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The Man with the Magic Eye – Soul and Maka's Diverging Soul Wavelength?

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Magan no Otoko 〜Sōru to Maka, Zure Yuku Tamashii no Hachō?

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The Experiment Arc

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Maka and Soul are having trouble syncing their wavelengths, a fact that proves problematic when they find themselves fighting an immortal Wolfman.

The Man with the Magic Eye – Soul and Maka's Diverging Soul Wavelength? is the thirteenth episode of the anime Soul Eater. It is based on Chapters 10 and 11 of the the Soul Eater manga.

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Witch Prison and Nearby Forest

A prison guard is asleep, his goblet empty. This guard's unconsciousness likely is caused by some drug placed into his drink by the frog Eruka. With Maba's key in her mouth, Eruka manages to find Prisoner 13, "The Man with the Magic Eye." She arrives at the cell of Prisoner 13, and the gruff man asks why he should believe that she is here to actually help him? Eruka, nervously facing this dangerous man, tenses and cannot answer.

But Prisoner 13 is rather capricious, as he is next seen hopping away from the prison, shouting "Thank you!" to the frog. He bounces through the snowy forest, his wrists shackled and a ball and chain still attached to his ankle. Because his bound hands cannot reach his blindfold (which is covered with magical symbols), he depends on the hopping Eruka to guide him out of the forest. But the odd prisoner is hardly in a rush to escape, seemingly happy for the conversation to discuss how difficult it is to escape from the Witch Prison, especially when he wanted to imitate the escape plans from famous movies. Prisoner 13 wanted to dig himself out of his cell with a spoon, but all his prison meals consisted of only chopsticks. Eruka asks why he had not considered urinating onto his cell's bars, slowly corroding them away. Embarrassed he had not considered that idea, Prisoner 13 begins to slam his head against a nearby tree, criticizing himself for his ignorance.

Eruka shouts for Prisoner 13 to hurry up, or else both of them will be killed by the witches (whether those at the prison or Medusa). But it is too late: Eruka sees the Witch Prison's guards surrounding them with weapons including flamethrowers. Prisoner 13 sniffs the air, warning Eruka that the guards are coming—his blindness infuriating the frog witch. The guards demand this man with the Magic Eye surrender or be killed. But as these guards have no idea of his abilities, Prisoner 13 calls their bluff. Eruka can only look with horror as the guards' spears pierce Prisoner 13 through his mouth, shoulders, and head, all fatal wounds (or what should be). Eruka, dumbfounded, realizes she will die.

Soul Eater Episode 13 HD - Free reveals his Demon Eye

Prisoner 13 reveals his Magic Eye

But Prisoner 13's jaw clenches, his sharp teeth easily snapping the metal spear in two. Spitting out the bar, Prisoner 13 shows no damage: he says it will take more than sharp sticks to kill him. Despite a shout from his colleague to stop, one prison guard fires his flamethrower at the Man with the Magic Eye, hoping to burn him to death. All the fire does is fracture the handcuffs, allowing the prisoner to easily remove the blindfold. He tells everyone he was imprisoned by the Head Witch Maba because she could not kill him: he removes his blindfold, revealing the mark "No Future" above his left eye, the Magic Eye he stole from the Head Witch herself. As he tells the guards he is immortal, the dying cries of those prisoners fade into the night.

Death Weapon Meister Academy

Soul Eater wants to know why he is at school on a Sunday, as well as why the room smells so odd. Maka Albarn tells her partner to be quiet, as she asked their teacher, Franken Stein, to help them find a special tactic by which to grow stronger, much like the Kyūkon Water he gave to Black☆Star. Maka also says the smell is simply the aroma candles around them. Before Stein begins his lessons, he warns the duo that today's training is dangerous, one that could cause irreparable harm both to the point that they may never be able to resonate with each other again. Maka agrees, ignoring Soul's protests, as she is the meister. Soul asks why she is so keen on this strict lesson, but she stays silent.

Stein instructs the students to face each—and tell the other partner of their flaws. While Maka is shocked, Soul quickly lists his meister's flaws—earning him two Maka Chops to the head until Stein says physical abuse will not be permitted for the remainder of this lesson. Maka and Soul continue to criticize each other, while Stein considers the effectiveness of this lesson: the room's candles heighten people's emotions, meaning that the most minor of comments can cause significant harm to a relationship. Therefore, if Soul and Maka can be so candid with each other yet get through the exercise, their partnership, and their soul wavelengths, will be stronger.

