SEN! - Episode 12
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Soul Resonance!

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Icon - JPNIcon - USA (sub): 2014 July 1
Icon - USA (dub) 2015 July 10

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24 Minutes

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Rating - TV-14

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Battle Festival Arc

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Having located the possessed Meme Tatane, Tsugumi Harudori and Anya Hepburn are forced to battle her and Shaula in a test of wills and desires. After the three girls reunite, Shaula gives everything she has againt a miraculous technique formed by the trio. As Tsugumi learns, in the end, all you have are the unbreakable bonds of friendship.

Soul Resonance! (魂の共鳴 Tamashī no Kyōmei!) is the twelfth and final episode of the anime Soul Eater Not! On July 1, 2014, it premiered in Japan and was subbed on On June 10, 2015, its English dub premiered on

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Death City (October 31)Edit

Meme Tatane, possessed by Shaula Gorgon, prepares to attack Tsugumi Harudori and Anya Hepburn. As Tsugumi and Anya struggle to break through Shaula’s possession over Meme, the witch threatens to exert her control to have Meme execute herself.

Shaula proceeds to explain her plan: she possessed NOT students, as they were easily acquired, who then could poison until she had possessed students placed throughout Death City. Now upon the release of her Soul Protect, Shaula can exert stronger control over those students.

As the sky darkens, the EAT students witness how their possessed classmate are strengthened by Shaula’s magic, rising again to break through the Girls' Dormitory and invade the Academy.

Shaula, deciding to join in the fighting personally, escapes, but not before ordering Meme to kill Tsugumi and Anya. As Anya fights one-on-one against Meme, Tsugumi struggles to determine how to administer Stein's anti-possession antidote. Tsugumi, to keep her hands free to fight Meme, places the antidote in her mouth and, after catching Meme off-guard with attacks from her blades, is able to administering the antidote to Meme through a kiss.

While the antidote decreases Shaula's hold over Meme, her soul remains possessed by the witch. Tsugumi approaches Meme unarmed, trying to persuade her to remember that she and Anya are Meme's friends. Even as Tsugumi's words are getting through to Meme, the possessed student stabs Tsugumi with Shaula's blade. But Tsugumi resists the pain, beginning to sing to her possessed friend the same song that they sung to their pumpkins. In the process, Tsugumi's soul resonates with Meme's own, finally dissolving any lingering hold that Shaula still has upon Meme.

Freed from Shaula's possession, Meme apologizes to her friends, while Anya tends to Tsugumi’s wound. Although freed from Shaula’s possession, Meme can still hear Shaula’s voice—which means that the Trio can find Shaula and report her location to the Academy. Before notifying their teachers, however, Tsugumi announces that she is ready to choose her meister: as her soul can resonate with both Meme and Anya, she realizes that both meisters are meant to be her partners.

Meanwhile, at the Girls' Dormitory, Kana Altair and Misery are possessed, making it difficult for Kim Diehl and Jacqueline O. Lantern Dupré to fight back against their friends. As Eternal Feather is attacked by Raid and Hao, Liz Thompson and Patty Thompson arrive on Master's moped, knocking back both possessed students to save the girls' dormitory residents.

As Tsugumi and her friends fly towards the DWMA, Shaula uses her connection to Meme to locate and knock down the Trio. Shaula offers to spare Tsugumi and Anya if Meme allows herself to be possessed again, chiding Meme for her hand in killing Sid. Meme refuses and begins to resonate with Tsugumi and Anya. Now resonating with two meisters, Tsugumi manages to form a blade. In Anya's hands, Tsugumi turns into a spear; in Meme’s hands, an axe. Yet when each meister uses her separately, Shaula easily repels their attacks.

As Shaula prepares to strike down the students, the two meisters wield Tsugumi together, flying above Shaula and dodging her attack. As the meisters descend, a powerful wave of energy channels off of Tsugumi and envelops both meisters, culminating in what Anya and Meme call out as a Spring Bird Attack. The attack cuts through Shaula's body, killing her and leaving behind only her soul.

