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The Soul Eating Black Dragon – Scaredy-cat Liz and Her Merry Friends?

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魂を食う黒き龍 〜臆病リズと愉快な仲間たち?

Rōmaji Title

Tamashii o Kū Kuroki Ryū 〜Okubyō Rizu to Yukai na Nakama-tachi?

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Death the Kid and the Thompson sisters board a ghost ship full of human souls. After facing the vessel's demented captain, true evil unfurls its wings.

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The Soul Eating Black Dragon – Scaredy-cat Liz and Her Merry Friends? is the fifteenth episode of the anime Soul Eater.

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  • Baltic Sea



Baltic Sea VillageEdit

It is a sunny day in one seashore village, until a fog rolls in. A man calls to residents to run away, as the Black Dragon has arrived. A sound like a growl is heard, as a towering object approaches from the ocean. The man looks up to see the object, as its tendrils open. The man is petrified with fear, then the sound of torn flesh and crunched bones is heard.

Soul Eater Episode 15 - The village is consumed

A village on the Baltic Sea is consumed

Later, a being that looks like Death stands at the bow of a rowboat in the ocean. It is actually Death the Kid, who orders the Thompson sisters to row faster. While Patty sings a song, Liz is annoyed, wondering why they must take a rowboat to their location instead of faster or more luxurious transportation, such as a cruise ship. Kid announces they are near their destination, causing the shinigami to grow more somber. Liz is confused, as the village looks peaceful--until she sees that the shoreline, which appeared like cliffs, has markings that from above look more like teeth marks. Kid confirms that something swallowed the town and its inhabitants whole.

Kid and the Thompsons enter one of the town's houses, finding one survivor, cloaked and curled in a corner. The man claims a mist came into town, at which point the Black Dragon arrived to eat the village itself.

Later, in the village's library, Patty is calling out the names of animals, listed in picture books as she then imitates the sounds those animals make. Annoyed, Liz tells Kid to hurry up with his research. Although Kid thinks preliminary research is important, he too is tired of the location. But as he has procured enough information, he says they are ready to depart, which should please Liz.

Soul Eater Episode 15 - Nihogg

Kid and the Thompsons discover the ghost ship Nidhogg

Unfortunately for Liz, Kid's concluded research means that the Thompsons again have to row the boat into the ocean, prompting Liz to shout again at Kid's order again that they hurry their rowing. Liz asks about the Black Dragon the survivor villager mentioned. Kid explains that, since the Vikings sailed the Baltic Sea, this body of water has been a popular passage for ships--therefore, so have many ships sunk in this sea. Liz, nervous, realizes Kid is implying that there is something supernatural happening. As a mist surrounds their boat, Kid senses the presence of numerous souls nearby, and as the mist clears, Liz is terrified to find the Black Dragon itself, the ghost ship Nidhogg. Kid explains that the Nidhogg in Norse mythology is indeed a black sea dragon, so with the disappearance of so many ships recently, it is understandable why persons like that frightened villager would think this ghost ship was an actual dragon.

Kid commands the weapons to row their boat closer to the ship so that they may board the Nidhogg. While Liz is too terrified to follow that order due to her fear of ghosts, Patty is too exuberant, rowing so hard that she slams Kid into the side of the ship, causing blood to pour from his nose and onto the ship. Kid is furious that Patty would ram them into the ship--in its side, rather than straight at the middle, hence orders her to ram them again, again injuring Kid and again disturbing Liz. As Liz rants about how foolish her partners are, she does not notice how her peers led her onto the ghost ship. Upset to be on board, Liz complains that there may be human-eating ghosts on this ship, but Kid orders her to hurry. Liz, hesitant, follows, not noticing a ghostly being emerge from the ship's deck, pleased to have new living souls present that he may claim.

