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Legend of the Holy Sword 2 – Wanna Go Drinking, Gambling, and Playing?

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Seiken Densetsu Tsū 〜Nomu, Utsu, Kau, Ittoku?

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Japan: July 28 2008

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Black Dragon Arc

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Ox Ford is searching for the legendary sword Excalibur. However, upon meeting him, he discovers that the holy sword is not quite what was expected, and he ends up having to listen to tales of the sword's past, as well as his 1000 rules.

Legend of the Holy Sword 2 – Wanna Go Drinking, Gambling, and Playing? is the seventeenth episode of Soul Eater. The episode is original to the anime, although Excalibur's song was later included in the Salvage Arc of the manga.

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Shibusen Students

Excalibur and past associates

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Cold OpeningEdit

A tiny figure emerges from the center of a white screen, and upon its arrival to the center of the screen, it is apparent that it is an image of Excalibur. The image rotates and multiples, then appears over various images: swirls, meadows, oceans, Saturn, a children's drawing. The image increases in size until his entire black eye takes up the screen. The image returns to that white screen, where the name "EXCALIBUR" appears. The Holy Sword is then heard shouting: "Fools!"

The Eternal CaveEdit

On his way to the Eternal Cave, Ox Ford reads the history of the Holy Sword from Excalibur's own book: "In a quiet shrine in a northern land, there exists a legendary Holy Sword. For time eternal, this Holy Sword has slept there silently. Those who pull the sword from the earth attain the title of warrior and conquer the world whole. One blow from it will silence all who stand in opposition, and one swing of it can cut through space itself." As Ox speaks, images of King Arthur wielding Excalibur appear. Now Ox speaks of himself as the next youth to create new history.

Soul Eater Episode 17 - Ox and Excalibur 2

Excalibur confuses Ox

Ox proceeds through the cavern's waters, arriving at the resting place of Excalibur. He removes the sword from the earth, disappointed by Excalibur's usual appearance. The obnoxious weapon demands Ox's name, referring to him as a fool. Ox disagrees, claiming he is the top of his own class, but Excalibur begins to describe the twelfth century. Excalibur explains he has 1000 Provisions before he is willing to be Ox's weapon, but the student is still perplexed how he is a fool--prompting Excalibur to knock Ox's notebook away and point his cane at the student.

Excalibur describes his traditional morning routine as including a cup of coffee. Excalibur then remembers how he spends his mornings in a traditional Japanese residence, sipping roasted tea, silently content. Ox is confused why Excalibur has changed his choice of beverage so silently--hence is called again a fool.

Excalibur then points his cane at Ox, but this time a photograph is taped to the cane. Ox sees in it what looks like Excalibur's family: a human woman and three miniature versions of Excalibur, dressed in United States baseball caps, but like Excalibur's top hat, elongated at the top. Excalibur refers to them as having been a good family--and the reference to the past tense surprises Ox and brings a tear to Excalibur's eye.

New York City (Flashback)Edit

Excalibur remembers wasting his youth with choreographed dancing youths looking for fights in alleys--or, rather, the youths fought other gangs while Excalibur, with a pompadour, stands away. He also remembers standing on the dock with a woman, who says she will one day have enough money to escape this city.

The Eternal Cave (Present)Edit

Excalibur therefore concludes that he "began to watch the 7 o'clock news religiously." He also excoriates Ox for assuming the woman in the photograph was in any way related to his flashback, then instructs him to follow Provision #58: "Do not talk to Excalibur while he is humming to himself." Ox says the provision has nothing to do with his flashback, but Excalibur says the news programs have everything to do with humming. Excalibur warns Ox that connections depend on more than common sense and probabilities but fate. Then he says that it actually owes to chemical changes, refinement, and thermoforming.

Excalibur then says he carried the weight of his troupe by performing solo at an opera house. Ox is, unsurprisingly, confused.

Opera House (Flashback)Edit

Excalibur dances to music, earning a standing ovation from a formal audience.

