Death Weapon Meister Academy, a.k.a DWMA or "Shibusen" could call it a school for heroes — an academy funded by taxes from around the world, dedicated to training meisters and their weapons in order to maintain world order. I guess you can say the people working for the DWMA are international government workers!

—Pamphlet , Soul Eater Not! Chapter 1 (Yen Press Translation)

Death Weapon Meister Academy (死神武器職人専門学校, Shinigami Buki Shokunin Senmon Gakkō) is a school founded by Death to train meisters and demon weapons, maintain world order, and prevent the uprising of another Kishin.[5][6]



Over eight hundred years ago, former Eight Shinigami Legions member Asura defected and became a Kishin, Death intervened and fought against the newly-made being. Eventually winning the battle, he skinned him alive and used the pulled skin to create a sack capable of holding both Asura's soul and Madness within him and then bound his soul to the land to suppress and seal him away from the world. Finding himself immobile beyond the bounds of his own soul, Death then created Death Weapon Meister Academy on April 2. A building was built around the sealing area and the land around his soul eventually became Death City.[7][8]

Strife with Witches

Over the course of centuries, both Death Weapon Meister Academy and the Witch Order fought one another. Many of their attacks involved creating new Spells capable of hurting Meister and Weapons within the academy, with the school coming up with another technique to counter it and vice versa. Eventually, Soul Perception was developed to detect Witches and in turn, the Witches created Soul Protect and have since used it to their advantage in attacking the DWMA.[7]

World War I

Death Weapon Meister Academy became involved in World War I at some point. In the aftermath of the war, it was mandated that a Prime Minister of Japan was to be a DWMA graduate as a requirement.[9]

Star Clan Purge

Thirteen years ago prior, the assassin clan known as the Star Clan was destroyed by the DWMA due to its avarice and exorbitant violence in it's activities. However, the DWMA and one of its members, 12-year-old Sid Barrett, allowed one survivor, who was then taken to the Death Weapon Meister Academy under their care: the infant Black☆Star.[10]

Recent Surveillance

In DWMA's recent prior activities, the academy's central intelligence branch monitored a potential young witch slip into the student body though opted to allow the witch to reveal her intentions without intervention.[11] Around this timeframe, the DWMA experiences around fifteen incident involving Traitors.[12]




At first glance, the Academy can be said to have a rather eccentric appearance, looking a bit like a large funhouse rather than a school. Standing on a large platform which can be accessed by a long line of white steps, the school is comprised of a collection of large black towers and spires patterned with white lines and the occasional Shinigami mask. The roofs of the towers are conical and bright red in colour.

Enormous candles poke out of shafts along the circumference of the buildings. Strangely, the flames of these candles never go out, and the candles never shorten. The Academy's most distinguishing feature however, are the three large Shinigami skulls lined up at the entrance. The middle skull is the largest, and sports three blood red spikes going through its eye and nose holes. The skulls on the side are smaller and have slanted eyes. The gaps between the 'teeth' of these giant skulls serves as the school's main entrances.

At the top of the school hover three strange black orbs, which may have something to do with the seal on Asura due to the way they reacted when he was released. However, it may also be due to the fact that the negative space of the sky, with the three orbs in the sky, looks like Shinigami's mask.The Academy is completely symmetrical, which immediately impresses Death the Kid upon enrolling in the school.

School Grounds

The Academy have wide balconies for students to access. When he was partnered with Hero, Excalibur took over the space of one balcony to house a restroom, covered with a giant bird sculpture.[13] The grounds in front of the entrance are used as a makeshift battleground for training fights between students.

Second Campus, School Gardens

  • Meisters practice in garden

The Second Campus includes lush green gardens with many trees to surround the Academy, making this location a perfect place for various students to train individually or in Chain Resonance teams. '


The Academy is quite large and grand, containing many long corridors with arched ceilings, lamps, and lit candles to light paths and staircases. The corridors also have round windows looking out onto school grounds.

