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Fierce Battle Aboard the Ghost Ship – The Hell inside My Head?

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Gekitō! Yūreisen 〜Boku no Atama no Naka no Jigoku?

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Unsettled by something he heard on the ghost ship, Kid asks his father an unimaginable question. Franken Stein has his own questions regarding Medusa's qualifications as a nurse.

Fierce Battle Aboard the Ghost Ship – The Hell inside My Head? is the sixteenth episode of the anime Soul Eater.

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Death the Kid assumes his "Sin" Stance. Crona admits being fearful of everyone, determined that to deal better with other people requires obtaining power. Crona asks where the real Hell hides, pointing to the head as that location. Crona threatens to kill Kid if he does not leave. Kid is not impressed, leaping at Crona who, without resisting or dodging, received multiple shots from Kid's weapons. Kid criticizes Crona for seeking to use power to escape fear itself. To escape fear, Kid argues, Crona should instead strengthen the soul. After more shots, Kid falls back, Crona having fallen from the ship.

Liz Thompson asks whether they defeated Crona, only for the Demon Sword meister to unleash Scream Beta from below the ship's deck, right below Kid's feet. Kid falls back as Crona flies away, the shinigami's attacks in no way harming or deterring Crona. With Ragnarok's wings, Crona hovers above, realizing of course someone like Kid would not understand such fear. Crona feels that "even The Little One" failed to understand such feelings. At that moment, Crona remembers that little one, a scared dragon, whom Crona compares to Kid.

Patty Thompson studies Crona. She tries to ask her sister whether Crona looks like a certain someone. Liz does not wait Patty to finish, assuming her sister means that yes, Crona resembles how immoral the Thompsons once were. Liz remembers how she and Patty, the Devils of Brooklyn, felt no regret for the muggings and threats of violence, even death, they performed in New York. Liz says how being weapons made them feel they had the power to do as they please, with no fear, because no one ever asked what it is that these sisters wanted out of life. Patty interrupts her sister's monologuing to say her real question was whether Crona is a boy or a girl. Patty finds Liz's behavior self-indulgent, leaving Patty giggling and Liz annoyed.

Soul Eater Episode 16 - Crona destroys the Nidhogg

Crona sinks the Nidhogg.

Before Crona and Kid can renew their fight, the Flying Dutchman's head shouts at the two! Even when his head was slice at the jaw, and his body sliced at the waist, the Dutchman survived because his body is the ship: so long as the Nidhogg floats, he still lives. To prove that he and the Nidhogg are one, the Dutchman commands the ship's cannons to aim and fire at Kid and Crona, in revenge for claiming his human souls. The cannonballs fire at Kid, but the shinigami of course still stands, but what is more shocking to Kid is that Crona, thanks to Ragnarok's swelling soul wavelength, survived as well. Crona expresses hate towards all present, determined to kill anyone present who just cannot get along with others. Crona and Ragnarok perform Scream Resonance, dissolving the dragon wings and charging the attack Screech Alpha, which cuts the Nidhogg in half and, at the same time, the Dutchman's upper head. The ship actually roars before it begins to sink.

Liz directs Kid's attention to the escaping Crona, who is flying away on Ragnarok's dragon wings. Kid summons his flying skateboard, Beelzebub, to follow. Kid is determined to stop the Kishin Ragnarok—but he cannot forget the Dutchman speaking of the Kishin next to him, leading Kid to assume the DWMA is hiding something from him. Despite these thoughts, and the Baltic Sea mist, Kid catches up to Crona and successfully fires shots into Ragnarok. As Crona loses altitude, Ragnarok threatens to deny all dinner to Crona, frustrating the meister who feels skinny enough as it is. As Ragnarok descends, Kid ascends, as does the mist, lifting from the sea so that the Sun may appear. Kid realizes the ghost ship Nidhogg must have brought the mist—but upon seeing the Sun, he stops: he realizes the clouds are now symmetrical. Impressed with such symmetry, Kid flies across the ocean, towards the sun, perpendicularly away from Crona. Liz says Kid has allowed Crona to escape, but the shinigami does not care, continuing his path while a confused Crona and Ragnarok escape.

