Demon Tool Soldier (魔道具兵, Madōguhei) are a specially created artificial beings.[1]


Demon Tool Soldiers tend to vary in appearance and abilities[2] and more often act like in a manner similar to that of a robot.[2] They're able to be programmed[2] to follow specific directions and tasks. However, despite their similarities to robots, they do in fact retain their own individual personality.[2] It should also be noted that with more advanced creations, they may even have their own soul.[3]


Like their appearance, the abilities of that of a Demon Tool Soldier varies from individual to individual.[2]

  • Demon Tool Power: The power of a Demon Tool Soldier can vary from the kind of Demon Tools and their creation. Some have artificial capabilities. Namely, however, they're capable of utilizing Magic in various ways depending on their creation.[4] (ex. Insight & Black Wings)
  • Special Souls: Demon Tools Soldiers are capable of possessing special souls in which grants them various abilities. The only known kind of special souls Demon Tool Soldiers have is the Grigori.

List of Demon Tool SoldiersEdit

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