Death God Taijutsu: "Punishment" Stance (死神体術「罰」の構え, Shishin Taijutsu "Batsu" no Kamae) is one of the various "stances" Kid use with his Death God Taijutsu.[1]


With one of the Lines of Sanzu connected, the user raises both of his arms up in the air, irregularly crossing them as his left goes right behind his right leg. He also momentarily looks up before looking towards his opponent. One arm is looking straight upwards while the other is bent towards the opponent. This stance also is one featuring the Demon Twin Guns.[1] The stance itself is noted it to be more defensive then the "Crime" stance.[2] It also allows him to anticipate and interpret his opponent's next move[3] and even utilize the Death Arm Blocking technique, a variant of the Death Block move his Death uses.[1]



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