Meanwhile, the remains of the Nidhogg sink into the sea, except for a row boat with an eye protruding out of it. One part of the Nidhogg therefore remains, hence the Dutchman is still alive, his re-assembled lower body rowing away while the still decapitated and now bisected head begs the Kishin to give him another opportunity to bring new souls to him.

Death Weapon Meister Academy

In the Dispensary, Dr. Medusa announces the blood test results for Maka Albarn: the student's red and white blood cell counts are both normal with no hemoglobin issues, confirming Maka is healthy. Maka is not convinced after she coughed up the Black Blood while on London Bridge during the fight against the Legendary Wolfman. Medusa suggests that, as blood darkens over time, the coughed up blood may just look darker. Maka is still concerned, referring to this news as unsettling. Medusa thinks the same, for a different reason: as she observed Maka's fight against Free from afar with her crystal ball, Medusa thought the powerful resonance between Maka and Soul would not only transfer the Black Blood, as it had, but also the infection of madness. Yet Maka sits across from Medusa, stretching away and without any hint of madness.

Medusa hands Maka a baggie of pills, prescribing the student one every morning and one every evening. But Medusa knows her pills actually will promote the effects of the Black Blood. As Medusa deposits the pills into a paper bag, she asks Maka whether Soul Eater still suffers from his nightmares of the strange demon. Maka does not understand, prompting Medusa's surprise, as Soul told his own physician all about those nightmares all the time. Embarrassed, Maka assumes a happy exterior, claiming of course Soul has gotten past those nightmares, while internally she is mortified that her own weapon would not share this information with him. Maka hurriedly excuses herself with a friendly goodbye, but after the door shuts, Medusa cannot help but be annoyed at this "stupid girl." Maka as well is annoyed: she was in such a rush to depart that she failed to tighten her tie all because Soul has more trust in Dr. Medusa than in his own meister. Maka announces that she will confront Soul about this discrepancy.

With Maka out of her office, Medusa searches for the student's medical file to determine why the Black Blood did not affect the student as it should have. Yet Medusa finds Maka's file missing. She then hears the familiar roll of a wheeled desk chair. Maka Albarn's file is tossed onto a nearby table as Franken Stein asks his fellow doctor whether it is this file that Medusa sought. Medusa claims to be startled by Stein sneaking up on her, but Stein is insistent: why is Medusa so interested in Maka as well as Soul? Medusa claims she is concerned due to the difficult experiences those students have had recently in combat.

Stein persists, a smile still on his face, showing the bag of medicine he just seized from Maka in the hallway: he fails to recognize such medicine and demands to know what it is. Inwardly, Medusa is furious, anticipating Stein has determined her real identity, which may require killing him right now. Even as Medusa charges her magic, she smiles and claims Stein would fail to recognize such medicine because it is her own herbal remedy, compounded herself to help better circulate blood and regulate the pulse—not entirely a lie, as this medicine does better circulate blood, only it is black blood. Medusa feigns embarrassment for specializing in untraditional medicine to help Maka and Soul. Stein laughs along with her, then asks point blank whether Medusa is a witch. Both doctors are silent for what feels like moments. Medusa then turns around and claims Stein is insulting her physical appearance as witchy, which is sexual harrassment. Stein cackles as he spins in his chair, saying that if Medusa is going to sue anyone to sue Spirit Albarn first. Laughing so hard, Stein falls back, knocking his rolling chair up into the air and down onto his torso. Medusa reminds Stein that the chair is not his but her office's.

Later, outside the entrance into the Death Room, Stein has a cigarette, trembling because he felt that Medusa intended to kill him. He recognizes this feeling, fear, but that feeling pleases him: Stein had forgotten how fear felt. It is up to him to make the next move.

At sunset, Stein wheels his chair through the hallways, passing Sid Barrett and his weapon, Mira Naigus. Sid and Naigus keep their backs to Sid, asking whether he can confirm their suspicions. Stein confirms: Medusa is a witch. Stein asks whether the two have located Medusa's home. Sid confirms he has. Naigus adds that the two of them can handle this mission, but Stein reiterates a warning that dealing with a witch is dangerous. Sid responds: "We know. We've seen many people lose their lives that way." Sid and Naigus depart, determined to find the physical evidence that Medusa is a witch so as to receive a warrant for execution from Lord Death.

