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The Death Fest arc is the final arc in the Soul Eater Not! series. As the Death Festival commences and Tsugumi Harudori must come to a decision on which meister she is to choose, Shaula Gorgon launches a full-scale attack on Death City with her Traitors.



Manga and Anime Differences

  • This arc's order of events differ between the manga and anime versions of Soul Eater Not! Additionally, some side characters' roles in the manga are reduced or omitted in the anime adaptation.
  • Tsugumi and Anya's travel from the outskirts of Death City back to Patchwork Lab differ: whereas in the manga Tsugumi and Anya borrow Master's moped from Liz and Patty, in the anime Tsugumi gains the ability to transform into a Flying Halberd. Tsugumi uses this Flying Halberd form later to transport Anya and Meme to Shaula's location and to defeat the witch, whereas this ability is never used in the manga.
  • In the anime, some weapons appear—and in one case, even fight—in their human form, including Soul Eater, Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, and Harvar D. Eclair. In the manga, Soul and Tsubaki remain in weapon forms throughout and do not speak, and Harvar speaks but appears only in the reflection of his weapon.
  • In the manga, after lending Master's moped to Tsugumi and Anya, Liz and Patty return to Death City by unknown means and assist in disabling Traitors. In the anime, Liz and Patty ride Master's moped to the Girls' Dormitory to disable Traitors, and the anime shows the Thompsons and Kid encountering Tsugumi at the DWMA in the spring semester.
  • In the anime, Anya and Meme use Tsugumi's Flying Halberd capabilities, exclusive to the anime, to defeat Shaula by themselves. In the manga, the Trio have assistance. First, Akane, using Clay in weapon form, pushes back Shaula until she is ready to retreat. Second, as the Trio make a last strike at Shaula, the witch is distracted by the arrival of Death, Death the Kid, and all eight Death Weapons. Recognizing she cannot win against Lord Death himself, Shaula is killed by the Trio's attack.
  • The manga introduces two characters: an EAT meister named Tom, who during his duel with Ox Ford is possessed by Shaula; and Ao Hoshino, who becomes Tsugumi's temporary partner during Anya and Meme's absence from the DWMA.
  • The anime features a post-credit sequence showing Sid's resurrection from his grave at Hooks Cemetery, whereas the manga features no additional scene showing his reanimation. This stinger was featured in the Japanese broadcast but not in the Funimation United States online and home video releases.


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