The Academy is infamous for its complicated, labyrinthian design, with winding corridors, many passageways, and long staircases, including the long staircase leading up to the school itself. This design is on purpose, as the goal of Academy is to improve its students' strength in body, mind, and soul, even in everyday school life.[14]

Special Locations

  • Death Room: This room is where Death dwells. This location also serves for him to meet with students and staff about their missions, whether in person or through his mirror. Death sometimes inhabits the mirror, which can be used for transportation for him between locations in Death City,[15] to communicate with meisters, and as an observation screen.
  • Extracurricular Office: The office where members of the Extracurricular Lesson Solicitation Committee work. Outside the office is the Mission Bulletin where meisters and weapons get their missions to hunt evil people and gather evil souls (kishin eggs in the anime to make their weapons into death scythes. Descriptions of each mission are written on cards and placed on the bulletin. Students are free to pick which mission they want, but the missions can have special requirements written on them as well, like the ability to sense souls. Near the bulletin is the Reception. Here, E.A.T. students may take mission cards taken from the Bulletin to the receptionist, who checks whether those students are viable for the mission before assigning the mission to those students.[16]
  • Special Tutoring Room One: The Academy also has special classrooms for tutoring. For a special Sunday class for Maka and Soul, Stein decorated the room with lit aromatic candles, whose scent is made to agitate anyone who smells it so that Meister and Weapon partners may overcome their differences to create a stronger Soul Resonance. The naming of one facility as "Room One" suggests that there are multiple Special Tutoring rooms.[17]
  • Information Management Room: A confidential room only allowed by staff and highly trusted members of the DWMA, this is where all confidential information is stored, such as files on past incidents regarding beings such as witches and the kishin.
  • Sid meets with students in Headquarters
  • Witch Counter Measure Headquarters
  • Sid calls Stein
  • Meme reads books
  • Anti-Witch Headquarters: Hidden in the Academy's labyrinthian structure, this locked room is headquarters for Sid Barrett and other members of Central Intelligence to research all topics pertaining to witches and their history. This room contains numerous pieces of information about witches, including cases suspected or confirmed to have witches involved. As this room is a secret not known to many students at the Academy, it is also known to outside parties as only the Research Room.[18][19][20][21] As this room is located away from the more popular rooms of the Academy and is locked. The room is identified by a door with a ceiling-to-floor-length skull symbol resembling that of Death's mask and found throughout Death City.[20]
  • Sealed Shrine: The shrine located deep underground containing the sealed Kishin Asura. Long and surprisingly grand corridors lead up to the shrine, with various ominous-looking statues with an eye theme, befitting Asura's three eyes. Most of it, for some unknown reasons, are in ruins. The shrine itself is a large room with a great shintai, or statue of worship, which, due to Asura's madness, has turned into a twisted statue resembling Asura. In front of the shrine is the large bag of skin with three eyes emblazoned on it bound up by chains with exorcist charms containing Asura. Because Asura's madness is so strong, even though he is sealed away, people who are even near the shrine can sense his madness.

Other Locations


Managed by the Librarian, this expansive room, at least three floors tall, has bridges connecting the opposite sides of each floor to store numerous shelves housing numerous books. The Library includes desks for study, with lit torches to read by light and lamps in the shape of Death's mask, and a mirror for contacting the Death Room.[26][27][28]

The Library follows a rule which restricts some students to only be able to look at a limited number of books in the Library. The books are divided into four categories: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4. Meisters up to Two Stars in rank can have access to Level 1 books, but cannot have access to Level 2 books, which can be read by Three Star Meisters. Level 3 books can only be accessed by staff and the highest rank, Level 4, can only be available to Senior Meisters or Death Scythes. However, exceptions can be made, as an initially one-star meister such as Death the Kid could access Level 4 books because he is a Shinigami.

Although focusing on books related to studies of souls, courses lessons for meisters and weapons, and the history of dangerous magic and technology, the library is like almost any other one with its inclusion of a broad range of readings. Items at the library include comic books and books on music.[26]

The Librarian works from behind a central desk, with additional books held in shelves below the desk.[28]

  • A the DWMA Classroom
  • Stein at the front of the class
  • Marie and students depressed
  • Empty classroom
  • Back of the lecture hall

Main article: Class Crescent Moon Like the hallways and general size of the Academy as a whole, the classrooms are also spacious, resembling lecture halls with pitched floors, conjoined desks, and in the center a blackboard and the teacher's desk. Windows in the back of the rooms provide a view of the grounds.

