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The Clown (道化師, Dōkeshi) represents madness incarnate and has the same wavelength as Asura. It describes itself as a "contagion of madness", supporting many of the characters' beliefs that madness is like an infection.


There's terror that can't be seen...I am a terror that can be seen."

"I am the existance which surpassess Kishin Asura...Madness Incarnate.

The Clown, Chapter 43

The Clown's existence fully embodies this sentiment and it wholly accepts its role in furthering the progression of the spread of madness, harboring a certain sort of pride in being this particular infection's physical contagion and messenger. In fulfilling its purpose, the Clown has adopted numerous traits attributed to madness itself, including both seemingly erratic and irrational behaviour.

Befitting its nature, the Clown possesses a soul which continually attempts to absorb everything that is present within the surrounding area. Maka senses that The Clown has the same soul wavelength as the Kishin Asura.[1]


  • The Clown's soul
  • Soul and Maka are shocked by The Clown's claimed soul

The Clown's vaguely humanoid form is constructed from a random arrangement of a twisted assortment of pipe-like structures. These objects are predominantly focused encircling the entirety of its torso, with its thin and wire-like limbs extending outwards from this mass.

Upon its defeat by Maka and Soul, The Clown's soul at first resembles most souls, then explodes open like a Jack in the Box with an accordion neck and a look resembling the Clown itself, with thick lips, tall teeth, a circular right eye, and a squinting left eye. Upon exploding, the soul turns into ribbons, confetti, and doves, as if it were a magician's trick.[2]

After its previous destruction, the Clown's appearance changed drastically from its original conception. This was demonstrated when its new form finally emerged in Chapter 61. It still bears a largely human shape but the "pipes" have altered significantly (likely because he is no longer in the factory, meaning his form may change depending on environment), drastically altering its overall visual. It also appeared that the Clown had gained a considerable amount of bulk and physical build, however, this version was swiftly rejected and replaced with a sleeker incarnation that is more reminiscent of its former self.

Considering its power, its soul is unusually small, featuring the same three eyes as the kishin and four arm-like extensions protruding outwards from its center. The Clown's appearances changes in one after another.


The Clown appears to be very playful but it is a strong fighter, with many of its attacks revolving around trying to draw any opponent into madness through fear. To do so, it uses its soul, which is able to draw in and absorb everything.

Just as with the Flying Dutchman, it is able to exert some control over the factory, making pipes appear and directing their movements.


  • The Clown attacking using its nose
  • The Clown attacks with Clown Machine Gun
  • The Clown attacks with Clown Lariat
  • The Clown attempts to encase Maka with Magnified Infection

The Clown is able to remove its nose and instantaneously replace it with a new one, which allows it to conduct numerous attacks making use of this facial feature. One of these techniques multiplies the nose numerous times before subsequently throwing them. Each nose can ricochet many times, making it difficult to avoid the attack.

The rest of its demonstrated abilities focus upon the unique composition of its soul, in the production of multiple "arms", that can be manipulated in order to drag victims deeper into madness.

  • Clown Lariat: This attack was never finished as the Clown's arm is cut by Maka while he was performing it. However, it can be assumed that this attack consists of the Clown using his horn-shaped arm to hit his enemy very violently and send him to fly in the air, but this is only a supposition.
  • Clown Machine Gun: Upon removing its nose, rounds of fire explode out of its nose, capable of burning its surroundings
  • Infection and Magnified Infection: The Clown can release tendrils out of its body, resembling Asura's eyes, which can stab into a person's body and very soul, or encase the body of that opponent.


The Flying DutchmanEdit

Main article: Flying Dutchman He appears to watch over the factory where the Clown originated from and even provided advice to it when it decided to confront Maka, not that it took much heed in his words.