Soul stops yelling at Maka to ask again why she decided to take this Sunday lesson without considering his desire. Maka responds that she wants to be stronger so Soul will not be seriously injured again as he was in Italy. Soul reminds Maka that meisters fight to strengthen weapons, not that meisters are to become stronger for the sake of protecting their weapons. Maka leaps up and asks why he is against her growing stronger and that she hates depending on his protection. 

Soul Eater Episode 13 HD - Soul Evans tells Maka to sit

Maka and Soul argue

Soul avoids answering, thinking about how the Little Ogre tells him he must break the rules to grow stronger to ultimately overcome fear itself.  Soul thinks he is not afraid of the Ogre or of becoming stronger, yet he remembers his nightmares of hurting Maka. He only tells Maka that her shouting annoys him and she should sit down rather than strain his neck looking up at her. She refuses. Stein realizes that the lesson is not working: their soul wavelengths are slipping away from each other, with the potential that they will not be able to resonate again.


Medusa hears chains rattling, as the ball and chain of Prisoner 13 moves with each step upon his arrival before this witch. Eruka announces she has brought the prisoner as required and demands Medusa remove the snakes from her body as promised. But Medusa says the payment is one snake per errand, shocking Eruka to realize she actually has no idea how many snakes Medusa put into her. Medusa demands Eruka follow her orders or she will release all snakes at once.

Soul Eater Episode 13 HD - Free and Medusa talk

Free offers to help Medusa

While Eruka sobs, Prisoner 13 is surprised a witch like Medusa would free him from the Witch Prison. Medusa intorduces herself to "the Man with the Magic Eye." Surprised to be called as such, the prisoner realizes he has been imprisoned for so long that he has lost everything in Witch Prison, even his name. But now that he is free, he might as well claim that name: he announces to Medusa that he will name himself Free, and he is indebted to Medusa. While feigning modesty, Medusa toys with the foolish Free, coaxing him into helping her crush a meister and weapon pair. Free, recognizing that this pair must be from the DWMA, happily accepts the mission: as an immortal, he despises Death and will do whatever he can to undermine an organization with rules about who lives and who dies. Medusa smiles wickedly, pleased to have convinced Free to follow her will so readily.

London Bridge

A loudmouth introduces himself to the city, as Black☆Star shouts from London Bridge. Tsubaki Nakatsukasa asks how her meister can stand the snow with so few layers of clothes, but Black☆Star claims he is so strong that he can handle standing naked in this snow. He turns to Maka and Soul, annoyed that all DWMA etracurricular lessons now require two meister-weapon teams following Soul's injury in Italy. Black☆Star orders Maka and Soul not to slow down his mission, but that pair cannot bother to speak to each other. As Tsubaki senses the two are still upset after their Sunday lesson with Stein, she tries to distract her friends with all the wonders of London at night.

Unable to recognize what is wrong with his peers, Black☆Star tells Maka to hurry up and sense the soul they are hunting, as he can't. It only takes a moment for Maka to sense a soul standing right in front of them. As Black☆Star looks surprised at this older man in a black and white striped shirt, and a ball and chain attached to his ankle, Maka senses his soul is mixed together with various contents, including human, witch, and something else. The man, Free, is pleased to have located his victims.  Maka warns that the opponent's soul is a mix of various abilities, suggesting he is also a magic user. Black☆Star ignores the advice, ordering Tsubaki to use Uncanny Sword mode, even if they have not perfected this attack because he will only need a few seconds to down this villain. Free is already surprised at Black☆Star's strength, while upon unleashing the Uncanny Sword, Maka can see how much more powerful his soul is than before.

Free summons an Icy Cone from the snow, but Tsubaki's shadow easily destroys the barrier. Black☆Star prepares to slice Free down—only for the Uncanny Sword mode to exhaust his entire soul. Surprised at this student's failing, Free is distracted long enough for Soul to shove his blade through Free, but the fatal chest attack does not kill him. As his chest wound heals, Free announces he is an Immortal, and he unleashes his true form. As Free grows more canine in appearance, Maka sees his soul change as well: she realizes they face the Legendary Wolfman, the one who stole the eye of the Head Witch.