It seems that students have free access to the classrooms, even outside lessons. Stein used one classroom for additional lessons for Black☆Star with the Kyūkon Water, and Maka and Marie Mjolnir used an empty classroom to give Crona a tour of the Academy.


The area where sick or injured Meisters and Weapons are treated. While physicians such as Mira Naigus and previously Dr. Medusa work here, Franken Stein is known to assist as well, especially with operations such as responding to Soul Eater's chest injury at the hands of Crona. '

The dispensary is a typical hospital room with several beds, an examining room, and a doctor's office. The dispensary includes a medicine storage room, although its messiness outrages Death the Kid, who has at least once struggled to organize the room.[29] The hospital ward is decorated with health posters.

Running Track
  • Running track
  • Running track
  • Running Track

There is a running track located outside the school building used for Physical Education classes and exams.

Shower Rooms
  • Girls' Showers

The Academy has shower rooms for students to use after Physical Education classes and missions. These showers appear like almost any other one, with tiled floors and walls, pipes along the walls, and drainage holes, except that showerheads and faucets are in the shapes of skulls, with similar skull logos appearing on students' towels. The girls' shower room includes a large Venus female symbol with a skull at its top on the entrance, as well as stool benches with tubs, clothes, and soaps in front of low-to-the-floor faucets and mirrors.[30]

  • Dojo

The Academy also has its own dojo for sparring matches between where students, both meisters and weapons, with Mira Naigus as referee.

Dance Studio

Not really used for dancing, this room is usually used for beginner Meisters and their Weapons to improve their combat skills. The room is wide and spacious in order for plenty of movement for more than one person, and has some side benches and a locker area and changing rooms.

Shooting Range
  • Shooting Range targets
  • Patty practices

For students wielding gun-type weapon partners, there is also a shooting range to improve their marksmanship skills. The targets are made to look like Kishin with Asura's three eye markings painted on them. Posters at the facility show more information about the painted targets and where head shots can be completed.


The school has a large cafeteria providing the students with food during the school day. It has a rich menu, serving meals from all around the world.


In the anime, the Academy has a kitchen for making small meals, including beverages such as coffee.[22]


The restrooms are quite spacious and lavish, with gold-colored faucets and cloth towels. However, at least one toilet has been destroyed by Marie Mjolnir due to complicated details about her marriage desires. Some teachers and students, such as Sid and Maka, use the mirrors in the restrooms to contact Shinigami in the Death Room.

  • Soul stands at his locker
  • Request letters fall from Soul's locker

Lockers are also seen in some parts of the corridors. In Soul's case, Meisters (all female) constantly send request letters into his locker for him to be their partner when he becomes a Death Scythe, much to his chagrin. A few lockers are decorated with stickers.


For students who do not live in rented accommodation, the Academy provides grand, luxurious dormitories. These accommodations are separated into single-sex dormitories, each run by a superintendent. The dormitories provide basic living facilities, but any other luxuries and food need to be paid for by the students.

The girls' dormitory is known for their luxurious layout, with furniture from the 1800s and Meissen crockery.[31] Rooms include a living room with a television set,[32] a fully stocked kitchen,[31] and a bathhouse.[31][33]

Bedrooms tend to house two to three students,[31] although when a student is ill, she is transferred to a separate contagion room, if space is available.[34]

No pets are permitted in the dormitory,[35] although a tanuki[35] or a bat[36][37][38] has been found inside. Kim Diehl also seems to have a pet dog, although it is unclear where she keeps this pet.[36]

Students use the backyard for gardening,[39] weapons practice and sparring practice,[40] and various games such as baseball.[16][41] A bamboo fence is placed outside the bathhouse, and the space just outside the bathhouse hosts a bamboo garden.[33]

Like the rest of Death City, the girls' dormitory is decorated for Halloween.[39][42]

Overnight Rooms

Located in the underground of the DWMA, this visitor residence is where Crona stays while attending the DWMA. Since the rooms are underground, they lack a home-like atmosphere, with stone walls, a bed and table and a basin as well as a barred window. While Crona's room initially had a smile painted onto a bed pillow, posters, and even Death-looking birds on the windowsill, this room was likely located above ground due to the view of the moonlight sky outside its window.

