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The Death City Robot (デス・シティーロボ, Desu shitīrobo) is a magic tool creation built by Joe Buttataki, the technology consultant of the Oceania branch. It was created as a means to allow Death to contribute to the battle against Arachnophobia due to being unable to move beyond the bounds of his soul outside Death City.[1]


The Death City Robot is a powerful demon tool, with the combine might of many other demon tools. It is controlled from the Secret Vault, in which acts as it's control room and extends even into the Death Room. Magic mirrors provide the screen, fitting the theme of Death and mirrors.[1]


  • Height: 427.31 deathmeters (meters)[2]
  • Weight: 375,664 deathtons (tons)[2]
  • Speed: Deathmach (mach) 1.3 [2]
  • Power: 4253 Death horsepower (horsepower)[2]

Special Abilities

Protective Outer Shell: The outer shell is extremely durable, able to resist the lasers from the Baba Yaga Robot in which is power by Asura's madness wavlength (in which the robot is capable of generating horsepower max to 888.[1]

Shinigami Powers (死神の力, Shinigami no Chikara): When used by Death, the Death City Robot can be taken over by the Death God. This allows him to effectively take control of entire robot.[1]

Shinigami Jets: Various jets are around the robot similarly to Death's Death God Mode, allowing it to become airborne or move faster on the ground.[1] Combined with jets, the Death City Robot can attain speeds up to (death)mach 1.3, a little over the speed of sound and is faster than both Beelzebub and the Runaway Express.[2]

Episode 47 - Death City Robot smaller hands and arms

Death City Robot's smaller hands.

Death's Gloves: The Death City Robot possess larger versions of Death's Gloves, enabling it for offensive maneuvers, grabs, and even special techniques. Additionally, each finger possess an array of smaller arms and hands to grab smaller targets. It is strong enough to hold Asura long enough to be devoured into the Death Room.[1]


Whatever damage done to the robot is felt by the pilot while hes in on the controls from the electrical feedback given due to damage.[1]


  • "BREW" ("BREW"(ブリュー), Buryū): A major component of the Death City Robot that allow it to be animated. Although it was stated that it was possible to doing so without "BREW", there was no guarantee that it would work without this Demon Tool.[1]
  • Eternal Spring (永久弾機, Eikyū Zenmai): The Eternal Spring allows the Death City Robot to possess an unlimited power source.[1]

List of techniques


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