The Clown Army were an army of various Clowns and allies to the Kishin, Asura, who were tasked with protecting him from powerful forces such as DWMA.[1] With the help of the Witch Order, DWMA later exterminates the army.[2]


The War on the Moon ArcEdit

War on the Moon ArcEdit

War on the Moon II ArcEdit


Members of the ClownsEdit

Name Position Status


As the name implies, most of the army consists of Clowns that were created by Asura's Madness Wavelength and exist to serve and protect the Kishin. Three Clowns have been seen to be able to lead the army.

Name Position Status
KaguyaLeading FigureDeceased
MoonlightLeading FigureDeceased
White RabbitLeading FigureDeceased
The ClownMemberDeceased
Spider ClownMember Deceased
Elephantine ClownMemberDeceased
Jester ClownMember Deceased
Colossus ClownMember Deceased
Female ClownMember Deceased
Three-Face ClownMember Deceased

Kishin WorshippersEdit

Though the majority of the army consists of only Clowns, it has been seen that some of those who worship Asura as a god join the army to assist the Kishin in his goals and protect him.

Name Position Status
Justin LawMemberDeceased
Flying DutchmanMemberDeceased


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