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The Beginning of the Nightmare!

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Akumu no hajimari!!

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Icon - JPN Icon - USA (sub) 2014 June 10
Icon - USA (dub) 2015 June 10

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24 Minutes

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Rating - TV-14

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Battle Festival Arc

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Its a somber day as Pochi, the Harudori family pet dies in an accident which saddens the morale of the girls. Shaula takes control of Meme and in person, "kills" Sid and turns a multitude of people into her puppets; Tsugumi is at a breaking point.

The Beginning of the Nightmare! (悪夢のはじまり!, Akumu no Hajimari!) is the tenth episode of the Soul Eater NOT! anime. It adapts content from Chapters 36, 37, and 38 of the Soul Eater NOT! manga. On June 10, 2014, the episode premiered in Japan on June 10, 2014, and was subbed on On June 10, 2015, the English dub premiered on

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NOT Students

Girls Dormitory

Harudori family

  • Tsugumi's father (photograph only)
  • Tsugumi's Mother (photograph only)
  • Tsugumi's brother (photograph only)
  • Pochi (photograph only)


Shaula's Army




Girls' Dormitory

Tsugumi Harudori is excited for her first Halloween in Death City. Not only has she finished Jack O’Lanterns shaped like her and her friends, but her friends are getting into the Halloween spirit: Meme has purchased her outfit but refuses to spoil the surprise, and Anya has designed her own—horrifying—Jack O’Lantern.

However, Kana Altair delivers a letter from Tsugumi’s mother. While Anya is offended at Kana's fearfulness over her Jack O'Lantern and threatens to withhold any Halloween candy for her, Tsugumi reads the letter's devastating news. As Tsugumi quickly packs her suitcase to return home to Japan, Meme reads the letter: Tsugumi’s pet dog, Pochi, has been injured and will not recover from these injuries. Confronting death, Tsugumi falls into a deep depression.

Soul Eater NOT Episode 10 HD - Meme regrets her memory loss

Meme regrets her memory loss

Later that evening, while Anya tries to expedite her friend’s recovery with a meal, Meme returns, having purchased yet another Halloween outfit—forgetting her previous one—and again praising Tsugumi’s Jack O’Lanterns. Not remembering the news from Tsugumi’s mother, Meme asks whether Tsugmi is hurt. Tsugumi, suffering already, refers to Meme as a “dummy,” fearing that her friend will not only forget all of her good and bad times in Death City, but even Tsugumi as well. Shocked at Tsugumi’s statement, Meme apologizes and leaves. That evening, while Tsugumi and Anya eat a meal in the kitchen that the later prepared, Meme avoids Tsugumi, behaving deadpan and avoiding contact with her two friends.

In the middle of the night in the girls’ bedroom, Meme again sleepwalks. But this time she does not remain in the building: she puts on slippers, a coat, and departs the dormitory.

Death Weapon Meister Academy

Soul Eater NOT Episode 10 HD - Anya and Tsugumi discover Meme in Anti Witch Headquarters

Anya and Tsugumi discover that Meme broke into the Academy

Tsugumi and Anya follow Meme to the Academy (unaware that they are being tracked by a certain meister and weapon). At the Academy, they find Meme now in possession of a key that allows her entrance into Sid Barrett’s Anti-Witch Headquarters.  However, upon hearing the door open and opening her eyes enough to see Tsugumi and Anya enter, the supposedly sleepwalking Meme stops moving and smirks. But when Akane Hoshi and Clay Sizemore appear behind Tsugumi and Anya, Meme awakens from her sleepwalking.

Akane claims he and Clay were in the building anyway to finish late-night work assigned by Sid, but upon hearing the noise in the evidence room, they came to investigate. Finding it suspicious that Meme would be able to break into the room, Akane asks that she accompany him immediately to see Sid, which to Anya’s surprise Meme agrees.

Girls Dormitory

As Akane takes Meme to Sid, Clay escorts Anya as well as Tsugumi back to the dormitory, where he reveals that Meme may be kept in Sid’s custody for an extended amount of time: he requests Anya and Tsugumi bring Meme a change of clothes.

Death Weapon Meister Academy

Soul Eater NOT Episode 10 HD - Sid meets with Anya and Tsugumi

Sid reveals that Shaula has possessed Meme

The next day, Sid instructs his investigative team: now that they know Meme has something to do with Shaula, they can have Stein examine Meme to determine more information about the substance the witch is using to possess NOT students. Sid expects that determining how Meme accessed the key to the evidence room will bring him closer to finding Shaula’s location.

Sid’s work is interrupted, however, by a visit from Tsugumi and Anya, who demand to know why Meme has basically been arrested. Sid is surprisingly forthcoming: he suspects that Shaula has possessed Meme, much as Shaula possessed Eternal Feather and other students with her venom. But unlike previous cases, Meme does not show the same symptom. The magic possessing Meme must be stronger, as she is able to fight more effectively without insomnia or apathy, likely because she instead suffers from sleepwalking and memory loss. Despite Anya’s exhortations, Sid refuses to release Meme until their medical examination and investigation concludes.

Girls' Dormitory

Tsugumi, realizing that Meme may have lost her memory due to Shaula’s influence, feels worse for having taken out her aggression against her friend instead of the villain who has hurt her. Pitying herself, Tsugumi is confronted by Anya, who asks whether Meme would want to see Tsugumi acting so immaturely. But Tsugumi realizes that Anya as well misses their friends, as Anya too breaks down crying, empathizing with Tsugumi for the loss of her pet dog.

That evening, Anya hears a tap on their bedroom window: it is another one of the bats that Meme has used to send and receive messages, with a note addressed to Tsugumi and Anya. In her letter, Meme admits she is terrified and begs her friends to come see her at the location where Sid is keeping her under surveillance.

