This timeline of events arranges in order the chapters of the manga Soul Eater and the manga Soul Eater Not! with citations for dates of important events as referenced in both manga.

Before the Prologue ArcEdit

Late Fifth and Early Sixth Centuries

800 Years before Prologue

  • Eibon, inspired by Excalibur, creates the blueprints for the Demon Weapons. However, both him and Death express the fact that the experiment is inhuman even for the witches and seals up it's knowledge.[3]
  • The witch Arachne Gorgon creates the first Demon Weapon, based on plans written by the Sorcerer, Eibon. The Nakatsukasa Clan is one of the first weapons that Arachne creates.[4][5]
  • Death leads the The Eight Warlords, expressing some concern at his fragment Asura's vicious attack on witches.[6]
  • Death pursues the injured Arachne to Loew Village, where she successfully evades him by planting her soul into the Oldest Golem and dividing her body into spiders that hide throughout the world for the next 800 years. The Oldest Golem and Arachne's soul are maintained in secret by Giriko, who for the next 800 years will use his Enchanter abilities to transplant his consciousness into his descendants.[4]
  • After Asura consumes human souls and his own weapon Vajra, Death drains the blood from his body and flays his skin to fashion into a bag to house his soul. Death then plants his soul into a spot of land in what will become the Nevada desert in the United States, to seal Asura underground but at the cost of any chance for Death to leave this land.[6]

April 2, 800 Years Ago before Prologue

The Twelfth Century

25 Years ago before Salvage arc
Approximately 15–18 years ago before Prologue
17 Years Ago before Prologue

13 Years Ago before Prologue

4 Years Ago before The Trial Enrollment arc

NOT! TimelineEdit

Spring Semester, One Year Before the Prologue Arc

Summer Semester

  • Remainder of Traitors arc (Soul Eater Not! Chapters 17-19)[18]
  • JOT Arc (Soul Eater Not! Chapters 20-34)[19]

Around July 31

  • Tsugumi Harudori, Anya Hepburn, and Meme Tatane plant pumpkin sprouts in the backyard of the girls' dormitory.[20]

Around October 31

October 31

After October 31

  • Meme Tatane and Anya Hepburn leave DWMA temporarily, returning in the Spring Semester to find Tsugumi Harudori has a new meister, Ao Hoshino (Soul Eater Not! Chapter 42).


December through February

Around April 1

April 1

After April 1

May 21

May 22

Around June 1

  • Intending to borrow the Book of Eibon mansucript from the DWMA library, Death the Kid discovers that the manuscript was borrowed on April 1 by someone who went by the alias "M," the same day of the eve of the anniversary of DWMA's founding, and the same day of the Asura revival. (Soul Eater Chapter 32)[22]

After June 1



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