With Shaula defeated, the sky brightens, and Tsugumi gently chides her meisters for the "weird names" they assign to their attacks.

Meanwhile, the EAT students, the Girls’ Dormitory students, and the Thompsons are surprised to see the possessed students have stopped fighting, collapsing to the ground asleep. Nygus reports to Stein that Shaula’s energy has vanished and convinces him to assist with administering medical care to students injured in the city-wide fight.

Tsugumi returns to the DWMA to turn over Shaula's soul to Akane Hoshi and Clay Sizemore, as well as to announce that she has chosen her meisters.

Death City (Fall, Winter, and Spring)Edit

After Shaula's attack, life in Death City returns to normal for most residents. However, Tsugumi is without her meisters: Anya returns to her parents' castle, and Meme undergoes treatment—under strict Shibusen security—by Stein. Tsugumi continues her studies and training over the subsequent winter months.

In the spring, Tsugumi encounters Liz and Patty, who are now officially partnered with their meister, Death the Kid. Tsugumi also reunites with Meme and Anya, who have both returned to the Death Weapon Meister Academy. The Trio march up the stairs and towards their future as partners.

Meanwhile, at Hook Cemetery, a gravestone vibrates before being lifted out of the ground by the resurrected Sid Barrett.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • Whereas the anime shows Tsubaki Nakatsukasa fighting with her own weapons against Shaula's possessed students, Tsubaki never appears in person in the 42 chapters of Soul Eater NOT manga, only in a bonus comic included with Volume 4.5.
  • Unlike Chapter 42 of Soul Eater NOT, Episode 12 includes appearances of Soul Eater and Harvar D. Éclair outside of their weapon forms.
  • Although Meme wields chainsaws in her fight against Tsugumi and Anya, the anime does not identify her as the serial killer Texas Mask, which was hinted as her alias in the manga.
  • In the anime, Meme is healed by Tsugumi's singing of "Kimi ga Ireba", following from the song's presence in Episode 9. In the manga, the song is not present and Meme is instead healed by Tsugumi's apology.
  • Whereas in the manga's final arc, Akane arrives at Tsugumi's fight against Shaula, with Clay in weapon form, Akane and Clay fight Traitors at the Death Weapon Meister Academy. While here, Clay fights in human form, with his forearm transformed into a blade, which does not occur in the manga's final arc. As well, during Akane's fight at the Academy, he witnesses a Traitor stabs himself, likely dying in the process, which does not occur in the manga.
  • Whereas in this episode Tsugumi delivers Shaula's soul—tethered in the air like a balloon—to Akane and Clay at the DWMA, in Chapter 42 Kid is present at the death of Shaula, alongside his father and all of the Death Scythes, to collect Shaula's soul. Therefore Maka and Soul are not present to see Tsugumi with Shaula's soul at the DWMA.
  • Whereas this episode—and the entirety of the anime—never included any on-screen scene featuring any of the Death Scythes, Chapter 42 of the manga featured all of the eight Death Scythes in operation at this point in the story.
  • Whereas the anime shows Tsugumi see Liz and Patty are now partnered with Kid, their scenes with Kid at the Death Weapon Meister Academy are not present in Chapter 42.
  • Tsugumi's third meister, Ao Hoshino, is introduced only in the manga.
  • Whereas Sid Barrett's resurrection is shown in this episode's post-credit sequence, his resurrection is not shown in Chapter 42 or at any point in the manga Soul Eater NOT!


  • Like her alter ego in the manga, Meme wields chainsaws in her fight against Tsugumi and Anya.
  • Sid Barrett's resurrection after the episode's closing credits, while present in the original Japanese televised release, was not present in the initial United States release at Funimation's web site. This scene was also missing in the initial release of the dubbed episode on Funimation's web site.


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