The Deadly Demon Weapon (魔凶器, Makyōki) is the Demon Weapon transformation of Giriko.


The Demon Lethal Weapon appears as a simple giant chainsaw with a red body and gray middle.[1] When battling Maka Albarn within the Sloth Chapter of the Book of Eibon, Giriko also transforms into an instrument that more closely resembles a buzzsaw than a chainsaw, with the blades appearing like sharp energy rather than actual blades. This weapon form also includes upon it a symbol resembling the masks worn by his former colleagues in Arachnophobia.[2]


While acting as a traditional chainsaw, the size of the weapon makes it more difficult to block. Only those who'm are physically gifted in the durability and strength department are able to block it's attacks such as Crona and Ragnarok both out and in his Demon Sword transformation.[1] The Demon Lethal Weapon also has a Buzsaw form in which it's "blades" are energy rather then actual blades.[2]


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