Walking inside the ship, Kid follows his Soul Perception to locate numerous human souls, causing the shinigami to be concerned why someone would require so many souls for some plot. Patty innocently asks, as these souls don't belong to anyone, whether they may claim them, infuriating Kid: "Do you want to become a Kishin?" Kid refuses and intends to take the souls into custody through his body.

Soul Eater Episode 15 - Flying Dutchman fires

The Flying Dutchman aims at Kid

Before Kid can claim the souls, the ghostly being, known as the Flying Dutchman, emerges again from the floor, surprised to be facing a shinigami. The Dutchman fires a gun at Kid, who dodges the bullets. Kid orders Liz and Patty to transform, but the Dutchman calls "Nidhogg!" The floorboards beneath Liz pull away, like tendrils, and gravity draws Liz downward into the bowels below.

Those floorboards then close, separating Liz from her peers--Patty giggling that her sister fell down, Kid annoyed by this situation. The Dutchman cackles as well, claiming he and the ship Nidhogg are one in the same, allowing him to swallow up Liz and wait to digest her. The Dutchman explains that as Death makes life increasingly difficult for beings like him he has seized these souls to present to the Kishin. Kid is surprised that the being would give souls to the demon sword Ragnarok, but the Flying Dutchman corrects Kid: these souls are not for that rookie Ragnarok but "the Kishin who is right next to you," a statement that confuses Kid. The Dutchman refuses to explain to this "child" Kid, as he is knows so many people crave power that he wants to allow the Kishin to sing its song to those masses. The Dutchman licks a soul, concluding that so long as people never stop desiring power, they will always be drawn to the Kishin.

The Dutchman fires shots again at Kid, tearing through his coat but leaving the dodging Kid otherwise uninjured. Patty says she will transform, but a nervous Kid orders her not to--because then he would be using weapons asymmetrically.

Liz, walking through the ship, realizes as well that Kid cannot use Patty alone. He worries for her partners' wellbeing, so she must return to them quickly to help them fight. While still afraid, she claims she is not scared because, as one of the Devils of Brooklyn, she has no fear. Yet this pep talk fails to convince even herself. She bemoans her fate since meeting Kid: she and Patty decided to "get high and mug a shinigami," putting them on the track of being his partners and leading them to this point.

Soul Eater Episode 15 - Ghost Girl

A ghostly girl instructs Liz how to get to the deck

Liz talks to herself, asking whether she is on the right path to get out of this ship's bowels--and a voice assures Liz indeed is on her way to the exit. While initially thankful for this information, Liz realizes someone is talking to her, putting her face to face with the ghost of a small girl. The ghost explains the ship ate her, so Liz assumes that this ghost now desires to consume her own body. Liz assures this girl wants to consume her attractive, busty body--infuriating the girl who only wants to help Liz. The girl threatens to beat Liz to death if she does not follow her, all while saying she wished she had not died so young before she could mature to have an attractive adult body Liz's. Liz apologizes, crawling behind the ghost towards the exit--which means Liz has to follow directions from more and more ghosts to climb up out of the bowels to the ship's deck, terrifying her more.

Meanwhile, the Dutchman continues to fire shots at Kid and Patty, who still have not partnered as meister and weapon but instead dodge shots and eventually run away from the Dutchman. Kid excoriates himself, remembering that he rejected so many potential partners suggested by his father (and the lovestruck Spirit Albarn, hence why those suggested weapons seem to all be young women) due to those weapons' lacking symmetry. When he faced the threat of mugging by the Thompsons, he was delighted to see that the two, when facing the New York City mob, transformed into symmetrical pistols, prompting Kid to take down those mobsters and offer to be meister of the criminals.

Lost in his thoughts, Kid's path is blocked by the return of the Dutchman, hovering from the ceiling above. The Dutchman taunts Kid, asking why, if he is shinigami, he shows such a lack of power and refuses to pass judgment on his supposed evil. Kid claims the Dutchman has not seen all he can offer. Kid adds that he knows evil exists in the world, but his goal is not the eradication of evil, simply keeping it in balance. This remark infuriates the Dutchman, who says that a god's ideals about good and evil are not held by all humans. Kid responds that he does not care what humans think: his goal is precise and exactly perfect balance. The Dutchman aims his pistol, shouting that Kid would rob freedom from other, but Kid faces that pistol and says that there is one freedom no one other than a shinigami is allowed: "I grant no freedom to kill."

