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DWMA East Asia Branch (死武専東アジア支部, Shibusen Higashiajia Shibu) is a branch of Death Weapon Meister Academy that oversees all of the activities in West Asia. This branch is headed by Death Scythe, Azusa Yumi.[1]


A Fight to the Death at the Anniversary Celebration arc

Bodyguard arc

Post the resurrection of the Kishin, Arachne, and the reemergence of the organization known as Arachnophobia, the East Asia Branch located the Arachnophobia Research Facility and gather intelligence that they were creating a Demon Tool within it's walls. East Asia Branch head Azusa would assign Sid Barett and his partner, Mira Naigus, to infiltrate the facility , figure out the Demon Tool being created, it's purpose, and destroy it.[2]


Headed by Azusa Yumi to oversee all of East Asia, the branch seemingly functions as one of the central perpetrators in gathering intelligence for Death Weapon Meister Academy similar to the DWMA Central Intelligence Agency.[3]

List of members

Name Occupation Status
Azusa Yumi Death Weapon in charge of East Asia[1] Active


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