Dragons (ドラゴン, Doragon) powerful, reptilian/serpentine-like creatures.[1][2]


Dragons are creatures whom tend to be large, possess reptilian/serpent features(much like the usual, fictional depiction) and scales, and can also possess their own unique features (such as sporting three heads).[1]


Dragonic Physiology: Dragons themselves possess a unique physiology in which allows them to have thick skin (as adults) in which not even Demon Weapons alone nor Magic can easily penetrate. Despite that, however, their thick skin is not impenetrable. They're also can grow to being extremely large in size.[2]

  • Fire-Breathing: Certain Dragons are capable of breathing fire against their own enemies. However, this trait is not shared by all Dragons.[3]


Although adult Dragons like that of the Horror Dragon possesses extremely thick defenses, such defenses are not capable of holding itself against the likes of the wavelength of a God.[2]

List of Dragons


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