Demonic Energy (特殊な魔力, Tokushuna Maryoku) is a powerful source of energy with some form of malevolent traits.[1]


Magnetic Field's EnergyEdit

Main article: Magnetic FieldFrom what is displayed from the Magnetic Field, Demonic Energy seems to have extremely detrimental effects on any individual. Exposure to demonic energy for too long can inflict permanent damage to the body, which presents itself as a fading effect due to the body losing substance and disintegrating.[2] However, there are temporary counters to the effects. A Bloodsucker capable of Transformations can extend the time exposed to the energy without disintegrating.[3] In addition, though even a Death God isn't entirely impervious to this energy's effects, it's certain that they're able to withstand it longer then any other race.[4]

Applicable KindsEdit

Demonic Energy also seems to exist in other types, such as the one utilized by Medusa Gorgon with her Snake Listening Device, with which she only used a tiny amount. This kind of Demonic Energy has also shown to be able to speed up the "onset of Madness" within an individual as well as release itself during Soul Resonance. However, using Franken Stein and Marie Mjolnir as an example, this was only able to affect Stein due to him being prone to Madness while Marie remained unaffected.[5]


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