Tezca's demon mirror (魔鏡, Makyō) form is the weapon transformation of Death's weapon, Tezca Tlipoca.[1]


Tezca's demon mirror transformation takes the form of a small circular mirror in which can be tied to the knee of the Meister through the use of a long length of patterned fabric. This dark material contrasts with and further accents the numerous protrusions that surround the mirror's exterior frame.[1]

Special AbilitiesEdit

The Demon Mirror has a plethora of abilities based on it's reflective properties. While how it pertains to a Meister has not been seen, Tezca has used his abilities as the Demon Mirror to reflect an exact replica of the current opponent he is facing over both his frame and that of his partner. Those that fall victim to this technique are also overwhelmed by continual visions of people which are suggested to be precursors to their eventual deaths. However, as shown in the case of Justin, it also displays fragments of their past whereas with Medusa Gorgon, it instead shows Crona. This can imply that it depicts a person's subconscious guilt, such as Justin's betrayal or Medusa's abuse of her child.[2] Later demonstrations of this ability have revealed that Tezca's illusions extend far beyond this single limited application and can instead project almost any image Tezca desires, as long as those affected remain in direct eye contact with his form, aptly displayed when he made numerous senior meisters perceive his supposed death.[3]

The Demon Mirror also has the ability to reflect and gather light, creating concentrated beams of light and able to be shot at a opponent in which were powerful enough to scar Justin Law along with imply having the potential to kill him had Tezca been more serious.[4]

List of special movesEdit


  • The Demon Mirror is befitting for Tezca Tlipoca as a weapon transformation, who is based on the Tezcatlipoca deity, in which the name means "smoking mirror".


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