Darkness Discord
Technique Data
English Title
Romaji Dākunesu Disukōdo
Katakana 蠢ク闇夜
Alternate Title(s)
Type Sound
Derived Magic
Element Sound
User(s) 400 Years Old Mosquito
Class Attack
Real World Data
Manga Debut 52
Anime Debut
I'll destroy you from the inside with my sonic waves!!

Mosquito, Chapter 52

Darkness Discord (蠢ク闇夜 Dākunesu Disukōdo in Japanese literally translating into The Squirming Dark Night) is an attack that can only be used by Mosquito while he has obtained his Form from 400 years ago from the Manga. To conduct this attack, Mosquito must first set up a formation with the entirety of his 'bats' that surrounds the opponent, forming a circular seal known simply as Formation (陣 Jin) that contains Mosquito's name and multiple musical notes as well as other magic symbols.

His bats then proceed to engulf the enemy in a towering vortex, attacking them from all sides with powerful ultra-sonic waves, that inflict incredible amounts of internal damage. As the high-pitched sounds only effect the opponent on the inside. From the outside, it only looks like a towering black tornado.

The attack itself is made extremely hard to escape from after being trapped due to its composition of eight-thousand bats, as only when a significant number have been successfully damaged will it force Mosquito to stop the attack.