Death Cannon (デス・キャノン, Desu Kyanon) is a soul resonance technique used by Death the Kid and his Demon Twin Guns Patty and Liz.[1]


Soul Eater Episode 36 - Death Cannon (2)

Death Cannon.

By achieving soul resonance, the demon twin guns are transformed into large cannons. After the transformation, several steps are undertaken prior to the cannons being ready to be used. This entire process takes the duration of five seconds.[2]

  • Execution Mode (死刑執行モード, Shikei Shikkō Mōdo)
  • Resonance level stabilization
  • In the anime, the black needle wavelength is also charged
  • Feedback preparation

During the charging process, the user's (Death the Kid) eyes can act as scopes to "lock on" onto an opponent. It is said that anyone caught in the cross hairs are unable to escape the attack. Once the process is complete, the user (Death the Kid) can then proceed to fire wavelength bullets with incredible destructive power.[2]


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