Maka and Soul's ApartmentEdit

Soul Eater Episode 17 - Kid knows whom Liz discusses

Liz begs Tsubaki to borrow her homework--while Kid knows whom they are discussing.

Black Star announces he feels full from the meal served at Maka and Soul's informal gathering. While Kid wipes his mouth and Patty continues to eat, Black Star and Soul have evidently large and full bellies while Tsubaki enjoys how peaceful the gathering is. In response to his weapon, Black Star says he'll have to change that, as he can't stand out if things stay peaceful. Liz fulfills that request, slamming her forearm over Black Star's mouth as a resting post while she asks to borrow Tsubaki's homework. Tsubaki informs Liz that the report is due tomorrow. Liz is annoyed at the assignment, referring to it as "that kind" of a report, which also prompts annoyance in Black Star and produces a distinct look on Kid's face.

The Eternal CaveEdit

Excalibur calls Ox a fool, even though the student had said nothing. Excalibur remains frozen and silent, surprising Ox. Ox observes Excalibur, coming closer to his body to poke him--and barely dodges being hit when Excalibur, no longer frozen, swings his cane. Excalibur tells Ox to consider situations more carefully, reminding him of when he solved a case while living on Baker Street.

London (Flashback)Edit

Soul Eater Episode 17 HD - Crime scene

Excalibur investigates a murder with Sherlock Holmes

John Watson asks Sherlock Holmes whether he has solved the case of who murdered the person who lies dead in the very room in which they stand. Behind Watson and Holmes is a butler with a large knife behind his back. All persons have their eyes blacked out with censor bars, as if to hide their faces. Holmes says the case is elementary, while Watson is not confident it is, noting the door was locked from inside--prompting Excalibur, who is also present, to shout "Fool!" and prompt Holmes's agreement that Watson is a fool.

Holmes orders the monocle-wearing Excalibur to solve the case, while the butler behind him shows the knife in the open. Excalibur refers to the case as so simple except for persons of average intelligence, although all of this depends on the point of view of that person. Watson urges Excalibur to get to the point, while the butler twirls his knife. Excalibur again calls Watson a fool, prompting Watson to agree if only to get to the point already. Excalibur then whaps the corpse with his cane--making the corpse groan (as if the person is not really dead)--before pointing the cane across all persons present: a maid, Watson, Holmes, and the knife-twirling butler. Excalibur then points at Watson as the murderer, and Holmes's assistant is taken away by police.

The Eternal Cave (Present)Edit

While eating his meal of rice balls, Ox doubts that Watson was actually the killer. Excalibur uses his London story to list Provision #278: "You must never use carrots in my meals." While Ox agrees, Excalibur knocks all of Ox's meal into the water then states Provision #349: "Wasting food is bad. Meisters must eat everything regardless of personal likes and dislikes!" Ox points out these provisions contradict each other, while Excalibur thinks such indiscretions are dangerous--prompting Excalibur to describe events in the twelfth century.

Rome (The Twelfth Century)Edit

Soul Eater Episode 17 HD - Arthur asks for Excalibur's support

Excalibur offers his support to Arthur

Excalibur accompanied King Arthur to Rome on a ship. They stand atop a cavern. While Arthur, atop a steed, is hesitant, Excalibur, more serious, even friendly, urges Arthur not to give up, lest he fail to uphold his oath as a Knight of the Round Table. Excalibur admits he forgot how his colleagues depend on him and asks for Excalibur to offer his strength. Excalibur says, "Of course!" and transforms. Arthur wields Excalibur as the two descend the cliff, ready to face the swarm of Roman soldiers.

The Eternal Cave (Present)Edit

While brewing tea, Ox notices how different Excalibur was as a weapon when wielded by Arthur in the twelfth century. Excalibur interrupts to say it was that event that led to Provision #679: "Always place a dehumidifier in your room!"

As he asks how long Excalibur has been so obnoxious, Ox pours tea for himself--which Excalibur swipes away with his cane, drinks, and then tosses the cup, shattering it. Even while sipping tea, Excalibur continues to speak, claiming it should be apparent that he long had a rough-and-tumble personality. Ox lowers his head in frustration, as the phrase, "Please take good care of things" (presumably another provision), appears on screen.

