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The Eve Party Nightmare – And so the Curtain Rises?

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前夜祭の悪夢 〜そして幕は上がった?

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Zenyasai no Akumu 〜Soshite Maku wa Agatta?

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Japan: August 4, 2008

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Story Arc

Fight to the Death Arc

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The students at Shibusen are celebrating its founding, and Medusa uses this opportunity to execute her plan. Free traps all the meisters and the Shinigami inside an Independence Cube, but Sid manages to let Maka, Black Star, and Kid with their weapons, as well as Stein, escape. Now, they must go into the underground of Shibusen, where Medusa's goal lies.

The Eve Party Nightmare – And so the Curtain Rises? is the eighteenth episode of Soul Eater. It is based on the manga's fifteenth chapter, "The Anniversary Celebration."

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Medusa's secret locationEdit

In a storage facility away from Death City, Eruka Frog walks with the attache case acquired from Medusa Gorgon's lab, since obliterated by Eruka's Tadpole bombs. At this facility are Medusa, accompanied by Free, Crona, and Ragnarok. Eruka opens the attache case to show a syringe containing Black Blood. Medusa thanks Eruka by promising to remove one of the snakes in her body. Medusa then confirms with Free that his Demon Eye is ready. As that eye's original possessor, Maba, is skilled with Spatial Magic, Medusa explains, Free will be needed to produce an Independent Cube for tonight's work, while she and Eruka will create Computation Spells to augment his magic.

With tonight as the Eve Anniversary Party for the Death Weapon Meister Academy, Medusa says she looks forward to what is about to transpire.

Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

Students mill around the entrance to the Academy, ready for tonight's celebration one day ahead of the 800th anniversary of Death's founding of his school. Maka Albarn, dressed for the more formal occasion, tells her friends to hurry to enter before the party begins. Soul Eater, in a suit, complains it was Maka who took too long to make herself presentable for the party. Black Star interrupts to brag about how much food he will consume at the party—prompting embarrassment from Tsubaki Nakatsukasa that her meister is so disshelved in his suit.

At the entrance, Patty Thompson calls to her friends, drawing them towards herself, Liz Thompson, and Death the Kid. While Liz compliments their formal attire, Maka asks why Kid looks so sad at a party. Kid apologizes for his distractedness—then notices as well how slovenly Black Star looks. Kid welcomes his friends to the party, encouraging them to wait for his father's opening address. Yet Kid cannot focus on anything but what his father told him earlier: that "that" exists beneath the Academy.

Accompanied by Kid and Spirit Albarn, Death gives an exuberant if short greeting, leaving it to Kid to provide a more formal address. Unfortunately, Kid is interrupted by shouts from above: Black Star hangs from the tapestry, demanding that the audience observe his greatness. Although Kid tries to persist with his address, he gives up and uses Disgusted Dash to attack Black Star. The two tussle, until Kid falls to the floor wishing he was dead for having his speech ruined, while Black Star complains that it was Kid who interrupted his speech, ignoring that this party was not the ninja's own. Death resumes speaking, asking his students to do as they please but above all to enjoy this evening.

The party's band begins performing, as students dance with each other, Kid forcing his weapons to dance with symmetrical leg kicks and Black Star hogging all the food. Having already taken a plate of food after standing in line, Maka is amused by her friends' behavior—until she notices her weapon, sulking by himself on the balcony. Soul worries that he is not suited to these kinds of parties.

Soul's thoughts are interrupted by Maka's arrival, encouraging him to get something to eat. He complains that the line is too long and that eating while standing is awkward. She tells him the food is tasty as she takes another bite, so he asks to sample some of hers—and she refuses.

Noticing how distant Soul acts, Maka recalls her conversation with Dr. Medusa regarding how bothered he felt by his nightmares, which he had discussed with the physician but not with her. Maka suggests that Soul seems bothered and encourages him to speak with her anything he is troubled, but he insists that he feels fine. Soul then notices how annoyed Maka looks, so she calms herself not to pry and instead says that he must think she is an unreliable partner. Maka's concern causes Soul to laugh, amazed she is now realizing this fact—prompting her to beat his head and claim he is hardly that reliable either.