Justin LawEdit

Main article: Justin Law The Flying Dutchman confirms that, before Maka investigated the factory, Justin was "the other one" that fell under the Clown's influence, perhaps during Justin's long absence from the series after the battle for Brew. The connection between Justin and the Clown is so strong that the Death Scythe renounces his previous faith in Shinigami and instead devotes himself to Asura and the Clown.


Main article: Asura Asura created The Clowns, and the First Clown that Maka fought appears to be a loyal servant to the Kishin.

Part in the StoryEdit

The ClownEdit

Located at a Borscht Seven Factory in Russia, the Clown first appeared when it faced Liz and Patty after they accepted an extracurricular lesson to solve an incident taking place there. After being abandoned by Death the Kid, who struggled to find a "suitable" entrance into the factory due to his obsessive compulsions, Maka, Soul, and Blair are forced to search the building alone. During their search, they are ambushed by the Flying Dutchman, but Blair saves the group and follows the escaping Dutchman. It is at this point that the Clown is first mentioned, being stated as "the one who will give the people their freedom." The Clown appears before the Dutchman, who warns it not to attack as it cannot capture the Anti-Demon Wavelength meister Maka so easily.

The Clown disregards the Dutchman's advice, introducing itself to Maka anyway. Maka senses the similarity between the Clown's soul and that of Asura's, but how this one was small yet absorbing and sucking in everything. Before she can deduce anymore, the Clown attacks and a large battle ensues. Eventually the Clown's soul begins to effect Maka and she is sucked into its madness. Any efforts to save her are blocked as pipes surround the pair. Maka is forced to see visions of the deaths of her friends and family, in an attempt to drag her deeper into the madness. Due to the influence of Soul's wavelength, Maka's courage allows her to break free of the illusions.

This new found courage causes her abilities to evolve and now being faced with Majin Hunt, even at full strength, the Clown's abilities are no match. It is eventually defeated but before its soul can be consumed disappears in a shower of ribbons.
Soul Eater Chapter 61 - Justin and the Clown

One of the Clown's new appearances, as it stands behind Justin Law

Tying Things Up, and New BeginningsEdit

It was thought that the Clown was dead but when Justin reappeared under the influence of madness, it too is shown, appearing with Justin but in a completely reformed yet different body. It was unknown whether this reformed Clown was real, as it may just be within Justin's mind but he does thank it for its guidance so far, suggesting the two have been together for a while before this event.


The Clown is seen when Justin makes his entrance through the use of a sheet of paper from The Book of Eibon. The Clown is then seen whistling as Justin and Giriko argue.

Abyss, Uncleanliness, DarknessEdit

Justin Law and the Clown appear together to confront Medusa in the middle of her concealed observation of the experiment involving Crona and The Black Clown. While Justin scolds Medusa for insulting the Kishin with her ambomination of an artificial clown and promises to show her "the real fear of insanity", the Clown proceeds to fuse with his partner using the process of Insanity Fusion. The pairs recently merged guillotine-like body, easily captures Medusa and begins preparations for her apparent execution.

Love TriangleEdit

The Clown was still in Armor form on Justin and appears inside Justin's mind.


After Noah died, Asura appeared on the Moon with a lot of Clowns.



The Clown's new appearance

The Clown, in a new appearance, appeared alongside Justin after seeing Crona's madness increase.


Justin and the Clown as a helmet reappears and still fighting against Tezca until Justin kills Tezca.

The MoonEdit

Justin and Clown meet their end via Stein.


  • The "Dōkeshi" may be a reference to the Dōkeshi inside of Atsushi Ōkubo's earlier manga B.Ichi.
  • The Clown is similar to the clowns from the anime, having a close to identical appearance with each other.
  • Although this respective Clown is of particular note within the series, due largely to its involvement with both Maka Albarn and Justin Law, there are in actuality numerous other Clowns in existence that are seemingly formed in a very similar manner, as demonstrated in Chapter 81 where a great multitude of these creatures were observed, apparently generated by the intense concentration of madness surrounding the Kishin Asura.

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