Chupa♡Cabra's (チュパキャブラス, Chupa Kyaburasu) is a cabaret club in Death City in which Spirit Albarn frequently visits. Unlike other clubs, the business is owed by witches and was secretly a former front for Arachnophobia spies.[1][2]


The club is located on B Block of 8th street in Death City.[3]


  • The anime's version of the Chupa Cabra sign
  • Spirit and Blair celebrate


The club itself is a rather small and plain building, with the exception of an enormous and highly adorned sign set above the entirety of the club's front, easily equalling the structure in size, bearing the club's name in enormous Japanese katakana letters and adorned with hearts and lights that are turned on at night.


The interior consists of an enclosed bar, surrounded by multiple stools and a separate payment area along one wall and many partitioned sections, containing individual small couches and rounded glass tables, opposite.

The decour inside is furnished with a predominantly pink coloring, featuring numerous pieces that are lavishly accented with golden trim, which also generally conform to a heart theme that is displayed throughout, even appearing on the front door in the form of a heart-shaped window. The club is lit by a great number of candles, that are both present on the many tables and built in along some of the walls.

There is also a separate changing locker area for the main female staff.


As a cabaret club, it's employees provide their customers alcoholic beverages, have flirtatious conversations[4] and provide food and entertainment in which the latter two are done with the assistance of the staff and their magical abilities.[5] They also host parties[6] and have a on-catering service.[5] While their business was once adult-oriented and forbidden to children[7], after their staff were ousted as witches, they've attempted to solicit and advertise to younger students of Death Weapon Meister Academy as customers.[5]

The club was once a front for spy operations on Death Weapon Meister Academy on Arachnophobia's behalf and as such, both Arisa and Risa were disguised as humans.[8] However, after their reveal, they have since went on their own and have re-branded themselves as a unique club in which feature witch hosts to human customers.[5]


Prologues arc

Remedial Lessons arc

Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle arc

Salvage arc

List of employees

Name Occupation(s) Status
ArisaHostess, Chupa♡GirlActive
RisaHostess, Chupa♡GirlActive
BlairHostess, Chupa♡GirlActive
Unnamed ManBartenderActive


  • The name "Chupa♡Cabra's" is a reference to the Chupacabra , a mythical beast said to be found in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the United States, and which supposedly sucks on the blood of goats and other small livestock. The word literally means "goat sucker."
    Soul Eater Prologue 1 - Chupa Cabra exterior

    First appearance of ChupaCabra's

  • In the anime; the sign upon the exterior of the club only displays its name. However, in the first chapter of the manga the image of a scantily clad chupacabra is also present. In the second chapter, the chupacabra is still present, but clothed and positioned differently. After that, the sign in the manga changes to be identical to the sign used in the anime.


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