A Death's Weapon (死神様の武器, Shinigami-sama no Buki), also called a Death Scythe (デス・サイズ, Desu Saizu), is a powerful Demon Weapon who is able to be wielded by Death for having consumed ninety nine evil human souls and one Witch soul.[1]


For a weapon to become a Death's Weapon, they must hunt and eat ninety-nine evil Human souls that are on Shinigami's List and one Witch soul.[2][3] In the anime, there is no list; instead, the weapons have to eat ninety-nine kishin eggs and one Witch soul.[4]

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Special AbilitiesEdit

Death's Weapons often get some variation of the same abilities in which include:

  • Magical-Like Powers (魔法的な力, Mahō Tekina Chikara): Advanced variant of Wavelength Control gained from the consumption of the Witch soul that enables for special abilties that seemingly almost resemble Magical Power.[5]
  • Shape-Shift (形体変化(けい たいへん), Kei Taihen): Shape-Shift allows a Death's Weapon to change the shape of their Weapon form. This ability is noted as not only a standard trait but also one of the most basic and can give rise to more unique techniques and abilities (i.e Maka's Wings with Soul).[5]

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