The Demon Airship is a Demon Tool blimp created by Carpenter Gen and his team of engineers at the DWMA. Thanks to the demon tools such as the Eternal Spring making up its engines and other machinery, the Airship is capable of flying across vast distances in a short amount of time. Its first and last voyages were to The Moon during the DWMA's attack against Asura and his forces, before it was destroyed in mid-air by Moonlight and Kaguya.

Appearance Edit


  • The Airship flies to The Moon
  • The Airship is capable of incredible speeds

The Airship appears to be a rigid or semirigid transportation vehicle that consists of an inflated balloon and a large, metal, and enclosed gondola. As evident when it is parked on the Moon, it is dwarfed in size by just the Moon's nose. The airship is likely between 50 and 80 feet tall and seems capable of holding at least 40 persons.

Like other material coming from the DWMA, the Airship is decorated with a skull in the shape of Death's mask along its front, with the number 42 on its side, apt based on that number's pun on the Japanese word for "death." Along the top of the Ship are circle fixtures with spokes emerging from them, similar to those found in numerous objects coming from the Death Weapon Meister Academy, such as Death the Kid's boat to the Nidhogg in the Baltic Sea, and the Overnight Rooms' beds. As with many objects coming from the DWMA, which prides itself on order (and has someone with a symmetry fixation like Death the Kid as a leader within the organization), the Airship has bilateral symmetry.

Unlike many airships and blimps, control surfaces are not composed of fins.

At the border of the inflated blimp and the gondola are suspension cables, which can be tied to anchors in the desert outside Death City. However, when on the Moon, there is no evidence that suspension cables were necessary to keep the airship on the satellite's surface.[1]


  • Bridge
  • Speaking Tubes
  • Engine, powered by the Eternal Spring
  • Mirror on the Bridge
  • Mirror in the Engine Room

Speaking Tubes: By listening to or speaking into the horn, staff on the bridge may communicate with peers in the engine room and other locations throughout the airship. Sound is carried through tubes throughout the airship. The horns' covers are shaped like skulls.

Bridge: Inside the gondola, the bridge consists of at least levels for observation and operation. On the floor in the center of the bridge on its first floor is a circular set of command stations and monitors, around a cylinder stretching from the floor upward to the ceiling's circular concentric plates. This center cylinder has numerous exposed cables and pipes throughout, with additional monitors seemingly haphazardly afixed (perhaps due to the speed with which Gen and his engineers needed to finish the airship to depart for the Moon in time to fight Asura). Windows along the bridge allow members to observe weather conditions and arriving threats. Banisters are along the higher levels of the bridge to prevent passengers from falling over. As team leader for the DWMA's attack on Asura's forces on The Moon, he commands numerous units, ordering them to assume battle positions on The Moon.[2] On the second level of the bridge, embedded in its metal wall, is a mirror to allow passengers to communicate directly with the Death Room. This mirror has below it the word "DEATH."[3]

Engine Room: Contained in the gondola, the engine room is occupied by Gen and his fellow the DWMA engineers. The engine room is powered by the Eternal Spring, in an apparatus with two plates that resemble Death's skull mask. As with many rooms on an airship, the space is kept as small as possible to conserve space, with pipes jutting out of the walls and ceiling. Despite its narrow space, Gen is still able to swing his large H-beam in the room. The engine itself is composed of multiple parts, including pistons, pressure monitors, and steam exhaust pipes. Like the Bridge, the Engine Room includes a mirror, this one more circular, to allow for communication with the Death Room, as well as a monitor.[4]

Docking Hatch: From here, the airborne divisions' paratroopers, led by Death the Kid and Auntie, were able to leap out to land on the Moon's surface.


Thanks to the power of demon tools, the Airship can traverse vast distances, even to the Moon, with little time. As a large vehicle, it can house numerous members of the DWMA's military forces. However, due to its size, the Airship can be an easy target for Moon-level airborne threats. If necessary to speed up transportation, the back engines can explode in smoke and fire to propel the airship forward, which can produce concentric circles along the exhaust.


It is not yet known when Death ordered Gen and the DWMA engineers to design and construct the Airship, although it may have been after the DWMA acquired the Eternal Spring from the Runaway Express.

Part in the StoryEdit

The War on the MoonEdit

Once Tezca Tlipoca and Maka Albarn confirm that Asura is hiding on The Moon, Death orders Gen to complete construction of the Airship. After performing final tests on its machinery, Gen confirms the Airship is ready for takeoff.

Accompanied by a battalion of Death Scythes and air commandos supervised by Franken Stein, the Airship flies towards the Moon. Arriving near the location, Asura's clown Moonlight fires lasers at the Airship, first dead ahead, then on portside. Dengu Dinga and Alexandre respond with Death Scythe Rainbow Axe Light Refraction, able to divert many lasers but damaging the gondola. Death the Kid, accompanied by Auntie, leads the airborne division to dive onto the Moon to disable the clowns and allow the airship to land. Zubaidah and Jinn Galland then joint he battle to attack more lasers, but Jinn fears that the lasers will eventually down the Airship.

Justin Law, a defected Death Scythe and not acolyte to Asura, order White Rabbit to teleport to the Airship's engine room, where he attacks multiple engineers and soldiers to damage the ship's power source, the Eternal Spring. Thanks to the efforts of Akane☆Hoshi, Clay Sizemore, and Franken Stein, the White Rabbit is defeated, but not before that clown damages the engine room.

The airship returns to Death City to repair damages and so its passenger, Death the Kid, may accompany Kim Diehl and other witches to the Witches' Realm to negotiate an alliance with the witches against Asura. Upon Kid's return from the Witches' Realm, he learns from Gen that repairs will take four hours, but after Kid urges him to expedite the progress so they can rejoin their the DWMA colleagues to save them from Asura's army, Gen completes more minor repairs in 30 minutes in order to allow the Airship to return to the Moon more quickly.

As the DWMA members travel back to the Moon, Kid encourages his mentors and peers that, despite the danger that awaits them, they must have faith that the witches will ally with them against Asura so that, even if the airship is inoperable to return to the Earth, the witches will be enough to get them to the Moon, to assist them in winning this battle, and to transport them back to the Death Weapon Meister Academy.

Soul Eater Chapter 101 - Demon Airship destroyed

Kaguya destroys the Demon Airship

Spotting the return of the Airship, Moonlight fires lasers again at the machine, but he is shocked to see that Kid has ordered the ship to take a direct course to crash land onto the Moon, expecting the witches to transport the the DWMA members in time. Kaguya fires Beauty Bamboo Blaster, which decimates the Airship. Before its final explosion, witches, led by Maba, arrive to teleport all passengers to the Moon's surface.[5]

It is assumed that, with the attack by Asura's witches, not only the Airship but all of its demon tools were destroyed.[5]


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