Conan the Great (コナン・ザ・グレート, Konan za Gurēto), also referred to as Heaven's Strike: Conan the Great and The Invincible Conan the Great, is a technique used in the Mode: Uncanny Sword transformation by Black☆Star.[1]


Both the anime and manga slightly execute the technique differently.

In the manga, the technique appears as a simple, downward arc swing.[1] In the anime, the attack is done from the air with a downward swing.[2] The effect of the attack is unknown, as it's target has been able to dodge said technique.


  • The translation of this attack in Yen Press seems to have a slight error. While both Funimation's sub and dubs have called "Conan the Great" as well as it's kanji suggesting this. Yen Press instead states "Conan the Barbarian".
  • The original name of this attack is a reference to the movie Conan the Barbarian.


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