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Demon weapons (魔武器, Mabuki) are humans who can take on the form of traditional weapons.[1]



Witch being sacrificed in the process of making demon weapons.

The first demon weapons were created 800 years ago. Both Eibon and Death sought a way to even the odds in the strife between witches and humans when their magical power wreaked havoc. Inspired by Excalibur, Eibon sought to create the Demon Weapons. Both he and Death agreed to do so, and learned that demon weapons required the use of a witch's soul.

However, both found the experiment inhumane and concealed the instructions for making the weapons.[2] Having surreptitiously viewed the instructions by means of her tracking spiders,[3] Arachne Gorgon attempted to complete a weapon according to the Book of Eibon. To accomplish this, she murdered a fellow witch as a sacrifice and joined an inanimate object together with a human soul.[4][5] This act branded her the most brazen heretic witch in the Witch Order, and caused her to be hunted by her own kind and Death himself and lead to her demise for over eight hundred years in hiding.[4][5]


In the aftermath of Arachne's supposed "death" and shortly after the founding of Death Weapon Meister Academy, Death made the academy's vocation to take in the Demon Weapons and train them. Overtime, the Demon Weapon's inability to control their powers subjected them to discrimination and the academy made efforts to have them accepted into normal society.

Furthermore, the DWMA also made one of it's controversial decisions; allowing the creation of Death's Weapon by allowing the select hunting of evil Witches in an effort to combat the threat the Witches represented by fighting them with their own power through the Demon Weapons. Although successful in their efforts, this causes a deep hatred between Humanity and Witchkind that lasted for centuries.[2]


The soul of two demon weapons.

Demon weapons (with the notable exception of Ragnarok due to his makeup of black blood) possess a human appearance and may take up the attributes of the weapon form within their human form (e.x Soul with his sharp teeth due to his making as a scythe)[6] In their weapon forms, their shape may vary considerably. While Demon Weapons usually take any form of traditional weapons , few demon weapons exist that may be considered unconventional.[citation needed]

Being human, demon weapons also possess human souls. Depending on their weapon form, the appearance of the soul may reflect some of the weapons physical attributes in the soul itself.[7]

Due to the weapon gene, this gene allows the DNA of demon weapons to pass to human offspring, allowing humans to be born with the ability develop weapon forms overtime. There are also instances where the weapon gene can skip generations and families are unaware of their weaponized gene. This gene can be indicated when those who possess it, whether or not they are active, when passing through security scanners.[8]

Types of Demon Weapons

  • Multi-Form High Performance Weapon (多変型高性能武器, Tahenkei Kōseinō Buki): A multi-form high performance weapon is a unique weapon in which can transform into multiple types of Demon Weapons. This sort of weapon transformation is unique only to the Nakatsukasa Clan[9] due to them being direct descendants of the first set of weapons made by Arachne Gorgon herself.[10] 
  • Gun Type (銃型, Jū Gata): A Gun Type are weapons that are capable of transforming into a type of gun. Azusa Yumi is among one of the more well-known Demon Weapons capable of transforming into a gun.[11]
  • Stationary Type (設置型, Setchi Gata): A Stationary Type is a weapon in which one's weapon form specializes in setting traps. Only Justin Law is a known Stationary Type.[12]
  • Deadly Demon Weapon (魔凶器, Makyōki): A Deadly Demon Weapon is a Demon Weapon in which as the "deadly" title implies, are the types of weapons in which are considered especially deadly such as a chainsaw.[13]
  • Death's Weapon (死神様の武器, Shinigami-sama no Buki; FUNimation "Death Scythe"): An immensely powerful Demon Weapon in which has consumed 99 evil Human souls (99 Kishin Eggs in the anime) and one Witch soul. These weapons are fit to be wielded by Death himself.[14]


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In addition to being accepted in the majority of human organizations, clans and families in the world are sometimes made up mostly of demon weapons, in which some are referred to as a "special weapons clan".[9]

Special Abilities

Although many Demon Weapons vary from individual to individual with unique sets of special abilities, they most often have a common set of powers such as:

Weapon Abilities

  • Full-Weapon Transformation (全身武器, Zenshin Buki): Demon Weapons have the inherit ability to transform themselves into either a partial form of a weapon with their body parts or a full-body weapon at will dependent on the training they have undergone. After becoming a weapon, the person is seen in their human form as some sort of reflection on the weapon while a completely blank space is viewed inside the weapon.[15]
  • Multi-Form Ability (多変型能力, Tahentai Nōryoku): The special trait in which allows a weapon to transform into different forms of weapons and/or inherit their ancestor's weapon forms. This trait is exclusive to that of the special weapons clan Nakatsukasa Clan, whom possess this ability due to being direct descendants of the first demon weapons created by Arachne Gorgon.[16]
  • Wavelength Control (波長コントロール, Hachō Kontorōru): Demon Weapons have the ability to control the Soul Wavelength of their Meister.[17]
  • Absorb (吸収, Kyūshū): Due to their making and purpose, only Demon Weapons have the ability to consume the souls of others to empower themselves.[18]

Special Techniques

  • Soul Resonance (魂の共鳴, Tamashī no Kyōmei): A special technique in which the weapon amplifies the wavelength received by a meister, sends it back, and repeats it until it creates a more powerful wavelength to initiate a special attack.[19]
  • Soul Possession (魂憑依, Tamashī Hyōi): A famed technique used by members of the Nakatsukasa Clan (notably those who inherit the Uncanny Sword), soul possession allows for the weapon to possess their meister by and swallow their soul.[20]

Specialized Wavelength

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Fighting Styles

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (体術(たいじゆつ), Taijutsu): In addition to usual hand-to-hand attacks, certain weapons use a unspecified unarmed combat discipline that allows for partial weapon transformations. Justin Law is a notable example of a user of hand-to-hand applications with weapon transformation.[21]
  • Saw Leg (鋸脚, Nokoashi): A fighting style used by chainsaw-related demon weapons in which transforms their legs partially into the chains of a chainsaw for cutting. Giriko is the only known practioner of this form of combat.[21]
  • Art of Self Defense (護身術, Goshin Jutsu): A style of fighting used by Clay Sizemore.[22]
  • Art of Assassination (暗殺術, Ansatsu Jutsu): A fighting style used by assassin-related demon weapons. Tsubaki is a known weapon that practice the art of assassination.[14]

List of Demon Weapons

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