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Demon Cinder Castle (シンデル魔城, Shinderu Majō) is an abandoned castle where the Witch Angela Leon lives peacefully with her bodyguard Mifune after he rescues her from mafia groups who wanted her Witch Soul. Mifune always guards the entrance to the castle to prevent anyone who wants Angela's soul from getting inside. However, the castle is only seen in the prologue of the series when Al Capone and his men tries to infiltrate it, and later when Black☆Star and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa come to find Angela. After Angela and Mifune join Arachnophobia, the castle is likely abandoned.

Appearance Edit

Demon Cinder Castle is located on top of a tall rocky mountain and is the size of an ordinary castle, being quite big and made of stone. Its appearance resembles a cartoon-like castle from a children's storybook, befitting the fact that its inhabitant, Angela, is only a child. In the anime, it has one profound tower protruding from the main structure that has two yellow leering eyes on it, with a red conical roof.

In the manga, the castle looks a little more menacing, with multiple pairs of leering eyes emblazoned on the towers, which are in more abundance than its anime counterpart. The most prominent feature of the castle is the large green stone chameleon head protruding from the centre of the castle, facing outwards. This matches Angela's animal theme. The chameleon has its tongue out. In the anime, it is set dead straight, but in the manga, the head is tilted slightly, and has a crack going through half of its face.

In front of the castle, there is a large stone-paved area, with various eroded and broken pillars. This is where Mifune dispatches anyone approaching the castle looking for Angela's soul. The pillars are quite useful as they provide places for Mifune to wind his 'Keep Out' tape around, enclosing the area and encircling the enemy. Following the stone-paved area is the entrance to the castle, a closed gate with Mifune's 'Keep Out' tape on it. Mifune frequently stands guard besides the entrance.

In the manga, several wispy dragon-like creatures are seen flying around the castle's spires.

The castle is close enough to a forest, with trees having eyeball-looking attachments, and a hot spring which Black☆Star and Tsubaki encounter on their way to Angela's location.

Part in the StoryEdit

So, Al Capone. What could possibly bring a dirty mob boss like yourself to this castle? And if I don't like your answer, you die.

Mifune, Episode 2

Demon Cinder Castle is where Mifune and Angela are first introduced, the castle being a refuge for Angela, since she is still a defenseless child. Mifune guards the castle, protecting her from anyone trying to take her soul. It also serves as a battleground for the first fight between Black☆Star and Mifune.

The castle is first approached by Al Capone and his men, searching for Angela's soul for power. The Evil humans confront Mifune guarding the entrance and try to kill him. Mifune dispatches them all easily, but is quickly confronted by Black☆Star and Tsubaki later on, who are also after Angela's Witch Soul in order to make Tsubaki a Death Weapon. Black☆Star challenges Mifune to a fight, and Mifune uses his Infinite One-Sword Style, scattering his swords all over the grounds of Demon Cinder Castle and enclosing the three with his "Keep Out" tape.

After a rather intense fight, Black☆Star manages to use his assassination skills to deliver a finishing blow to Mifune, and defeats him. However, upon interrogating him, Angela appears to try to protect Mifune. Realizing that the Witch he is supposed to kill is a mere child, Black☆Star decides not to kill her, and leaves Mifune and Angela in peace.

When Maka Albarn searches the world with her Soul Perception for Crona's location, she checks Demon Cinder Castle. It is probable to assume that after Mifune and Angela joined Arachnophobia, the castle was abandoned.


  • The castle's name may derive from the character from the famous children's fairy tale, Cinderella. However, it could be interpreted in a different way, as the Japanese pronunciation for the word 'Cinder' (shinderu) sounds the same as the phrase 'dying.'
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