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Soul Eater Chapter 113 - A new world
Dark Side of the Moon Arc
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Dark Side of the Moon is the twenty-fifth and final story arc in the manga Soul Eater.

This final story arc concludes numerous storylines of Soul Eater, as Asura is defeated for now, Death the Kid ascends to his status as full Shinigami, and Crona takes a final action to protect the world.

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Dark Side of the Moon IEdit

Maka, Black☆Star, and their weapons ready themselves as they face a familiar opponent, Crona. However, Crona is more powerful than before, as they have succeeded in absorbing the Kishin Asura.

Dark Side of the Moon IIEdit

As Crona grows stronger upon consuming Asura, Maka Albarn and Black☆Star struggle to hold their own against them. As Crona uses their madness to disrupt the soul wavelengths of their Shibusen opponents and captures Soul Eater and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, Death the Kid and Spirit Albarn try to catch up to Maka and Black☆Star's location.

Dark Side of the Moon IIIEdit

Crona's thorny attacks are too much for Maka Albarn and Black☆Star to bypass to rescue their weapons, Soul Eater and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, who are trapped by Crona's Rose Thorns Storm. As neither meister can wield a weapon because Crona disrupted their soul wavelengths, Spirit Albarn demands Maka wield him and successfully rescues Soul and Tsubaki. Upon learning that a child can wield their parent's weapon form regardless of wavelength disruption, Crona becomes overwhelmed by guilt for killing their mother, Medusa. From within Crona's body, Asura uses this opportunity to reassert control, re-emerging and consuming Crona.

Dark Side of the Moon IVEdit

As Crona is overtaken by Asura, Maka, Black☆Star, Kid and their weapons start their final battle with the Kishin, Asura.

Dark Side of the Moon VEdit

The Kishin reveals significant information about Death the Kid that turns this war on the Moon into a battle between Shinigami.

Dark Side of the Moon VIEdit

Soul Evans unleashes the power of Black Blood to strengthen his teammates against Asura. While Death the Kid doubts his ability to emerge as a full Shinigami against the Kishin, Maka Albarn and their teammates encourage him. With their faith in him, Kid begins to connect the last Line of Sanzu.

Dark Side of the Moon VIIEdit

Death the Kid assumes his full power as a Shinigami, not without the loss of one of his loved ones. Even with this new power, however, Asura remains a powerful opponent, which may lead to the death of another of Kid's peers.

Dark Side of the Moon VIIIEdit

Black Blood saves Maka Albarn's life, as well as empowering her and Soul Eater. With their Shibusen peers and unlikely allies in Eruka, Free, and even Gopher, Maka is able to attack Asura directly so to enter him and save her friend Crona.

Dark Side of the Moon IXEdit

Shibusen's war against the Kishin ends in this, the penultimate chapter to Soul Eater! Maka Albarn slices into Asura until she and Soul are within him, locating Crona. As a plan is proposed to defeat the Kishin, teachers, classmates, friends, and family will be sacrificed to stop Asura's madness.

Final Chapter: A Sound Soul Dwells in a Sound Mind and a Sound BodyEdit

In the aftermath of the battle on the Moon, Death the Kid realizes what his ascension as a Shinigami entails when it comes to negotiating peace with the witches, and the fate of his father. As life in Death City changes upon the defeat of the Kishin, Maka Albarn, Soul Eater, and their friends face a new world: it's an unpredictable future, but that's what makes it so exciting.

Notable InstancesEdit

  • Having consumed the Book of Eibon and with it BREW, Crona uses the demon tool's power and the Black Blood of themselves, Asura, and Soul Eater to trap themselves and Asura within a Black Blood barrier now surrounding the Moon. Crona's influence on the Black Blood causes a spread of Madness around the Earth, assuming the form of a Madness of Breasts out of Crona's desire for maternal affection.
  • Death the Kid connects all three Lines of Sanzu, ascending as a full Shinigami. As only one Shinigami can exist at any time, Death dies, and Kid assumes the role as the new leader of Shibusen.
  • The treaty between the Witches and Shibusen persists, with the new Shinigami, Kid, intending to have Kim Diehl aid in negotiating additional terms. With this treaty, Kid also announces witches will no longer be hunted, making Soul Eater the last of the Death Scythes.
  • Soul submits his annual paperwork for his name change, reverting to his birth name, Soul Evans.
  • Maka's Black Blood Dress gains two new designs. First, it is now with bare shoulders and has more frills. Second, upon exiting Asura's body, as BREW and Asura rip the Black Blood out of her dress, her outfit is now all white.
  • Soul's body is now likely free of the Black Blood, as all of the blackness is removed from Maka's Black Blood Dress. As well, upon Maka's exit from Asura, the Black Room is seen crumbling, as the Little Ogre claims he will now be lonely.
  • This chapter reveals that Asura is a fragment of Death, hence Asura and Kid are siblings. While the reveal occurs in Chapter 108, it is foreshadowed earlier in the manga and within this arc.
  • Kid and Maka inadvertently use their Soul Perception to discover that Marie is pregnant with Stein's child. Stein reveals that he learned of Marie's pregnancy before the mission to the Moon and could not convince her to turn down the mission. Marie's pregnancy was foreshadowed in an earlier arc, in which Stein asks Marie to leave the Moon battle as he strokes her abdomen, then avoids Spirit's suggestion that Stein start his own family.[1]
  • Crona sacrifices themselves to sealing Asura with the Black Blood on the Moon and "BREW", becoming a Kishin from "BREW"'s power-up as a result.


  • In the Yen Press English translation of Chapter 108, Excalibur tells Death, "The retired soldier never dies, he just wastes away." This remark is similar to a ballad that United States five-star general Douglas MacArthur quotes in his 1951 farewell address to Congress upon his retirement: "Old soldiers never die; they just fade away." In Japan, MacArthur is well known for leading the United States military against Japanese military forces during World War II, where he accepted Japan's defeat and, during the United States' occupation of Japan from 1945 to 1951, led numerous changes to Japan in economics, politics, and society.[2]
  • Crona says, "My soul was devoured by this darkness...I am soul eaten," giving a new dimension to the series' name "Soul Eater."
  • The title to the final chapter is the same as the line narrated by Maka Albarn at the beginning of each episode to the anime Soul Eater. This title is also a fill-in-the-blank question in the Ultimate Written Exam from Chapter 12 and Episode 14.
  • The final chapter alludes to the very first chapters of the manga, especially when it comes to fan service in this first and last chapters: Blair induces a nosebleed in Soul, Black☆Star spies on Tsubaki bathing, and Kid gropes the Thompsons' breasts.


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