A City (Flashback)Edit

At a nightclub, Excalibur invites many attractive women to drink as much as they want, because all drinks are on him. This feat impresses one woman, wearing a fox stole.

That evening, the fox stole lays atop a chair in a bedroom. As well, so does Excalibur's cane. The woman lies in bed under sheets, one strap lowered on her shoulder. Someone next to her--Excalibur--silently draws a smoke from a cigarette in his mouth. (Caption appears to warn against smoking in bed.) The woman's back is turned towards Excalibur, while he lies on his back, eyes open. Excalibur narrates that he was all dried up. 

Later, Excalibur departs through the streets at night, seeming to wobble as he walks. He narrates how nothing satisfied him. He drives away in a car, using his cane to reach the foot pedals. He attends a bar where the bartender shakes swiftly his mixed drink. At this bar, he eyes a woman, Cathy, who toasts to him.

Soul Eater Episode 17 HD - Excalibur and Cathy

Excalibur finds love with Cathy

Excalibur spends time with Cathy, reinvigorated by life. In every scene, Cathy exclaims how happy she feels: in a butterfly meadow near mountains, on the beach, at a cafe, and at a casino (while fellow gamblers are shocked how badly they lose to this Holy Sword).

Excalibur drives Cathy on Mulholland Drive, to look down on the bright lights of California. Here, Cathy, is saddened that one day Excalibur will have to let her go due to his overwhelming kindness. Excalibur is confused, but Cathy responds that she will always love him. 

The Eternal CaveEdit

Excalibur ends the story abruptly--shocking Ox, who was drawn into this story but disappointed at the ending. Excalibur then refers back to his first story to Ox about the end of battle between the rival gangs. Excalibur says the story leads to Provision #778: "Never mail out packages cash-on-delivery!" Ox mutters he wanted to know what happened between Excalibur and Cathy, which leads Excalibur to sing a song--all about himself to thank Ox for his respect, because singing has such important purpose for humankind:

Excalibur! Excalibur!

From the United Kingdom!

I'm looking for heaven!

I'm going to California!

This repetitive song continues well past the commercial break, then to Ox's annoyance continues long after even after a pause. 

That evening, Excalibur thinks he has said enough about the 1000 Provisions, asking that Ox join him for Provision #452: the five-hour recitation party. Excalibur then announces Ox has been chosen, transforming into his sword form into Ox's hands.

With Excalibur in his hands, Ox shoves the weapon back into the earth, telling the confused Holy Sword that he already has a weapon and was here only to complete a report for the DWMA--but finding Excalibur so obnoxious he refuses. On his way out, Ox spits into the cavern's water.


Soul Eater Episode 17 HD - Black Star's report on Excalibur

Black Star's report on Excalibur: "Fool!"

Liz whines that she never finished her report, to Patty's amusement. Black Star tells Tsubaki he finished his report on Excalibur, annoying Liz at how short the report is at one page. Black Star says it is short because only one word is needed to describe Excalibur: "Fool!"


Excalibur refuses to go away, announcing to meisters and weapons that they may be warriors by acquiring him in a special drawing. He advertises the benefits of winning him: his sharp blade, his beautiful form, and, for a limited time offer, four free hours of his five-hour recitation party. Excalibur shows the address below--which scrolls quickly across the screen--and wishes victory and glory for all.

