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The Eight Mysteries of DWMA, also called the Eight Mysteries of the School by its students, are eight notable individuals with various "mysteries" surrounding them. In actuality, they refer to the some of the original eight Death Weapons seen within the series as well as refer to some of their special abilities and personality.[1] This name comes from those within the N.O.T class.


Each of the Death Weapons, known as a mystery, have a "mystery" to them which describes some of their abilities as well as exaggerates their actual personalities:

  • According to Anya Hepburn, one "mystery" refers to "The Executioner", who appears in an "explosion of sound" and tortures expelled students to death.[2] This mystery itself refers to Justin Law, his nickname known as "The Executioner", and his habit of keeping his earbuds into his head with loud music.
  • Another "mystery", expressed by Tsugumi Harudori, talks about the "The Woman with the All Seeing Eye" who watches you no matter where you run and hide.[3] This mystery refers to Azusa Yumi and her Thousand-Mile Eyes ability.
  • Another told by Tsugumi Harudori speaks of "the woman with the eye patch who destroys toilets in the dead of night".[4] This refers to Marie Mjolnir, who made a habit of destroying toilets, as seen in later instances.
  • One mystery which was told by Tsugumi Harudori talks about the pervert who delights in dressing women in revealing clothes.[1] This refers to Spirit Albarn and his lecherous personality.
  • In one mystery, it tells of a man who wears a costume head who sees you in a mirror and sucks the soul of the person into the mirror with him.[1] This refers to Tezca Tlipoca and his abilities as the "Demon Mirror".

Mysteries in Soul EaterEdit

Name Position Status
Death Scythe???Active
Marie MjolnirTeacherActive
Tezca TlipocaIn Charge of South AmericaActive
Justin LawIn Charge of EuropeDefected
Tsar PushkaIn Charge of Russia???
Azusa YumiIn Charge of East Asia
In Charge of Oceania
Jinn GallandIn Charge of West AsiaActive
Dengu DingaIn Charge of AfricaActive


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