In the dispensary, Medusa speaks mentally to Eruka through the snakes implanted in the frog witch. Medusa instructs Eruka to find "the item" inside an attaché case and then follow through on the next steps.

Medusa's Lair, Libya

At sunset, from within Medusa's lair, Eruka Frog smiles deviously.

That evening, Sid and Naigus arrive at a set of buildings. Naigus assumes weapon form before Sid finds the door to Medusa's home unlocked. While Naigus urges caution, Sid says he has always been. Sid is surprised that a school physician would keep such ghastly science experiments and disembodied body parts. Naigus recognizes the magic circle with witch writing painted onto one wall, confirming Medusa is a witch. But Naigus also identifies a diary on the desk. While Sid does not want to be the person who would read a woman's diary, Naigus orders him to. Sid is shocked to see how Medusa knows everything about the DWMA, realizing what Medusa seeks and why she has been researching the Black Blood to enact her plan tomorrow during the DWMA's Eve Celebration. Caught up in this information, however, neither Sid nor Naigus notice the arrival of bouncing Tadpole Bombs, left by Eruka. Before Sid can leave the building, the bombs explode, seemingly killing the two in an explosion that decimates the entire building.

Far away from the buildings, Eruka walks away from the violence, happy as a witch to cause such destruction. She leaves with an attaché case covered in arrows.

Death Weapon Meister Academy (evening)

Kid returns to the Academy, ordering Liz and Patty to return to Gallows Mansion as he departs to speak with his father. Lord Death is pleased with his son's arrival, having heard Kid faced the Demon Sword. But Kid is pensive: while a shinigami, he admits he is a child, and he is frustrated how much he does not know. He asks his father what the Dutchman meant when referring to "the Kishin that is right next to us." Lord Death initially answers cryptically: "Both people and gods possess weakness. To bury that weakness they try to seek strength. Fear and desire are two sides of the same coin." Kid clarifies his question: how is the Kishin who is right next to them related to the fact that Lord Death can not leave the Death Weapon Meister Academy?

Manga and Anime Differences

  • When the Spartoi group was formed, the Flying Dutchman came back to life and had a battle with them and Blair. In the anime however, his ship sinks, leaving only a rowboat. 
  • In Chapter 15, during the Eve Anniversary Celebration, Stein tells Medusa that Sid and Mira are investigating her lair in Libya. The anime never specifies the location of Medusa's lair.  


  • The Flying Dutchman can still talk, even though he is just an upper jaw, with no lower teeth and tongue.
  • Medusa searches for Maka Albarn's medical file under the letter "M" rather than "A." While it is possible that Medusa organizes medical files by first rather than last names, it is more likely that this instance is an animation error.
  • Sid is adamant to Stein that he takes witches seriously, claiming, "We've seen many people lose their lives" to witches. Indeed, he has: Shaula Gorgon killed Sid in Soul Eater Not!
  • Sid and Naigus's experiences with Shaula, as well as intelligence gathering, also makes them a uniquely qualified participant in the raid of Medusa's home. As the two already know about the Kishin and other secrets of the DWMA, they would recognize how Medusa indeed knows everything about the school, including Asura's prison.
  • Sid says that tomorrow is the Eve Anniversary. If following the chronology of the manga, then this episode takes place on March 31, with the Eve Anniversary on April 1. It is unclear when the next episode on Excalibur takes place within this anime's chronology, but based on the events in this episode (in which Kid is away on a mission) and Soul's attire in Episode 17, it is possible that Episode 17 actually occurs some time between Episodes 9 and 15.
  • Eruka says that as a witch she enjoys destruction. The manga and Soul Eater Not! would refer to witches as naturally inclined to destruction, which sets up Kim Diehl's defection from witches due to her regenerative rather than destructive magic.
  • In the preview for Episode 17, Maka announces Excalibur returns, asking Patty whether the Holy Sword looks familiar: a rhino, a hippo, a meerkat, or a Tasmanian devil? Coincidentally, in a later episode, Maka tells Crona that her mother is like a hippo. Maka and Patty conclude by announcing Excalibur is obnoxious.
  • The original Japanese version of Episode 16 features additional performances by Eisuke Asakura as Man and Kensuke Nishi as Old Man.

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