Consecutive Soul Menace Three-Fold! "Gi" "Go" "Shoku" (連掌魂威 参極「魏」「呉」「蜀」, Renshō Kon'i - Sangoku "Gi" "Go" "Shoku") is a powerful variation of the technique, Soul Menace, created by Franken Stein.[1]


A variation of the Soul Menace attack, that instead rapidly hits an opponent three times in rapid succession. Due to the nature of the move, it makes it impossible for the target to breathe within it's duration impossible to react.[2]


  • Gi, Go, and Shoku are how Japanese refer to the Three Kingdoms of ancient China: Wei, Wu, and Shu. When Stein says "Three-Fold!", he uses the word "sangoku" in Japanese, which is a homonym for the Japanese word for "three countries/kingdom".[3]


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