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The Eight Shinigami Legions (死神八武衆, Shinigami Hachi Bushū) was formerly a team of Meisters and Weapons in which acted as Death's personal guards[2] and followed his instructions much like the DWMA today, predating them in this responsibility.[3]



The Eight Shinigami Legions held the very same responsibilities as their successors known as Death Scythes and Death Weapon Meister Academy, in which they protected the world from evil as well as worked to prevent the uprising of a Kishin and hunting those on Shinigami's List.[3]


The Eight Shinigami Legions mostly consisted of the Great Old Ones, in which were powerful members in which resided over Madness with their Madness Wavelength powerful enough to plunge men into their respective madness.[4] The team's also consisted of the most powerful Sorcerer in history, the most powerful Legendary Blade in the world,[5] two Death Gods whom are the most powerful entities in the world[1] and even a powerful Demon Weapon that later became a Demon Sword and was powerful enough to injure a True Death God.[6]


Called the Eight Warlords (八武衆, Hachi Bushū; FUNimation "Eight Guardians") for short, each of these members followed Death's instruction and served as his personal guards. Although each member was extremely powerful within their own right, Asura reign supreme as the strongest member of Death's personal guard by far.[7]

Name Rank Status
AsuraStrongest Warlord[1]Defected
Great Old One of PowerWarlord[8]Resigned
Unknown WarlordWarlord[1]Deceased[11]
Unknown WarlordWarlord[1]Deceased[11]
Unknown WarlordWarlord[1]Deceased[11]
  • Note:The manga did not explain the occurrences between Death and Eibon. However, only the anime explained that Eibon had defected from the Eight Shinigami Legions. Since the manga takes precedent, it is under "Unknown".


Eight Powerful Warriors Anime

Anime's version of the Eight Guardians.

  • Although the anime features silhouettes of the Eight Shinigami Legions (called the Death's Eight Guardians or simply referred to as Death's "personal guard" in the anime), the silhouettes featured resemble little of the actual members both known and unknown as well as features what seems like a female member despite the team appearing all male.


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