Soul Eater Episode 18 - Maka asks Soul to dance

Maka asks Soul to dance

Maka stops beating Soul upon noticing their classmates dancing, asking him to dance. He refuses, claiming it is annoying. Maka says she knows Soul is a good dancer and will let him lead. As well, dancing helps partners to match their soul wavelengths. Maka is interrupted by the arrival of Spirit, who asks to dance with his daughter. Maka refuses, but Soul encourages her for the sake of parent-child bonding but really so he can avoid dancing with Maka. An exuberant Spirit drgs Maka away, as she shouts to Soul to guard her food and not to eat it. Soul complains how obsessed Maka is with her meal when he has not eaten any, especially when she served herself raw fish, a dish Soul likes but knows Maka herself hates. At that moment, Soul realizes: Maka got the fish for him. Although troubled at Maka's concern for him, Soul smiles and thanks her for the meal.

Death CityEdit

Elsewhere, Free and Eruka walk through the streets, using their Soul Protect and hooded cloaks to prevent detection. Using the snake inside of her, Eruka communicates with Medusa, who is attending the Academy's party, having pulled herself away to a hallway to telepathically communicate without interruptions. Eruka assures Medusa that Ragnarok has led "their assistance" to come to Death City at the scheduled time to attack the Academy.

Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

Medusa's telepathic discussion is interrupted by Franken Stein, inebriated and intending to toast with his fellow physician at this party. Medusa laughs nervously, wondering whether Stein is faking this joviality, when he drags her back to the party for a dance, noting that it would be a waste not to when they are dressed up.

Maka is not enjoying her dance any more than Medusa, as Spirit remembers the last time he danced with his daughter, at her kindergarten graduation. Spirit then remembers he danced with Maka's mother immediately after—until Maka corrects him, that he danced with the mother of her classmate, Sara. Nervous, Spirit focuses on this present dance as a great memory and proof he will be a better father, which Maka discounts immediately.

Soul Eater Episode 18 - Medusa leans in for a kiss

Medusa draws Stein in for a kiss

Medusa is blushing as Stein leads her in the dance, as she fears Eruka will see her dancing with Stein. Stein interrupts her thoughts to ask whether she knows where Sid Barrett has gone on his mission to investigate a certain laboratory. Medusa denies knowledge, but Stein says it was her own laboratory and refers to her as a witch. Medusa assures Stein that he is merely drunk and offers to bring him water. When Stein drops his facade of being drunk, Medusa glares. Stein therefore asks the witch why she risks coming to the Academy, as it could not be to simply observe meisters and weapons. Therefore, Stein assumes she is here because she wants to revive the Kishin captured beneath the Academy. Medusa says she should kill Stein, but she cannot risk doing so with Death present. Stein asks how the Kishin's revival relates to her research on the Black Blood. Medusa explains that, as a scientist, her focus is on progress into the future, as Nature demands—which Death and the Academy deny in their check upon power and their goal for maintaining the status quo. Medusa then asks Stein, as a scientist like her, whether he too wants to deny evolution. Therefore, Medusa asks Stein to join her endeavour. Stein is shocked, as Medusa then draws him in for a kiss, one of her snakes emerging from her mouth and towards his.

"Stein!" The scientist turns to see an injured Sid Barrett struggling to pull himself into the dance hall, as he urges everyone to evacuate the Academy. Stein, along with Maka and her friends, run to the injured teacher, who explains he was ambushed by Eruka's Tadpole Bombs at Medusa's lair. He dove underground before the blast could destroy him. He then urges again to evacuate, as Medusa has waited for this anniversary party, when Death leaves his mirror and when all Academy students are in one place, so she may trap them all.

Stein calls to Medusa, who has already leapt off the balcony to ride one of her giant snakes through the air. She communicates mentally with Free and Eruka, who are standing on different spires of the Academy's roofs, to begin Calculation Magic to assist him with his Independent Cube containment spell. Upon his release of Soul Protect, Maka can sense Free.

The dance hall vibrates. Stein cannot determine the cause, while Sid begins Soul Resonance with Mira Naigus, who is in her knife form so he may help Stein and their students escape.

