Dengu Dinga (デング・ディンガ, Dengu Dinga) is the Death's Weapon in charge of Africa.[1]


Although little is shown of his personality, Dengu is at least a respectable authority figure, Alexandre (his Meister) calling him "Dengu-sama" and being the one to call the commands unlike the usual Meister/Weapon partnership where the Weapon follows the Meister's lead. He is also caring enough to put himself in harms way for the likes of his comrades in the DWMA and their cause.[1]


Deng and Djinn

Dengu and the fellow Death Scythe, Jinn Galland

Both slender and tall in stature, Dengu is a rather imposing individual due in equal measures to his muscular build and considerable height, which results in him easily dwarfing all the other Death Scythes. His sullen facial features are accentuated by multiple piercings at the corner of his mouth and unkempt hair, whose light colour is starkly contrasted by his dark complexion, a distinguishing characteristic of his African heritage.

No doubt as a direct consequence of the intense heat which typifies the climate of the region where he lives, Dengu's entire torso remains exposed with the exception of a few small areas that are instead encircled by various tribal bangles, including his arms, neck and abdomen. The remainder of his attire consists of what appears to be a pleated sarong, worn over a dark underskirt that displays a piece of fabric embellished by numerous Egyptian hieroglyphs. These items are completed by a pair of sandals and a patterned sash wrapped around his waist.[1]


Being a Death's Weapon, Dengu is one of the more powerful Demon Weapons in the world although is below the likes of Spirit Albarn, whom is expressed to be the strongest out of the Death's Weapons.[1]

Special Abilities

Full-Weapon Transformation (全身武器, Zenshin Buki): As a Demon Weapon, he is capable of transforming into his weapon form and human form at will.[1]

Chapter 91 - Rainbow Axe

Dengu assuming his fully transformed state

  • Rainbow Axe (虹の斧, Niji no Ono): In his fully transformed state, Dengu assumes the form of a robust hatchet or small battle axe that is intended to be wielded with just a single hand. Unusually, the bladed portion of this weapon is constructed from four distinct sections, which are set adjacent to one another along the shaft, and features no cutting edge, as the blade itself is square in shape. Affixed to the bottom of the shaft is an ornate guard, which is reminiscent of the tribal bangles that encircle both Dengu's neck and abdomen. In this form his abilities revolve around rainbows, though often with very different properties.[2]
  • Death's Weapon (死神様の武器, Shinigami-sama no Buki): The Rainbow Axe transform has meet the 99 evil Human souls and one Witch requirement, allowing for some special abilities as well as being to be wielded by Death himself.[1]
  • Magical-Like Powers (魔法的な力, Mahō Tekina Chikara): Dengu's Wavelength Control capabilities are advanced to the point he is capable of performing magical-like abilities with it. The very extent of this, however, remains unknown.[1]


Daily Life

When a series of catastrophic events concludes in the resurrection of the Kishin, Sid Barrett, acting in accordance with Shinigami's wishes, attempted to contact the remaining Death Scythes of the the DWMA in order to convince them to convene at Death City. However, due to unknown reasons, all communications between both the main and African branches had been deliberately blocked, resulting in Dengu never receiving the directive.[3]

The Moon

After a disembodied Tezca Tlipoca identifies the moon as a potential place of residence for the Kishin, Asura, and with the confirmation of this suspicion due to Maka Albarn's Soul Perception ability, Shinigami orders that the remaining Death Scythes assemble in preparation for the forthcoming confrontation under Franken Stein's direction. Upon his arrival, Dengu heads directly to the the DWMA alongside Jinn Galland, where he meets with the others that are to undertake the mission.[1]

War on the Moon

When their airship comes under attack from long-range artillery, on approach to the Moon, Dengu decides that it is time for both himself and his meister to take action. Attempting to redirect the offending beams after assuming his weapon form, Dengu initially appears to be successful but when the clown instead assaults the ship from multiple directions simultaneously, they prove too numerous for Dengu to be able to handle alone.[4]


  • A rainbow is not perceived as a positive symbol in most traditional African nations but instead as one that is both malignant and dangerous. Many myths from these nations portray rainbows as vicious and enormous snakes, which consume both animals and humans alike.
  • Dengu does not appear in the anime version of Soul Eater and only indirectly mentioned in Episode 25. In the episode, when Death asks Sid about the four Death Scythes who did not come, Sid states that Dengu was not taking their calls.


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