehl urges the witches to act, as witches and Shibusen alike are in danger from Asura's threat, and the older witches must overlook old rules if they want to give younger witches and all witches better lives. When the Judge discounts Kim as "DWMA's lapdog," Kim appeals to Maba, who finally speaks: "Nyamu!!!"

Death RoomEdit

Standing with Liz and Patty Thompson, Death expresses concern whether his son and his team can properly negotiate with the witches. As he speaks, a portal opens into the Witches' Realm, but only Kid emerges, explaining that Kim sent him back alone because it is now up to the witches to discuss among themselves a potential alliance with Shibusen. Death compliments his son for being forthright to the witches, while Kid hopes that he can trust the look in Maba's eye and her verbal response.

Demon AirshipEdit

Gen reports to Kid that the airship is not holding up: as they have lost all plating on Block E and the cooling system is not functioning, he will need four hours to make all repairs. But as their colleagues on the Moon depend on their assistance in combat, Kid asks that Gen finish repairs in 30 minutes, asking that the ship be made sufficient to reach the Moon. "If the witches help us," Kid says, "we won't need to worry about return fire." Upon consideration, Gen calls to his fellow engineers, asking that they skip maintenance steps one through eight to leave in a half hour. Kid apologizes for making such a difficult request, but Gen tells Kid not to underestimate his ability to perform miracles.

The MoonEdit

Akane Hoshi and Clay Sizemore have managed to surprise not only their mentor Sid Barrett but also their enemies Noah and Gopher: Sid cannot imagine allowing themselves to accompany their enemies around the Moon. Momentarily struggling to think of a response, Clay finally argues that, as both weak-willed and a powerful meister, Asura will be extra vigilant to sense their souls, which makes sneaking around pointless. Clay reasons that while Noah and Gopher can sabotage their mission, the two also can serve as decoys once Asura locates the Shibusen members.

Noah is, unsurprisingly, furious, but that is because he thinks Clay has copied his plan to use the Shibusen members as decoys. And Akane and Sid both insult Clay's response as too complicated a plan to discuss when they are in such a precarious situation, and Clay as "not that smart." Sid argues that the goal is not finesse but locating Asura: while the Kishin's madness wavelength hides his exact location, the increased power of that wavelength proves they are nearing Asura's location. Impatient, Noah races Gopher and the Shibusen members to the location, worrying Sid that their enemies will screw up this mission.

Upon reaching the end of their path, Sid and Noah's teams reach a ravine in the Moon. Noah calls for the Kishin to reveal itself, but it is too dark to see. Gopher suggests using his Love Cannon, but Sid tells the "idiot" that a flare is sufficient. Holding the flare out does not illuminate the ravine, so Sid drops it to sense the darkness, warning Mira Naigus to be ready for combat.

Soul Eater Chapter 99 - Sid and Akane confront Asura

Akane and Sid confront Asura

The Kishin reveals itself—as a giant three-eyed beast, its maw open, ready to consume his enemies. As the saliva from Asura drips upon him, Sid realizes he is immobilized, as Asura successfully bites through Sid.

But Akane sees that the beast they confronted was an illusion: all members are safe. As Sid is still holding that lit flare that he thought he had dropped into the ravine, he cannot determine when Asura began the illusion—but he can tell that Asura indeed is in that ravine.

Demon AirshipEdit

Kid is back at the airship, as Gen's team announces that the Eternal Spring is ready to power their takeoff. Azusa Yumi fidgets over her frustration that she cannot see into the Witches' Realm, so she is not certain that the witches will ally with Shibusen. As Marie Mjolnir chastises Azusa that it is not good to see too much, she advises having some faith in the witches. Kid adds that, even if the witches do not come to help fight Asura, now is the time to make a change in this world: "The natural order of things cannot stand with our relationship so strained. Order is attempting to evolve." Liz tells Kid such an evolution is going to be "in fits and starts," annoying Kid, who says that much is obvious.