Elsewhere, the ghosts whisper to Liz, telling her to come towards the light above at the top of the ladder. Arriving on deck in the daylight, Liz thanks the ghosts--until she sees Kid and Patty are not present, leading her to assume her child guide will eat her. The child yells that Kid and Patty are coming and to calm down. Sure enough, Kid and Patty explode up from the deck, landing safely on their feet--one of which Kid proceeds to stamp in annoyance at seeing Liz, whose absence he blames for his failure to wield Patty symmetrically. Liz, regaining her snark, responds that it is not her fault but Kid's own obsession. But Patty and Liz are joyful at reuniting, until the Dutchman floats above Liz, cackling. Spotting the Dutchman, Kid orders the Thompsons to transform so he may kill this opponent. Kid aims at the Dutchman, who continues laughing.

Soul Eater Episode 15 - Crona arrives

Crona arrives

A blade shoots through the air, slicing the Dutchman's head off at his jaw. It is the demon sword Ragnarok. His meister, Crona, walks towards the injured Dutchman, removing Ragnarok from the deck and slicing the Dutchman at the waist. Moving and sounding lethargic, Crona orders Ragnarok to perform Scream Resonance, prompting weapon and meister to scream. The ship glows, its souls emerging from the ship and hovering. With another cry, Crona pulls at Ragnarok, the mouth in his blade form opening and sucking the souls of all the ship's departed. The child says goodbye to the "scaredy-cat" Liz, shocking that weapon as she sees her guide pulled into Ragnarok. Patty is surprised how hungry that sword is, while Liz stares, infuriated.

Crona continues screaming, as the black blood in that meister's body transforms into Ragnarok's usual appearance. Patty giggles how gross this weapon's true form, as Kid calls it, appears, while Liz cannot determine whether Ragnarok is even human.

Kid ponders the myth of the Black Dragon. He watches as Ragnarok screams, coming to assume the form of a true black dragon, wings spread. Crona looks to the opponents, saying, "My blood is black." Kid glares, assuming the pose Reaper Combat Art: "Sin" Stance, prepared to judge, and kill, Crona. Ragnarok reforms into his blade form, as the opponents study each other, ready to fight.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • Whereas in the corresponding chapter from the manga Kid and the Thompsons went directly to the ship Nidhogg, the anime includes an additional scene between their arrival in the Baltic Sea village and their arrival at the Nidhogg to show Kid researching in the town's library.


  • Some translations of the manga and anime have the Dutchman refer to Asura as not "the Kishin who is right next to you" but "the Kishin who is close to you." This closeness may refer to not only geographical closeness but familial closeness, hence may foreshadow not only that Asura is buried within Death City but that he is so close to Kid in that he is his sibling in the manga.
Soul Eater Episode 15 - The Devils of Brooklyn hijack a car

The Thompsons' stolen vehicle has a license plate alluding to Studio BONES

  • In the flashback showing the Thompsons stealing a vehicle in a cactus-surrounded area, the car's license plate says "I Heart BONEZ," a reference to this anime's production company, Studio BONES.
  • In the Japanese preview for the next episode, the Flying Dutchman orders the ship Nidhogg to sink down to leave behind Kid and the other opponents. Before that departure, however, Kid wants to know where this being has roamed--but the Dutchman's hesitance leads Kid to realize this Dutchman really has never gone anywhere. In the English preview, however, Kid instead realizes that the Dutchman does not really fly at all, hence should change his name. In both previews, Kid does not conclude the preview as he usually does with any mention of precise and perfect symmetry.

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