Kid, Black Star, and Ox interrupt to call Excalibur obnoxious.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit


  • Ox Ford's English dub actor, Josh Grelle, narrates the opening to the episode about Excalibur's history. Grelle is familiar with such narrations about history: he is the narrator to the anime Attack on Titan.
  • Ox says that the legends refer to Excalibur as sleeping silently. Given how annoying he is to the fairies in the Eternal Cave even when not being wielded by meisters, as shown later in the anime and in the Late Show supplemental material, it is debatable whether those legends are accurate.
  • In the original Japanese, Excalibur states his mornings begin with a cup of coffee. In the Funimation English dub, Excalibur adds that his morning coffee always includes cream.
  • Excalibur's children are wearing baseball caps of the United States baseball teams the Cincinnati Reds, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the San Francisco Giants. Coincidentally, all of these teams happen to be in the National League in Major League Baseball, and two of them are in California (of which Excalibur sings later in the episode).
  • Excalibur's image appears throughout the episode in silhouette in backgrounds:
    • In the first image of New York City on advertisements
    • The London flat that is the scene of murder has framed art and wallpaper featuring hearts and Excalibur's silhouette. Another portrait in the flat shows Excalibur and clouds against a blue sky.
    • These types of portraits re-appear in the room in which Excalibur lays with a woman.
    • As graffiti tagged on the building when Excalibur departs after a late-night rendezvous with the fox-stole woman.
    • On the walls and floor of the bar of the overly exuberant bartender.
    • On the cafe during Excalibur's date
  • Scenes that appear in Excalibur's first New York City flashback include parodies of 42nd Street, the Empire State Building, and the Apollo Theater (misspelled as "Appolo"). Images of Excalibur's silhouette appear throughout.
  • Excalibur's New York City gang walk, dance, and dress in a style similar to performers from the play West Side Story.
  • The visual sound effects during the New York City rumble resemble those found in the United States television series Batman.
    • Sound effects shown during this episode's fight include "BUAG," "Ah!" "YEAH," "Boy," "No!" "Ouch," "Pencil," "Hi," "AMERICA," "Puckin," "SPLASH," "WHA," "Guy," and "Nice."
    • Excalibur's gang car roars "BROOM."
    • The sound effects as his gang cheers include "HAYEEE!" "GREAT!" "HAHAHA" "HOW! NICE!" "YEAAAAH!" "AMERICA," "OK," and "Pencil."
  • The New York City dock has faces on its posts, the same as those found on the dock Black Star and Tsubaki stood upon in Episode 2. This information suggests that, in the anime, Al Capone's gang was working in New York City.
  • Excalibur's provisions in this episode include:
    • 58: "Do not talk to me while I am humming to myself."
    • 278: "You must never use carrots in my meals."
    • 349: "Wasting food is bad. Meisters must eat everything regardless of personal likes and dislikes!"
    • 679: "Always place a dehumidifier in your room!"
    • 778: "Never mail out packages cash-on-delivery!"
    • 452: The five-hour recitation party
  • Excalibur's opera house music is heard again at the Eve Anniversary Celebration in the next episode.
  • In Soul and Maka's apartment, even before Liz explains that her report is about Excalibur, Kid already shows the Excalibur Face.
  • The corpse groans when Excalibur hits it--as if the person is not really quite dead. That the corpse is living in a scene steeped in allusions to British culture may be a subtle allusion to the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, in which much is made of persons injured but not quite dead.
  • Excalibur's car features an image of his top hat on the hood's ornament.
  • Excalibur sings of California, which is the location of Mulholland Drive, where he and his beloved Cathy look upon the lights of Los Angeles.
Soul Eater Episode 18 - David Bowie allusion

Excalibur's walk closely resembles the cover to one of David Bowie's albums.

  • Excalibur's walk through the streets before meeting Cathy closely resembles the cover to David Bowie's album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars, just one of many allusions to musicians found in Soul Eater.
  • The scenes of Mulholland Drive allude to the 2001 film Mulholland Drive, directed by David Lynch. This is at least the second allusion to Lynch's works in Soul Eater, the first being the appearance of the Black Room and the short stature of the Little Ogre, both alluding to Lynch's television series Twin Peaks.
  • In the preview for the next episode, Maka is pleased to have avoided Excalibur. Ox is still recovering from contending with the annoying weapon. Maka asks Ox a burning question, which he assumes will be about his hair or custom glasses, but actually, she wants to know whether he wears boxers or briefs. Ox calls Maka obnoxious before answering briefs, prompting a confused, even disgusted response from Maka.


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