Death RoomEdit

In the mirror, Tezca Tlipoca is worried that, although obviously witches and Shibusen have a historical connection with each other, the witches may not help in this battle. Death agrees, blaming many for the rift between witches and Shibusen: Eibon, Arachne, and himself. Death adds that it was witches' increased control and more damaging curses long ago that led him to seek a new power to combat witches' crafty plans. Eibon created Demon Weapons based on the model of Excalibur, although Death claims Eibon would dispute that he ever used that obnoxious weapon as a model. Death also says that a weapon, while powerful, reaches full strength when "touched by a soul," in this case, a meister—which is what Excalibur lacked.

A reliable weapon, Death adds, is one that is also human, hence Death and Eibon attempted to merge a weapon to a human's soul, with a witch's soul as the catalyst due to witches' abilities to transform. But upon realizing how inhumane this experiment was, Death and Eibon halted tests, although Eibon was not so adamant as Death was to stop such experiments. Tezca then explains that Arachne began the experiments again, until she herself was able to manufacture weapons in mass quantities. As these humans had weapon abilities in their very DNA, they passed on those abilities to subsequent generations, causing more and more weapons to be born. Death therefore formed the Death Weapon Meister Academy to teach these students how to control their abilities. Death and Tezca remember that without a witch's soul, a demon weapon reaches its full potential upon receiving a witch's soul to become a Death Weapon.

As Shibusen hunted for witches' souls to perfect demon weapons to then fight more witches for more of their souls, Shibusen worsened its relations with witches. After criticizing Tezca for taking all the good lines in their exposition, Death adds that he is aging, time changes, and so does order: "A generational shift is about to happen." Because of the havoc that the Gorgon Sisters have caused by creating weapons and resurrecting the Kishin, Tezca is still unsure whether the witches will assist Shibusen. Death defers to his son, who trusts the witches.

Demon Airship, the SkyEdit

The airship sails for the Moon, full speed ahead. Kilik Rung explains to Kid that Maka Albarn's team is on their way to the Moon, as he hands Kid and the Thompsons armbands given to him by Maka's team, each one emblazoned with a logo resembling Soul Eater's soul. Kilik asks how Kid will wear the band so as to be symmetrical, suggesting his forehead or waist, or wearing two armbands. Kid refuses, claiming he must evolve with order as well. After placing the armband on his left bicep, he impresses the Thompsons—until he collapses in panic over the need to be "neat and tidy." Then Gen's team announces that it will be one hour until they land on the Moon—which prompts Kid to beg that they delay the arrival by four hours, and which prompts Liz to expect Gen will kill Kid for these interruptions while Patty simply giggles.

The MoonEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 99 - Crona lands on the Moon

Crona lands on The Moon

With wings unfurled, Crona lands, sensing the Kishin is below. Crona leaps down, falling towards the surface, promising to bathe the Moon with Black Blood. Before colliding with the surface, Crona renews flight, sailing into the Moon's nostrils—which causes the Moon's very eyes to shut as it sneezes!

As he already invaded the pages of Death and Tezca's explanation of the history of witches and Shibusen, Excalibur returns, sneezing.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • In the anime's final episodes, Asura is able to increase in size and power until he assumes a form similar to the illusion he creates for Sid and Noah's teams. However, whereas in the anime Asura's power augments due to his consumption of Arachne's witch soul, in the manga, this larger form is an illusion, one bolstered by the increased global madness that Asura has produced.


  • The ceiling of the witches' courtroom resembles a spiderweb. Whether this design has any significance related to Arachne Gorgon is not yet known.
  • Death refers to an approaching generational shift, foreshadowing his demise.
  • When Tezca refers to the havoc inflicted by the Gorgon Sisters, he neglects to refer to Shaula Gorgon.
  • When Death and Tezca discuss the creation of demon weapons, images of weapons from both Soul Eater and Soul Eater NOT appear: Soul Eater, Tsugumi Harudori, and Eternal Feather.
  • The Moon demonstrates a more complex set of abilities, being able to sneeze.
  • This chapter alludes to the bonus chapter, in which Excalibur's sneezes annoy Hero.

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