Dungeon and Torture Chamber
  • the DWMA Torture Room

Although it is not used much, the DWMA does have its own dungeon for holding various prisoners. The dungeon includes an interrogation room and a torture chamber.[43]


Death Weapon Meister Academy serves a multitude of purposes; it exists to teach individuals from when they're young, as well as supervise them, to ensure the prevention of another Kishin rising[44] and maintain world order.[45] In addition, it is to teach Demon Weapons to control their power in an effort to prevent their power from accidentally hurting others as well as for them to properly integrate into society.[46]


Death Weapon Meister Academy is ran by the headmaster, though is supported by trusted instructors and faculty members within the school.


In the Academy, there are two general advancement curriculum. These curriculum decide the purpose of both the student body and teachers present in the school:\

  • Normally Overcome Target Class: The curriculum for non-combatants teachers and students. Ninety percent of the students in the DWMA make up and follow this curriculum.[47]
  • Especially Advantaged Talent Class: The curriculum that involves the students and teachers to use their power to fight against evil. The last 10% of the student body make up and follow this curriculum.[48]

Rules & Punishments

Soul Eater Episode 39 HD - Lord Death hears about Crona

An academy agreement.

Per being a school, there's various rules unique to the academy. In the anime, students who join the academy sign an academy agreement document in which lists out the rules and stipulations of joining the DWMA. Violation of it leads to expulsion and exceptions are rarely made, as the headmaster view doing so as undermining the stability of the academy.[49] Known rules include:

  • If two students are dueling on school grounds, at least one of the faculty members must be present to witness.[1]
  • Taking souls not on Shinigami's List is forbidden.[1]
  • Over-hunting souls is forbidden.[1]
  • An execution order from the headmaster is needed to actively hunt a witch.[12]
  • Rule #118: In the event of an emergency, students are allowed to walk into the Death Room without permission.[50]
  • Meisters and weapons cannot undertake extracurricular activities without their partners.[51]

Both the headmaster and experienced teachers of the academy are capable of expelling students .[52] Acts that result in expulsion include:


Position Responsibilities
HeadmasterThe headmaster has perhaps the most power in the entire school. A headmaster seems responsible for the student register,[55] has the ability to decide whether or not students should take a remedial class,[56] and supervises student progress[56] as well as make the final decisions on the lessons that are taken.[57] It seems that the position of headmaster is exclusive to those who are Reapers, in which includes the new headmaster even adopting the "Shinigami-sama" title, which was addressed to Death in a form of respect.[3] There's a special ceremony in which is known as the New Shinigami Coronation in which a new Reaper is officially known as the new headmaster of Death Weapon Meister Academy.[3]
InstructorIn the academy, it seems that all individuals who teach classes, especially those who teach within the EAT Curriculum, are known as three-star meisters/weapons and are highly ranked[56] They're responsible for teaching the class the subject in question and have a variety of responsibilities; Teachers seem to have a responsibility of taking attendances though may skip doing so.[56] However, when taking attendance, there's also a grade in which they can input depending on how a student behaves (their "Evaluation").[56] The lowest grade for this is "E", in which means "Evil".[56] They're also responsible for teaching the class and are able to do so however they see fit.[56] However, when urged by the headmaster, they abide by his wishes.[57] Teachers are allowed to formally discipline the students, whether it be physical or giving them a chore to do.[58]
Dormitory SuperintendentDormitory superintendents are staff members who reside within the various dormitories of the DWMA, implied to have the responsbility of managing and taking care of the building, including its students.[59] They also seem to have access to official files of the school, though may not have sensitive information on higher-up faculty members such as Sid Barrett.[60]
ReceptionistThe receptionist is the person in charge of managing the quests that can be undertaken by the DWMA's EAT Class students. Their main priority is organizing the tasks by rank (using a 1 to 3 star ranking). In addition to that, they also manage Committee members, teaching them how to do some of the receptionist duties. Overall, the Receptionist's main task is being the individual who allows and disallows quests to certain individuals.[61]
School Health Doctor/Interim School NurseWithin the academy, the DWMA also retains staff members in which are especially equipped in dealing with medical assistance. Those held in these position are seen as important, holding sensitive medical information and files on students within the school.[62] The Medical positions is held in high regard, with those in DWMA and Death City alike being familar with those who hold such positions.
LibrarianThe librarian is the person who has to take care of the immense library within the school building. This includes regular library work, but the librarian is also to act as gatekeeper for the four levels of books. All students and personnel have access to Level 1 books, but higher levels require higher ranks. The librarian is to make sure no one leaves with books that are above their station.[63] Occasionally, the librarian receives assistance from students.[64]



There's a number of branches within Death Weapon Meister Academy dedicated to specific tasks, which are located throughout the world.

