DWMA's Eastern European Branch (死武専の東ヨーロッパ支部, Shibusen no Azuma Yōroppa Shibu) is a branch of Death Weapon Meister Academy in charge of Eastern Europe. It was formerly headed by the Death Scythe, Tsar Pushka.[1]


Trial Enrollment ArcEdit

Being contacted by Death Weapon Meister Academy, representatives of the Eastern European Branch inform the main branch that their respective Death Scythe was unable to make an appearance to the academy due to already being on an assignment.[2]

Mad Blood ArcEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 84 - Ukraine Black Blood

Crona's Black Blood covering a city.

The Eastern Branch is suddenly under attack by the lone Meister/Weapon duo, Crona and Ragnarok, with it's members responding and being injured and killed. Eatern Branch's head Tsar Pushka and his Meister, Feodor, respond to the attacks and enter a battle with the duo affiliated with Medusa Gorgon. With the result of Tsar and Feodor being turned into Black Blood globs, the branch later contacts DWMA as well as Maka Albarn and Soul Eater and informs them of the situation. The men transporting the globs subcumb to Madness, incuring the usage of Spartoi member Kim Diehl's Regeneration Magic to heal them out of Madness.[3]

After the mishap involving Soul Eater's madness stirred from the Black Globs, high ranking member Franken Stein then orders the Russian branch to label the threat level of the Black Globs from "A" to "S" and lockdown the facility holding them. After, a team in the Ukraine report of a massive Black Blood Glob around the city.[4]



Consisting of those mostly of European/Russian descent, members of the DWMA Eastern European Branch consist of numerous members who possess Anti-Demon Wavelength. While not as strong as the likes of their former head Tsar or Maka Albarn, they were strong enough for them to withstand the Madness Wavelength around the Black Globes, although those who transported it succumbed to Madness.[5]


  • Helicopters: As a military force, one of the Eastern European Branch's vehicles inlcudes the likes of helicopters.[6]


Battle with Crona & RagnarokEdit

In the aftermath of the fall of Noah's Group, the Eastern Branch came under attack by both Ragnarok and Crona in which was overseen by the Witch, Medusa Gorgon. She intended for Crona to target Tsar Pushka and develop Crona's Black Blood potential. The branch defended itself with intention to take down the Demon Sword and his Meister.[1]

  • Status: Failure - The European Branch suffered a defeat, with Tsar Pushka and his Meister, Feodor, turned in Black Globs, a fate in which noted Death the Kid to "amount to murder". Combined with Crona's later attack on Ukraine as they took advantage of their victory, this causes Crona to be added to Shinigami's List.

List of membersEdit

Name Position Status
Tsar PushkaDeath Scythe in charge of Eastern Europe[1]"Deceased"
FeodorDeath Scythe's Meister[1]"Deceased"


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