Compulsive Burial

Sid evacuates Stein and their students with Forced Burial

Electricity crackles through the dance hall. While Maka can sense the magic outside, Stein realizes what is happening: the witches will warp space to lock the students within the dance hall. Free initiates the Independent Cube, forming a box around the dance hall. But the Cube is still permeable until he locks the box, giving Sid enough time to evacuate some of the Academy's members. Free forms Key Create, a key of energy in the sky positioned in front of a keyhoe now formed in the box. Meanwhile, Sid transforms Mira into a key of his own to slam into the ground to perform Forced Burial, causing eight coffins to form from the floor and opening to the underground beneath the Academy. Sid calls to his peers to protect this school. With Mira now embedded in the floor in her previous knife form, an exhausted Sid collapses. No one else may escape: Free has trapped the Academy's members for an hour.

File:Spatial Magic- Independent Cube.jpg

Medusa demands that her army hurry, as she awaits Crona's arrival. At that moment, Crona is flown towards the Academy by Ragnarok in his dragon form, as they have brought with them their assistance: the Mizune Family. While Eruka expresses joy at seeing her friends, she worries how she had to lie to them, claiming it was the Academy and not Medusa who killed their oldest sister. The Mizunes will destroy Death City, as they slice through the Academy's candle. Medusa therefore heads underground with her peers to revive the Kishin.

Underneath the Independent Cube, within the same building as the dance hall, there is a hallway, and its ceiling opens into eight openings, shaped like those coffins that Sid just used for Maka and her peers to escape. While the meisters land on their feet on the floor, the weapons falls on their backsides, a fact not unnoticed by Soul. Kid senses the presence of eight witches and Ragnarok. Stein explains the emergency: the Kishin rests under the Academy, and Medusa is actually a witch intending to resurrect this source of all Madness. Kid adds that, to contain the Kishin, Death had to root his soul into the land itself above the Kishin, hence he may never leave Death City. Stein then directs the students to the entrance to the underground Kishin prison.

Meanwhile, in the dance hall, Ox Ford slams his weapon, Harvar D. Éclair, into the Independent Cube, yet he cannot break through the barrier. Kilik Rung comes with a mirror to allow Death to enter into the other space inside, yet the shinigami explains that this Independent Cube blocks access to any other worlds. Death encourages patience, as this spell consumes so much energy that it likely will last for only an hour. Kilik throws off his cap and sits on the floor, bemoaning that members of the Academy have become too complacent with peace. Death picks up Kilik's hat and replaces it on the student's head, telling him that peace is there ideal, so they must become devoted to it if they hope to encourage others to be peaceful. Death also says to trust in Stein and his students.


Eyes dot the entrance. Stein warns that this mission may lead to their deaths. He lights a cigarette and tells his students to let their souls lead them to decide whether they will face fear itself. He turns to see his students have changed into their usual uniforms. Maka announces the decision of the group: they will accompany Stein. Their teacher smiles.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • Whereas the manga locates Medusa's lab in Libya, the anime did not clarify where her lab was.
  • Whereas this episode is at least the second appearance, but first spoken appearance, by Kilik Rung, this episode's corresponding chapter was Kilik's first appearance overall. While in both Chapter 15 and this episode Kilik wears his suit and baseball cap, in Chapter 15 he is lacking his eyeglasses.
  • In the corresponding Chapter 15, there are two light-skinned women in Kilik's company that would appear to be initial designs for Fire and Thunder. The women are not present in Episode 18, while the regular designs of Fire and Thunder are. That said, the brown-haired woman standing with Ox and Kilik in certain scenes takes the place of one of the women and shares minor design details with her.


  • In the original Japanese, Kid demands the Thompsons kick at a 60-degree angle. In the Funimation English dub, Kid says a 90-degree angle.
  • Maka claims that dancing improves partners' abilities to match their soul wavelengths.
  • Soul reveals that Maka dislikes raw fish.
  • This episode refers to the Independent Cube as blocking access to "all other worlds," implying that Death's mirror is a separate world, perhaps a separate dimension.
  • When the students change into their usual uniforms and join Stein, the song playing is Black Star's theme, "Never Lose Myself."
  • In the preview for Episode 19, Soul says he is ready to fight. Maka urges him to calm down. In the original Japanese, she tells him to write the kanji for "soul" on his palm then swallow it, but as Soul cannot, she suggests writing it in hiragana. In the Funimation English dub, she tells him to repeat "I will be cool," but as Soul does so too quickly, she gives up advising him.

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