Soul Eater - Episode 10 (ENG)
Episode Name
English Title

The Enchanted Sword Masamune – Break the Soul Possession: A Heart Sings in the Rain?

Kanji Title

妖刀マサムネ 〜破れ魂憑依、雨に詠う心?

Rōmaji Title

Yōtō Masamune 〜Yabure Tamashii Hyōi, Ame ni Utau Kokoro?

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Airing Date(s)

Icon - JPN : June 9th, 2008

Running Time

20 minutes

TV Rating

Rating - TV-14

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Black Star and Tsubaki face Masamune, and as they battle against the dark Weapon, it becomes clear that Tsubaki must finish the fight alone.

The Enchanted Sword Masamune – Break the Soul Possession: A Heart Sings in the Rain? (妖刀マサムネ 〜破れ魂憑依、雨に詠う心?〜, Yōtō Masamune 〜Yabure Tamashii Hyōi, Ame ni Utau Kokoro?〜) is the tenth episode of Soul Eater. It is adapted from Chapter 7, "Uncanny Sword (Part 1)," of the Soul Eater manga.

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Flashback, Nakatsukasa ResidenceEdit

Tsubaki Nakatsukasa recounts the meaning behind her name: the camelia is a quiet flower, blooming with no scent. She remembers her childhood with a boy, whom she told she had wanted to play ball.

Death Room Edit

Standing before Tsubaki, Lord Death explains that the Enchanted Sword, Masamune, who is on the path to become a Kishin, has been located near the Village of Shin. He warns Tsubaki that this mission is dangerous, especially for her, and he wants to know whether Black Star knows the extent of this mission. Tsubaki says Black Star has told her she need not explain all the details yet, as he trusts putting his soul into her hands. Lord Death concludes that Black Star must be a good meister, which Tsubaki confirms.

Class Crescent Moon Edit

Maka Albarn is surprised that Dr. Stein has cancelled today's class, although Soul Eater is less concerned since Black Star's absence today makes class quieter. Maka's classmates mention that the faculty have discussed how Tsubaki and Black Star accepted a dangerous mission to track the Enchanted Sword, Masamune, who is about to become a Kishin. Concerned, Maka looks to Soul. 

Village of Shin Edit

Black Star and Tsubaki arrived, and the meister does not understand why a big shot like the Enchanted Sword would want to come to this quiet, low-populated village. Tsubaki explains that, as the Enchanted Sword seeks fearful souls, the villagers here must be scared. Before Tsubaki can explain to Black Star just why this mission is so important to her regarding Masamune, the hyperactive ninja bounces forward to stand atop the village's statue, proclaiming that he has arrived to entertain the villagers of this boring community. 

Before Tsubaki can persuade Black Star to descend from the statue, a villager yells at the two that the ninja is defiling their village's guardian deity. Shocked that anyone would challenge him, Black Star leaps down to accuse this old man of being the Enchanted Sword. Tsubaki begs Black Star to let go of the old man--and her reminder about his age motivates this old timer to claim he is still quite active (as he humps the air to prove his point). A boy, Ryōku, arrives--whom Black Star then accuses of being the Enchanted Sword, to Tsubaki's embarrassment. But when more villagers arrive, they and Ryōku recognize Black Star's star tattoo. Throwing money at this "Star Clan" member, Ryōku tells this "murderer" to leave. Black Star, assuming an uncharacteristically somber voice, is unsurprised that "this village too" is against him. When the villagers threaten to kill Black Star--one villager lifting a heavy boulder to toss at him--the ninja with his weapon quickly escape.

On the outskirts of the Village of Shin, Black Star already sits atop a tree, bemoaning his lesser soul perception abilities and that the oncoming rain dampens his heightened senses to track the Enchanted Sword. Tsubaki arrives shortly after her meister, and without her needing to speak, Black Star senses she wants to know the truth about this "Star Clan." Tsubaki does not press, but in her silence, Black Star explains: as Tsubaki has seen before when other people have accused him of being part of the Star Clan, he is hated for being the survivor of a bloodthirsty, greedy ninja group. 

As the members of the Star Clan were on the path of becoming Kishins, the DWMA ordered their assassination, leaving behind one infant, Black Star himself, who was adopted by the Academy. Tsubaki is shocked, claiming that none of this is Black Star's fault to be persecuted by the Villagers of Shin--but Black Star is overjoyed, because at least his notoriety brings him all the attention he wants. 

As Tsubaki considers what Black Star has experienced coming from a family of potential Kishins, she wants to explain her association with Masamune, only for her meister to stop her: he wants her to explain only when she is ready, not to feel forced. For now, he says they should wait for the Enchanted Sword to show himself.

A lone figure arrives at the Village of Shin, hungry for souls.

Death Room Edit

Maka Albarn stands before Lord Death, demanding to know why he has assigned Black Star and Tsubaki to such a dangerous mission. Accompanied by Soul and a less than enthused Stein, Maka says the DWMA rules permit a student to enter the Death Room in emergencies--a rule that the confused Lord Death does not remember. Death the Kid and his weapons arrive as well, wondering why his father has sent their classmates on such a dangerous mission. 

