Enrique (猿里華, Enrike), originally introduced as Mysterious Monkey (謎の猿, Nazo no Saru), is the Ape Meister to Tezca Tlipoca, the Death Scythe stationed in South America.[1]


While nothing Enrique has said has ever been directly translated, he is apparently incredibly hilarious as Tezca often erupts into fits of intense laughter after simply listening to him. Despite his playfulness and his habit of constantly making Tezca laugh, Enrique has displayed a serious side to his personality at certain points that far outweighs even his human counterpart, such as when he realizes the necessity of his partner assuming his weapon form when they are about to confront Medusa and protecting Maka Albarn and Soul Evans as Medusa was about to attempt to kill them both. It is also implied that many of his jokes are rather crude in their nature, as Tezca has on one occasion claimed that one of his comments could not be aired on TV.[2]


He is a monkey with a black face and hands. He wears both pants and shoes, with a t-shirt that has the word ape printed on it. He also wears a baseball cap turned backwards, that has the letters 'MM' upon it.


Tezca Tlipoca

Enrique acts as Tezca's meister instead of the usual human partner. There appears to be a good relationship between the two, not only because they are partners but as Tezca normally ends up in fits of laughter every time the two converse.


Enrique kicks Medusa

Enrique engages Medusa in close combat.

In addition to being a skilled Death Scythe meister, He has been shown to be extremely proficient at martial arts, being able to avoid numerous attacks by Medusa in Arachne's body. His stance resembles that of a Muay Thai, also known as Thai Kickboxing.

Enrique also has a vast understanding of the human tongue, able to converse with Tezca Tlipoca and enough to tell dirty jokes casually.


Operation: Capture Baba Yaga's CastleEdit

Although breifly mentioned by Sid when he was tasked by Shinigami to gather the Death Scythes, as not being able to understand anything he said, his first actual appearance occurs as both he and his partner are following the group of DWMA students and Medusa Gorgon as they proceed towards Baba Yaga's castle. It is revealed that he is there accompanying Tezca who is to support the operation and keep an eye on Medusa, but after his initial appearance he does not appear for a significant period of time.[3]

He only appears again, with Tezca, after Medusa obtains Arachne's body. Enrique individually manages to hold off many of Medusa's attacks in her new form and in doing so prevents Maka Albarn from being killed. Tezca accomplishes very little during this time, as he is too busy laughing at Enrique's supposedly crude and funny comments. When Tezca finally does come round and transforms into his weapon form under advice from his partner, Enrique assumes a stance in preparation to attack. However, due to Tezca's strange offer to Medusa, she retreats before there is chance for anything else to occur.[4]

Love TriangleEdit

Enrique is next observed standing by Tezca, when the pair abruptly interrupts the intense confrontation between the feuding Medusa and Justin Law. Despite doing very little during the remainder of the conversation between the two death scythes, Enrique emits a furious and repetitive burst of only the syllable "GYA!" in response to his master's cries, after Tezca hears that because of the bear head he persistently wears Justin was always prevented from reading his lips and so never understood a word that was said. When the eccentric pair finally manage to calm themselves, Tezca assumes his human form and standing next to Enrique says, "I traced a reflection of Justin's soul in my mirror...let's follow him".[5]

There is Someone to AdmireEdit

Enrique is seen along with the others.

The MoonEdit

Enrique was seen again


  • Enrique being a monkey is likely linked with the fact that his partner is based on Tezcatlipoca, a god who at one point turned all humans into monkeys.


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