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Death God Taijutsu: "Mad Crime" Stance (死神体術「狂罪」の構え, Shishin Taijutsu: "Kyōzai" no Kamae) is a further and destructive variation of Death the Kid's distinctive fighting style.


Unlike previous demonstrations of similar techniques, Kid not only needs to continually maintain the connection of a singular Line of Sanzu throughout to utilize this style but he also needs to be under the influence of madness just to initiate it.

The fighting style itself displays a brutal efficiency not observed thus far when delivering vicious blows of various natures directly to the adversary's body, regardless of what type of defense they may mount in response. This capability relies on Kid's proficient agility and dexterity with both his hands and feet, in order to fluidly launch a decisive counter-attack if any strike is blocked, while retaining the ability to fully exploit any openings that such a feat may expose. This is aptly evidenced by the fact that it even proves enough to catch Black☆Star off guard, who is a reputed close-quarter combatant, not just once but on multiple occasions.

Stance of Mad Crime Sequence

Kid demonstrates this "stance"

The style is first used when Kid confronts Black☆Star within the confines of the Book of Eibon, while he remains under the influence of the madness of the Black Mass. In this stance, after Black☆Star blocks his initial kick, Kid is able to immediately exploit this by utilizing the resultant momentum of the blow to remove his opponent's guard, before landing a devastating double-fisted strike to Black☆Star's abdomen. With his foe suitably winded, Kid anchors onto his incapacitated shoulders and rotates around to Black☆Star's rear, bringing his foot forcibly into his now exposed neck in a single graceful movement.[1]


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