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The Demon Sword Arc is the third story arc in Soul Eater. Beginning the main plot of the series, Maka and Soul encounter the Demon Swordsman and their weapon, Crona and Ragnarok. After suffering a grievous defeat, they're rescued by Stein and Spirit and encounter a powerful witch who's interest expands towards both weapons and meisters.

In the aftermath, both Black☆Star and Death the Kid embark on a journey to find the most powerful weapon in the world, Excalibur.



Notable instancesEdit

  • Maka and Soul encounter Crona and Ragnarok for the first time.
  • Medusa becomes a known emnity to the DWMA, facing Stein and Spirit the first time in her witch guise. She is also revealed to be the school's nurse.
  • As a result of Soul's injuries, he gains the Black Blood.
  • Black☆Star and Kid learn of Excalibur's existence but promptly are turn off by the weapon's personality.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit


  • Although Medusa is revealed as the school nurse, she has been canonically the school nurse since even before the Introduction Arc in Soul Eater NOT!.