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A Clown (道化師, Dōkeshi; also "Pierrot"[1]) is a being which is the very embodiment of the contagion of Madness and the physical form of fear itself.[2]



Soul Eater Chapter 95 - Clowns reborn

A team of Clowns with varying appearances.

Despite the uniformity in each individual Clown's purpose and ability, their actual appearance varies greatly between them, with the only visible exception being that they all possess a vaguely humanoid structure in their stature. The remainder of their bodies are seemingly composed from a random assortment of items, which is as distinctive as each particular Clown.[3]


Soul Eater Chapter 94 - Kaguya reforms Clowns

Kaguya reforming Clowns from their deceased bodies.

After an ample amount of time has passed in which Madness becomes rampant, there are two processes in which Clowns are created. One process requires the use of a factory such as the Borscht Seven Factory, which is a crib of Madness and is used to create Clowns.[4] Another method is possible in which another Clown can reassemble the torn and burned remains of previously killed Clowns, reforming them into orbs topped with flames. The orbs then lift to reveal stalks underneath them digging into the surface, eventually forming into another Clown.[5]

Soul WavelengthEdit

The Clowns, although differing in appearance and size, seem to have the same Soul Wavelength as Kishin Asura according to Maka Albarn.[6]

Man-Made ClownEdit

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Each Clown has its own individual and unique abilities (including even Magic[7]). However, all Clowns have the same abilities such as:

  • Infinite Propagation (無限増殖, Mugen zōshoku): This capability allows Clowns to reform themselves after death. This capability allows them to spawn infinitely, so long as they're connected to Asura's Madness Wavelength (Madness of Fear) as well as a fellow Clown is around to perform this special ability.[8]
  • Madness Infection (狂気感染, Kyōki Kansen): With the use of their Soul Wavelength, a Clown can draw others into Madness (specifically, the Madness of Fear) and infect them.[9]
  • Madness Fusion (狂気融合, Kyōki Yūgō): A special ability that allows clowns to merge with one another to form a more powerful entity.[10]


Soul Eater Chapter 102 - Soul Protect Bullets encase Clowns

Clowns' regeneration blocked by Protect bullets.

Rebuffing Infinite Propagation is possible with the Soul Protect spell allied as "Protect Bullets", as it is capable of cutting off the connection of Asura's Madness Wavelength from a Clown[11][12] However, Eruka Frog stated such a feat isn't possible with one or two witches and requires a team.[13][14]

In addition, though not explicitly mentioned, the Madness from Asura's Wavelength, which the Clowns feed off of, could potentially be blocked by the Madness of Order due to the fact that even Asura states the unique Madness from a True God of Death can counteract his own.[15]

List of ClownsEdit

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