Branch/Divisions Leader Status
DWMA Central Intelligence AgencySid Barrett & Mira NaigusActive
DWMA's Eastern European BranchNoneActive
DWMA Western Europe BranchNoneActive
DWMA Oceania BranchAzusa YumiActive
DWMA East Asia BranchAzusa YumiActive
DWMA West Asia BranchJinn GallandActive
DWMA South America BranchTezca TlipocaActive
DWMA Africa BranchDengu DingaActive
Airborne DivisionUnknownActive


Death the Kid Student ID Card

ID Cards in which EAT Class operatives possess.

Many members can attain military and/or ordinary, organizational rank such as captain, general, chief, etc. It can be assumed these rankings are attained based on experience and capability[65] while the N.O.T Class follow ordinary, school-leveling. With students being from Freshmen to Senior and staff members and instructors being up in the hierarchy of the school.[66] Instructors can even access Level 3 books within the DWMA library.[67]

By far the most powerful ranking of the DWMA comes from all it's E.A.T-Level operatives and the entire E.A.T Class. This is done via a star ranking system presented with a ID Card of a member of the E.A.T Class.[56]

Star Ranking/Titles Privileges
Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Star
  • Access library materials at Level 1[68]
  • Perform 1 Star Ranked Missions
Soul Eater Wiki Icon - StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - Star
  • Access materials at both Level 1[68]
  • Perform 2 Star Ranked Missions
Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Star Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Star Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Star
  • Access materials at Level 1 & 2 (student)[68]
  • Access materials up to Level 3 (instructors) [68]
  • Access materials up to Level 4 (Death's Weapons and few Elite Meisters)[68]
Death's Family Three-Star Privileges

Threat Levels

Death Weapon Meister Academy's threat level is arranged in letters starting from "D","C","B","A", and finally "S", the highest and most severe ranking. The only known "S"-level threat was Crona's making of the black globes with black blood due to it's madness-inducing effects.[69][70]

Student Life


Episode 1 (NOT!) - Tsugumi exporing the halls of DWMA

Students within the academy.

There seems to be some sort of unknown age requirement for joining the DWMA,[71] However, it seems that the those even in middle school in grade are eligible to join the DWMA.[72] Individuals even as young as twelve years old may join the academy. In the anime, prior to joining the academy, students must sign an Academy agreement that specifies that students must follow it's rules.[73]

Upon joining the DWMA, the student starts in the Normally Overcome Target Class and attempt to find a Meister/Demon Weapon partner. Various social events are held such as a "Feeling Partner" game to further assist them in finding a partner.[45]

Housing and Living Expenses

While not in lessons, students live either in rented apartments or school dormitories (first year students are required to stay in dormitories as part of their joining the school). Each student receives a "weekly allowance" of $200. However, if for some reason, they spend all of it, they will not be able to get any more money until the next week.[74] Because of the large amount of students that end up penniless, many shops in Death City cater for students wanting to work part-time to earn money.[74]


Death City has various part-time job shifts available for students, especially those who have spent all their weekly allowances from the DWMA. Jobs offered to the DWMA students are paid by the day due to the high job demand of penniless students seeking employment. Students seeking part-time work must submit an employment form to the DWMA.[75]

Jobs include waitress at Deathbucks Café, delivery at Death Shipping, cleaning the city's community pool, and working at other positions at Death Records, Restaurant Munehisa, and drugstores.[76]


  • Uniform tops and bottoms
  • Reception uniforms

The DWMA is a academy in which has no set uniform. However, there are a variety of preset uniforms one can choose from, and one can match any top with any bottom. While a student within the academy can select the uniforms and switch around match to their liking, they're also allowed to wear their own clothes.[77]

