"So this is Miss Meme's fabled drunken boxing is it? She make look ridiculously slatternly, but her guard is perfect."

— Anya speaking about Meme's stance.[1]

Drunken Fist (拳, Suiken) (Drunken Boxing in the Funimation English sub and dub, and Sleepy Fist (睡拳, Suiken) in the manga), is the fighting style utilized Shaula Gorgon when possessing the sleeping Meister Meme Tatane.[2]


Shaula, while possessing Meme, uses this particular style of fighting which favors incredible reflexes and speed. When used in conjunction with the momentum and weight of Meme's staggering body, Drunken Fist can defeat numerous opponents with only a few fluid movements. This is aptly demonstrated in the fighting style's first depiction, when Meme, although completely unaware of her actions, inflicts serious damage to Misery, superintendent of the girl's dormitory, by throwing her off her feet.

Anya Hepburn tries her hand against this style with her Royal Karate but proves to be no match due to the style's usage of Meme's agility and unpredictability.[1]


  • Zui quan, or "Drunken kung fu," is an actual style of Chinese martial arts that imitates the movements expected of a drunkard.[3]
  • In the manga, this style was named "Sleeping Fist" due to Meme utilizing this fighting style in her sleep. However, in the Funimation sub, Anya revealed it was "Drunken Boxing,"[1]
  • It was implied that this fighting style was actually being utilized by Shaula when possessing Meme's body.[2] This would also explain how Shaula is very skilled in moving gracefully as well as dodging and blocking moves with little and simple movement.


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