Daeth Pepper

A can of Daeth Pepper.

Daeth Pepper[1] is one of the various beverages offered in Death City. According to Tsugumi, it is a sort of juice.[2] It seems loosely based on the real life drink, Dr. Pepper. Unlike it's real counterpart that it is based off of, however, Dr. Pepper is a carbonated beverage.


As Tsugumi arrives at the DWMA, she finds that she has to walk up the academy's long staircase. As she accomplishes this task, she runs into Maka Albarn. After meeting her, Maka herself purchases the can of Daeth Pepper and leaves it for Tsugumi as well telling her welcome to the academy with a note card.[3]


Dr. Pepper can

Daeth Pepper can seems to be inspired by this design.

  • As mentioned above, this drink is based off the real life beverage, Dr. Pepper. However, it is a carbonated drink.
  • This is the drink offered to her in the manga, in which slightly differs in the anime in which she receives a can of Pepper Energy Drink.


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