Meme's Room

Across the street from that very location, Sid and his Shibusen agents keep a lookout, waiting for Shaula to come retrieve her spy. As he explains to Akane and Clay, Stein detected a substance in Meme’s blood, likely the chemical controlling her will. Sid and Akane both agree, however, that their focus must be on protecting Meme more than it is even to capture Shaula: they must protect their students at all costs.

But Sid fails to notice Tsugumi and Anya break into the building. Meme, hearing her friends’ arrival, is overjoyed. Tsugumi apologizes for how awfully she treated Meme, who cries tears of happiness for their return to her. With her blade, Tsugumi cuts off the door lock.

Soul Eater NOT Episode 10 HD - Meme attacks Anya

Meme attacks her friends.

Upon being freed, however, Meme attacks Anya then Tsugumi. More powerful than before, Meme easily disables Anya and Shibusen agents before taking Tsugumi captive. Running towards a window, Meme orders Tsugumi to transform into a weapon or die once they hit the ground. After Meme throws both herself and Tsugumi through the window, the weapon transforms to save herself, allowing Meme to use Tsugumi as a weapon to break their fall. As Sid, Akane, and Clay pursue Meme, the possessed meister tosses Tsugumi at Akanae and Clay, the duo rescuing her but falling behind. Akane leaves Tsugumi behind with Anya, ordering them to stay put.

Death City

Sid phones all of his agents, ordering them to follow Meme and rescue her. But each agent has been stabbed by someone with venom-tipped hair, possessing their willpower.

As Tsugumi and Anya try to catch up with Meme, Akane and Sid have already cornered her, confirming that she has indeed been possessed by Shaula. While distracted by Meme, Sid is almost struck by arrows, shot from the rooftops by Shaula. Sid leaves Akane to retrieve Meme while he pursues Shaula. Unfortunately, as Akane tries to disable Meme, he is stopped by his possessed Shibusen colleagues, which allows Meme a distraction to escape.

Square of Liberty

Soul Eater NOT Episode 10 HD - Meme crushes Sid

The death of Sid Barrett

Sid catches up to Shaula at the Square of Liberty. Underneath a replica of the Statue of Liberty, he orders her to surrender. Before he can attack the witch, he is stabbed from behind by Meme. As Sid fights off Meme, Shaula strikes, stabbing Sid in the neck to infect hi with her venom. Recognizing Sid’s strong will, however, Shaula admits that she has no use for such disobedient soldiers.

A crash echoes through Death City. Tsugumi and Anya, still pursuing Meme, follow the sound of the blast to the Square of Liberty where they find Meme standing over the rubble of a crushed Statue of Liberty, which has collapsed upon the bloodied remains of Sid Barrett. Shocked at the horror before them, the recently arrived Akane and Clay cannot catch up with Meme; they cry out in horror for their teacher.

Patchwork Lab

Soul Eater NOT Episode 10 HD - Anya cannot face Tsugumi

Unable to face Tsugumi, Anya prepares to leave Death City

Tsugumi and Anya wait in the hallway for Clay and Akane to exit Stein's laboratory, where they notify the two girls that Sid did not survive: Shaula and Meme have killed their teacher.

Clay then informs Anya that they are going to escort her from Death City back to her home country. Tsugumi is shocked to hear Clay refer to Anya as “Princess Anastasia Yngling.” Akane and Clay explain: they are not NOT students but EAT Central Intelligence students, assigned by Anya’s home nation as undercover bodyguards to protect her during her time in Death City. Now that Sid is dead, however, Death City is too dangerous: Anya must leave immediately. 

Anya refuses to depart: as long as Tsugumi is here, she is not abandoning her weapon. Clay will not listen to her argument because, now that he has lost his teacher to Shaula, he refuses to let anyone else die. Surprised at Clay’s forcefulness, Anya acquiesces. As she departs, Tsugumi calls out to her, asking what is going on. Anya cannot face her weapon: she faces forward and marches away, leaving Tsugumi abandoned by both of her meisters.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • Whereas in the manga Meme's trespassing into Sid's evidence room happens the same night as when Shaula possesses Meme's body to escape and kill Sid, in the anime Meme's trespassing happens on an earlier night.
  • Although in both the anime and the manga Meme brings home a Halloween outfit but refuses to reveal it, the manga shows the outfit was that of Texas Mask, a character whose face appears briefly on the wanted board at the Death Weapon Meister Academy in an earlier episode. While Meme's outfit as Texas Mask never appears in the anime, Meme does use chainsaws in Episode 11 to fight against Anya and Tsugumi.
  • Whereas in the anime Sid's body is underneath the rubble of the crushed Statue of Liberty replica, in the manga the Statue is not crushed: Sid is killed by the tip of the torch of the Statue, upside down, impaling his skull.


  • Tsugumi's self-portrait in the form of a Jack O'Lantern has the same facial expression as the Soul Eater NOT! logo.
  • This episode demonstrates how Sid Barrett died. Whereas the original Soul Eater manga and the first anime referred to Sid as having been killed by a replica of the Statue of Liberty to the head, this episode clarifies that the replica was a reproduction of the Statue of Liberty, put on display in the Square of Liberty at Death City.
  • The English dub of this episode appeared exactly one year after its initial Japanese broadcast.
  • The Funimation dub featured additional performances by Patrick McAlister, Tyson Rinehart, Chris Ryan, Hunter Scott, Michael Frederico, Alex Organ, Christopher Wehkamp, Garret Storms, and Marcus D. Stimac.
  • In the original Japanese, the Shibusen employees were voiced by Yasuyuki Sano, Daisuke Takahashi, Takehiro Hasu, and Genki Yoshimoto.


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