Stein explains that, while Masamune seems similar to the Demon Sword that Maka and Soul recently fought, Masamune may be more dangerous, as he operates of his own volition, without a witch. 

Village of Shin Edit

Ryōku prepares his sickle, intending to kill Black Star should that ninja return: he intends to avenge himself against the Star Clan, as it was those ninjas who killed his parents. He is interrupted by the visitor who just arrived, claiming he senses much fear in the boy. Ryōku responds that he is not afraid, but Masamune assures the boy: he can help evaporate all of that fear, if he is allowed to possessed Ryōku's soul. 

Later, the old man arrives to Ryōku's work station, promising that if Black Star returns, everyone in the village will knock down that ninja. The old man notices Ryōku clutches a new Japanese sword, only for Ryōku to knock this old man back, intending to eat his soul. Assuming a different manner of speech, Ryōku announces that he is Masamune, ready to kill the old man.

With a loud cry, Black Star kicks Ryōku back, protecting the old man. Tsubaki then recognizes the sword is indeed Masamune, who, as typical for his ability, is not in resonance with the meister but actually consuming Ryōku's soul. Tsubaki is initially hesitant to act, noticing how dull the previous beautiful sword now appears. But when Masamune strikes at her, she must act: Tsubaki and Black Star dodge, and she explains the goal for the two is to first free Ryōku from Masamune's possession with Soul Menace. 

Tsubaki transforms into her chain scythe mode, but her heart is not in the battle. She explains that she joined the Academy just to take down Masamune, and she regrets pulling Black Star into this fight. But the meister will not hear such excuses: he demands Tsubaki depend on him more, as they are partners in this fight, no matter what. Surprised, within her soul, Tsubaki sadly smiles and agrees. 

Before Black Star can successfully perform Soul Menace, the shadows of Ryōku emerge as a second fighter, the Enchanted Sword even empowering the very shadows around him like puppets to fight for him. Black Star attempts Speed Star to dodge the attacks and find a point to attack--only to slip in the rainy mud and slam testicles-first into the local shrine. Back on his feet, Black Star is then stabbed directly by the shadows themselves, but the ninja still stands, ready to attack again. Black Star and the possessed Ryōku collide with their weapons as Black Star times his attack. He leaps atop the shrine, allowing Ryōku to leap at him--the perfect moment in which Black Star and Tsubaki resonate to form Shield Star, trapping Ryōku. Tsubaki chides Masamune that his recklessness is his defeat. Black Star releases Tsubaki, and with Soul Menace he releases Masamune from the now unconscious Ryōku. 

Tsubaki transforms back into human form so as to seize Masamune's weapon form, promising that she will return to Black Star. The meister is confused as he sees Tsubaki clutch the weapon. As she screams, Tsubaki sends her spirit into the demon blade, possessed now by Masamune. Unconscious, Tsubaki has had her soul drawn in by the Enchanted Sword itself, and now the battle will take place not in the physical realm, so she may confront the soul of Masamune.

Death Room Edit

Maka and her classmates are shocked to see Tsubaki sacrifice herself to fight the Enchanted Sword alone. But Lord Death explains that, because of who Masamune is, and because of his powers, Tsubaki is the only one who can defeat the Enchanted Sword.

Village of Shin Edit

Black Star is more confident than their classmates: he knows Tsubaki can win this fight, and he orders her to return to him safely.

The Soul of Masamune Edit

Inside Masamune's soul, Tsubaki calls to him, asking whether he intends to possess her soul. From afar, Masamune says he has no intention to possess her first: he will eat her soul as it is. Tsubaki says hello to Masamune, her older brother. In their hands, the siblings' usual weapons materialize, and each assumes the position to begin this fight to the death.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit


  • To gain entrance into the Death Room, Maka recites to Lord Death what is supposedly Rule 118 of the DWMA: "In the event of an emergency, students are free to come in." As Lord Death cannot remember that rule, it is left to assume Maka is telling the truth and that the often goofy Lord Death is forgetful of so many rules.
  • In the post-credit preview for Episode 11, Soul and Maka are tardy to announce what happens in the next episode. With Soul feeling the pressure to say anything, Maka chides her weapon for being completely useless. While Maka says her catchphrase to viewers to watch before she takes their souls, Soul warns not to take his screen time.
  • The Funimation English dub of Episode 10 features additional performances by Kenny Green as the Old Man, Zach Charles Bolton as the Shadow, and Andrew Sensenig, Linda Leonard, Lindsay Seidel, Newton Pittman, and Tricia Ponsford as Extras. Monica Rial and Kyle Hebert, the voices of Tsubaki and Masamune, are also listed as playing extras. Bolton is the line producer for Soul Eater and the English voice of Hero, and Seidel is the English voice of Meme Tatane.


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