Soul Eater Episode 13 HD - Soul Evans burns Maka

Soul's resonance burns Maka

Maka orders Soul to transform, but upon clutching his handle, she cannot grip it due to its heat, which burns her hands. Tsubaki realizes the meister and weapon are not syncing their soul wavelengths: just as, in their duel against Death the Kid, Black☆Star could not wield Soul because the weapon grew too heavy without proper resonance, so now is Maka unable to hold Soul.

Through the eyes of Eruka, who is in frog form along the bridge, Medusa watches, assuming that the black blood has hampered Soul and Maka's ability to resonate.

With Maka stunned, struggling to breathe, Free attacks the unarmed meister with Fighting Wolves' Fist then Icy Pillar. The ice throws Soul back as well. Maka clutches the suspension of London Bridge, but now she is in the path of Free's Magic Eye Cannon. But before he can fire, one of Free's ice spears he summoned instead crashes from his feet up into his gut, impaling him. While this attack is usually fatal, Free is momentarily stunned—as Maka, Soul, and Eruka are, by Free's struggle to practice his magic after such a long imprisonment.

Tsubaki, still tending to an unconscious Black☆Star, suggests Maka wield her. Maka says even if she could wield Tsubaki, she could not perfect her form in time to defeat Free. The wolfman begins to rant that Death makes up his own rules to determine who is good and evil, but he refuses to follow someone's rules just on the basis of authority. With ice encasing his ball and chain, he knocks Maka back. Maka demands Soul transform, despite his protest. Studying from afar, Tsubaki recognizes this plan is not ideal, but as Maka specializes as a sycthemeister, Maka has no other choice.

Soul transforms, but his handle still burns her hands. Maka ignores the pain, piercing Free's skin with her weapon's blade, but Free easily knocks Maka back.  Soul urges Maka to calm down with a breath and patience, not rush into this battle recklessly. Maka orders Soul to be quiet because he is holding her back and preventing their wavelengths from syncing: he is not acting cool. Soul panics for a moment: as Maka says it is he who prevents the duo from growing stronger, he hears the Little Ogre reminds him of the power that awaits him. But the Ogre's statement infuriates Soul, prompting him to shout at Maka.

Tsubaki silences the two, yelling that they must not let their tempers prevent their collaboration. When Soul challenges that Black☆Star is hardly cooperative, Tsubaki uses her partnership as a model example: she admits that Black☆Star is foolish and goofy, but as his weapon, she will follow his lead because this partnership it is about compromise. The meister and weapon listen. Maka thinks how she desired to catch up to Soul's abilities, but rather than catch up, she will instead grow stronger with her. Her soul grows more powerful. Whether Soul hears her thoughts, he thinks that his meister hardly has any reason to beat herself up, as he is hardly that powerful. He says that if Maka is ready to work with him—then speaks to the Little Ogre. He says he will follow the Ogre's plan for power, but he is not going to be led blindly: he will figure out how to undermine whatever ulterior motive the Ogre has. As the Ogre promises madness and delight await, Soul grins.

Soul and Maka initiate Soul Resonance. Both Medusa and Tsubaki sense how the black blood increases their resonance rate, but Maka feels something wrong, as if Soul is devouring her. Medusa wants to see whether the heightened resonance rate will consume Maka's soul and mind as well. But she is disappointed to see Soul pull back on that madness, the power of the black blood allowing Maka to now perfectly perform Witch Hunter against Free. Free recognizes this Witch Hunter as an anti-demon wavelength weapon, so he uses Wolves' Tail Wall as a barrier. Maka's Witch Hunter cannot slice down the Wall, the heat from Soul's handle burning her.

But with the memory of Soul's injury, Maka persists, performing Figure 6 Hunter to cut down his tail. Soul and Free are shocked, more so when Maka releases Soul and dashes at Free, tackling the Wolfman to throw both of them off the bridge. Before she can fall with the Wolfman, she feels a hand clasp her ankle: Soul has transformed back into a human, clutching her as he grips the bridge's cable, commenting that her ankles are more slender. Before Soul can pull up Maka, however, extended claws wrap around her chest, cutting into her: they are Free's, as he refuses to fall alone into the river below. Soul struggles to hold on, refusing to give up.

Soul and Maka hear the slice of flesh cut off, as Free's claw, still attached to Maka, is severed from the Wolfman. They then hear "Yahoo!" and see Tsubaki, in Shuriken form, sail through the air and boomerang back to the reawakened Black☆Star. As Free descends, he chants a magic spell to launch himself upward by Icy Pillar—but instead of placing the pillar below him to leap, he encasses himself in the pillar. As the frozen Free sinks into the river, he assures himself he just needs to rehabilitate.