Students have additional uniforms specific to certain tasks, whether related to schooling, such as for physical education classes, dojo training, and extracurricular work at the Reception, or related to military missions, such as the Spartoi uniforms. Students working in Reception wear dark knee-length pants, light-colored high-length socks and light-colored shoes, checkerboard vests with ties held by skull brooches, and pill hats. These Reception vests also include skull-shaped belts on the back to provide a slimmer figure and curves to female employees. Dojo uniforms include a gii with dark pants, shoes if desired, and headbands if desired with skull logos. Physical education uniforms are similar for both male and female students. Students wear sleeveless shirts and gym shorts, with a zipped-up warm-up jacket featuring a skull logo on the breast and on the jacket's back. Spartoi uniforms vary across all members but are united in by color scheme and the Spartoi logo on some uniforms.[78]

Stage Names

Eternal Feather - -6

Stage Name change form

In addition, the DWMA is a rather special school in that students may actually change their names upon entering into a stage name. Once a student has changed their name, they are stuck with the same name for a minimum of two years. Some examples include Eternal Feather and Soul Eater.[79]

List of members

Name(s) Occupation Branch(es) Status
Death the KidHeadmasterNoneActive
Franken SteinInstructorE.A.T ClassActive
Akane☆HoshiDWMA-CIA agentE.A.T Class & DWMA-CIAActive
Clay SizemoreDWMA-CIA agentE.A.T Class & DWMA-CIAActive
Spirit AlbarnDeath ScytheE.A.T ClassActive
Dr. MedusaNurseNoneFired
Joe ButtatakiInternal InvestigatorNoneDeceased
FeodorDeath Scythe's PartnerDWMA's Eastern European BranchDeceased
AlexandreDeath Scythe's PartnerDWMA Africa BranchActive
EnriqueDeath Scythe's PartnerDWMA South America BranchActive
ZubaidahDeath Scythe's PartnerDWMA West Asia BranchActive
Marie MjolnirInstructor & Death ScytheE.A.T ClassActive
SofiaOwl Tour Guide & StewardessNoneActive
AuntieReceptionist & SoldierAirborne DivisionDeceased
Mira NaigusInstructor, various othersDWMA-CIA, various othersActive
Sid BarrettAssassin, various othersDWMA-CIAActive
Azusa YumiDeath Scythe, various othersDWMA East Asia Branch, various othersActive
Justin LawDeath Scythe, various othersDWMA Western Europe BranchDefected
Dengu DingaDeath Scythe, various othersDWMA Africa BranchActive
Jinn GallandDeath Scythe, various othersDWMA West Asia BranchActive
Tsar PushkaDeath Scythe, various othersDWMA's Eastern European BranchDeceased
Tezca TlipocaDeath Scythe, various othersDWMA South America BranchActive

Student Body

Name(s) Curriculum Status
Maka AlbarnE.A.T ClassActive
Soul "Eater" EvansE.A.T ClassActive
Black☆StarE.A.T ClassActive
Tsubaki NakatsukasaE.A.T ClassActive
Akane☆HoshiE.A.T ClassActive
Clay SizemoreE.A.T ClassActive
Patty ThompsonE.A.T ClassActive
Liz ThompsonE.A.T ClassActive
Kim DiehlE.A.T ClassActive
Jacqueline O'Lantern DupreE.A.T ClassActive
Ox FordE.A.T ClassActive
Harvar D. ÉclairE.A.T ClassActive
Kilik RungE.A.T ClassActive
FireE.A.T ClassActive
ThunderE.A.T ClassActive
CronaE.A.T ClassDefected
RagnarokE.A.T ClassDefected
HeroE.A.T ClassActive
TomE.A.T ClassActive
Dante RockbellE.A.T ClassActive
Selim PrideE.A.T ClassActive
WatsonE.A.T ClassActive
Tsugumi HarudoriN.O.T ClassActive
Meme TataneN.O.T ClassActive
Anya HepburnN.O.T ClassActive
Ao HoshinoN.O.T ClassActive
HaoN.O.T ClassActive
RaidN.O.T ClassActive
Eternal FeatherN.O.T ClassActive
AaronN.O.T ClassActive
Kana AltairN.O.T ClassActive


  • According to DWMA student Akane☆Hoshi, it is because of Death Weapon Meister Academy's profound power and absolute trust that the DWMA is very prosperous. Most of it's funding is received around the world in most countries.[80] Specifically, this money comes from taxes the countries give to the academy.[81]
  • Spirit Albarn's clan has been providing Death Scythe for the academy for generations.[82]


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