Although Free failed to kill the DWMA students, Medusa is pleased that this experiment shows the black blood has progressed to the pointed that she can soon create a Kishin.

Observing Maka's burnt hands, Soul assumes he is stuck with cooking duties at their apartment, a prospect that makes Maka smile and joke that she hopes he makes tasty meals. Pleased with her recovery, Soul stands and walks away, leaving Maka to cough. Covering her mouth, Maka feels blood cough into her hand--black blood.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • In Chapter 10, Free's battle with the Prison Guards is shown, where he first deploys his Ice Sphere and Ice Spindle techniques with his wolf-themed incantation to graphically crush and dismember the guards. In Episode 13, the scene cuts away from Free's battle against the Prison Guards, with only the sound of Free's battle and the screaming of the dying Prison Guards heard. As such, this episode does not show Free's incantation and techniques until the London Bridge fight in the second half of the episode.
  • In Chapter 10, Soul and Maka are shown entering the Death Weapon Meister Academy hallway for a Sunday class, with the meister delivering a Maka Chop to Soul's head. Soul and Maka then enter the Special Tutoring Room One. In Episode 13, the story skips to Soul and Maka entering the Special Tutoring Room One, skipping their entrance to the Academy, Soul's complaints, and the Maka Chop.
  • In Chapter 10, when Soul asks Stein whether Maka Chops are permitted in their tutoring lesson, Stein replies that he should raise his hand before asking a question. In Episode 10, Stein instead tells Maka to stop hitting Soul.
  • In Chapter 10, Maka retaliates against Soul by preparing a dinner for him consisting only of a dried seaweed snack, leading him to storm out of their apartment and, after hearing from Blair, leaving Maka feeling some shame for her behavior. This scene does not occur in Episode 13, and as such Maka and Soul's apartment and Blair never appear in that episode. This scene, not featured in Episode 13, would have been the set up for Soul's promise at the end of the story to promise to cook Maka while her damaged hands recover, as he specifically says it is now his turn to do the cooking.
  • In Chapter 10, Crona and Ragnarok watch Eruka and Free's arrival before Medusa. In Episode 13, Crona and Ragnarok are not present for this meeting.
  • In Episode 13, Maka rejects Tsubaki's offer to temporarily use her as a weapon and instead tries to use Soul again. However, in Chapter 11, there was a scene between Tsubaki's offer and Maka's attempt to use Soul in which Maka actually used Tsubaki in Kusarigama mode while Soul fought as a weapon on his own, as Black☆Star was unconscious.
  • In Chapter 11, an epilogue is included in which Crona uses Screech Alpha on persons in a city square in order to claim their souls. This scene does not occur at any point in the anime.


  • Free claims he was imprisoned for more than 200 years.
  • Soul and Maka's flaws to each other are difficult to hear due to Stein's voiceover:
    • Soul thinks Maka is stubborn and reckless, is an introvert who enjoys reading and puzzles, has fat ankles, is careless, is a poor cook, takes long baths, that her mother has an outie belly button (when actually, Maka angrily corrects him, it is her father with the outie), always has to have the last word in an argument, and is a pest.
    • Maka thinks Soul appears sloppy, has smelly feet, does not put the toilet seat down, cannot mind his own business, and is actually the pest in their partnership.
  • In the Funimation English dub, in his failed attack against Free, Black☆Star quotes from the children's nursery rhyme "London Bridge," apt given their location.
  • The Funimation English subtitles refer to Free as "an Immortal," identifying him as indeed part of a race of Immortals, not simply immortal.
  • Although a weapon, Tsubaki can sense Maka and Soul's resonance rate. Likewise, so can the witch Medusa.
  • Not including the opening title sequence, this episode is the first to show Soul, when in weapon form, as nude rather than as clothed. His nude appearance in this episode happens only when he falls into the black blood's madness, however, as he resumes his usual jacket and headband when he removes himself from madness.
  • In the preview for the next episode, Soul says he and Black☆Star should celebrate their concluded mission with some London cuisine, such as fish and chips and sushi, while Black☆Star desires karaoke and sightseeing, until the ninja grows bored and suggests watching DVDs. When learning about the next episode's plot, the two boys bemoan having to take an exam—but Soul cannot resist suggesting other London meals, such as curry.
  • This is the thirteenth episode, in which Free is released from his prison. His prison number is 13.


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